Best Songs from The Hu's Rumble of Thunder

Rumble of Thunder is the second studio album by the Hu, released by Better Noise Music on 2 September 2022.
The Top Ten
1 This Is Mongol

My personal favorite song on this album, it's catchy and it has rock vibes while still having that distinct The HU touch.

2 Black Thunder (Extended)

So the reason this song is called "Extended" in the album is that the band posted the song in two separate videos on YouTube, which means that on the album, you get the full version of the song Black Thunder.

3 YUT Hövende
4 TATAR Warrior
5 Bii Biyelgee
6 Upright Destined Mongol
7 Mother Nature
8 Shihi Hutu
9 Sell the World
10 Teach Me
The Contenders
11 Segee
12 Triangle
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