Top 10 Best Moments in Metallica Songs

I saw that DreamTree made a list about best moments in Death songs, so I thought I'd do the same but with Metallica songs.
The Top Ten
1 The build-up in "One"

One of the best metallica songs ever made.

I like this part too, also congrats on getting your list featured

I'm talking about the part at 4:38. A great way to build-up to the aggressive part of the song.

2 The harmony in "Atlas Rise"

This harmony seems like it was inspired by Iron Maiden. It fits the song perfectly, and I just really like the way it's composed and it goes right after the post-solo.

3 James Hetfield's guitar solo in "The Outlaw Torn"

It was originally planned to be even longer than it is. It's a shame that it had to be cut off by a minute.

4 The intro to "For Whom The Bell Tolls"

The bell intro is memorable in the history of metal music.

One of the greatest bass riffs of all time in my opinion.

I agree that's the intro is awesome.

5 James Hetfield's guitar solo in "Master of Puppets"

Unpopular opinion: James' solo is way better than Kirk's
Kirk's solo is awesome and easily the more revered one, but James' is better
I say unpopular opinion because compared to Kirk's solo, James' solo is overlooked

Better than Kirk's solo in my opinion.

6 The harmony in "The Day That Never Comes"

I'm talking about the part at around 5:23. I really like the way it's composed.

7 The outro solo in "My Friend of Misery"

Probably my favourite Kirk Hammett guitar solo at the moment.

8 James Hetfield's solo in "Suicide & Redemption"

This is miles better than Kirk's solo. Great choice of notes.

9 The drum fill in "Sad but True"
10 The outro in "Battery"
The Contenders
11 The clean part in "The End of The Line"

The part where James Hetfield sings "Drop the hourglass of time". I think it's a great way to slow down the song a bit, then go to another build-up.

12 The chorus in "Escape"

This song is so underrated. I don't know why, but I just really love the chorus.

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