Best Counting Crows Songs

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1 Mr. Jones

An amazing uplifting song, my first listen came from my father when I was a young kid, and led me to fall in love with music and the counting crows

Great song, easy good chords

Possibly the '90s best.

best song ever

2 Accidentally in Love

This is such a happy song! Reminds me of my childhood

3 Round Here

I can relate to every single word in this song. Adam is a lyrical genius and is very underrated and so is this band.

How does this have 12% of the votes and its still in newcomers?

Just a bit better than mr jones

4 A Long December
5 Omaha

Somewhere in middle America

6 Big Yellow Taxi

When was this list made? Big Yellow Taxi is definitely in the top!

Should be top 5

7 Holiday in Spain
8 Goodnight Elisabeth
9 Rain King

And I am the rain king

10 Colorblind
The Contenders
11 Anna Begins

Just simply, a beautiful song

12 American Girls
13 A Murder of One

Definitely one of their best.

14 Hard Candy

Brings Back So Many Memories!

15 Hanginaround
16 Monkey
17 Good Time
18 Recovering the Satellites

What the actual heck is this masterpiece doing at 22?

19 Washington Square
20 Raining In Baltimore
21 Einstein On the Beach
22 Palisades Park

Musical narrative

23 Cowboys
24 Perfect Blue Buildings
25 New Frontier
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