Most Epic Judas Priest Songs

The Top Ten
1 Beyond the Realms of Death
2 Metal Messiah
3 Electric Eye
4 Breaking the Law
5 All Guns Blazing
6 Painkiller
7 A Touch of Evil
8 The Sentinel

That chorus is just so epic!

9 Metal Meltdown
10 You've Got Another Thing Comin'

I love his song. But I heard a similar song to this song (not plagiarism or rip off).

The Contenders
11 Dreamer Deceiver
12 Cathedral Spires
13 Victim of Changes

My favorite song of their's. The whole song was very good. Especially the ending scream of Rob.

14 Halls of Valhalla
15 Future of Mankind
16 Rising from Ruins
17 Hellrider
18 Exciter
19 In Between
20 Turbo Lover
21 Fire Burns Below
22 Burn in Hell
23 Raw Deal
24 Dying to Meet You
25 Hell Bent for Leather
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