Best Songs Off Falling In Reverse's Just Like You

The Top Ten
1 Brother

This song is the best one of the whole album. The feelings in this song are amazing, and it's just so calm yet so deep.

2 Chemical Prisoner

Oh my god I love this song, this song is so calm and it's just everything I can't

3 God, If You Are Above...
4 Wait and See
5 Just Like You
6 Sexy Drug

I. Cannot. Get. Over. How. Amazing. This. Song. Is.

7 Get Me Out
8 Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter)
9 The Bitter End

This song has it all

10 Stay Away

Literally my favorite song on this album.

The Contenders
11 Die for You
12 My Heart's to Blame

Got a really good Instrumental..

13 My Apocalypse II
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