Top 10 Best Starbenders Songs

Starbenders is a modern glam rock/punk band.
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The Top Ten
1 If You Need It If You Need It Cover Art

This track is incredible. The chorus is the highlight but the whole composition is flawless

2 Blood Blood Cover Art
3 No One Listened No One Listened Cover Art

This track has a sort of melanchoholic feel, emphasised by the guitar riff.

4 Seven White Horses Seven White Horses Cover Art

This track has a somewhat western feel and the chorus reminds of the best 80s glam rock music.

5 21st Century Orphan 21st Century Orphan Cover Art

Really versatile track, switching between heavy punk sections and an ethereal chorus and outro

6 Coming up Roses Coming up Roses Cover Art
7 Precious Precious Cover Art
8 London London Cover Art
9 Bitches Be Witches Bitches Be Witches Cover Art
10 Powder Powder Cover Art
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11 Something Ain't Right Something Ain't Right Cover Art
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