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1 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

I love this song! I play this song about every single day! Whatever song Taylor writes, she means it a lot and Taylor Swift is the best songwriter and singer in the whole wide world and nobody can beat her! #I wish I can really meet her! She is an awesome person! She celebrates with people of we are never ever getting back together and that is a really good breakup song! Wish you good luck Taylor Swift!

This is something that has been on my mind the moment I first heard Taylor Swift sing. She's always talking about her stupid ex boyfriends and acts like it's the end of the world and the biggest loss of anyone's life. Well Taylor, that's not true. There is more to life than ex boyfriends. I've suffered bigger losses. My cousins and uncle. They fell into that hole of alcohol and drugs. That is more painful than any ex boyfriend will ever be to me. I switched schools and was forced to leave my old friends. I cry a lot. I have depression. I feel hopeless. I am suicidal. Exes can't do that to someone. Taylor is an insensitive bitch. She hasn't lived the real world.

2 I Knew You Were Trouble

This is the best break up song anyone can ever come across. Lyrics of this song rushes through your vein like a drug... And it does makes you realise how tough situation you have ever gone through. Love you taylor! Sometimes I feel, your writting my life story! I will always remember you and this song till my last breathe! Love ya

Makes you stronger when you're at your down-est. Makes you stand up when you fall. It gives you power no other singer or song can give you. The music video too, yes, is awesome!

All songs from Taylor are about love and break up! I can't find one to perform at my school talent show. Guys, any suggestions?

3 White Horse

I love your songs and I love listening to this song because I have horses so does my friends

This song really needs to number one This really is a slow song if you don't believe me

SO amazingly sung by Taylor I love this song and the music video as well.

4 Back to December

This song should be No. 1! It has a message, it has a sad story, beautiful lyrics picturing everything and the beautiful and voice of Taylor. I mean you cannot keep this song down. It helps you and brings I out of sad situations. I feel the current. That's why this song has to be the No. 1 Song!

This song has meaningful lyrics and a great, wintry sound. I like how she apologizes. Gossip says that the guy is Taylor Lautner.

I go back to December all the the time. I love it, I can feel the sorrow from the instrumental and the lyrics complete it, live it!

5 The Story of Us

I never thought I would love country music until I heard this song. The music video is surprising, the song itself is one you could listen to like a pop song!

I love this song, it's like she's saying "Oh, I still love you, but this ain't working so whatever" and the guy's like "Yeah, their are other people, let's just move on".

It is really fitting in my situation right now

6 Picture to Burn

IS THIS A JOKE THIS SONG NEEDS TO BE NUMBER 1! I can remember coming home from a Taylor Swift concert my friend and I were screaming this song to the top of our lungs and we had complete strangers singing along with us!

Perfect song for Taylor it is a breakup song as well as a country song the 2 things she knows best should totally be number one and stay #1 breakup song in the world not just Taylor

I think this song is funny! I mean, break-up songs are usually sad ones, but this one is a liitle angry and it sounds like she makes fun of her ex, to move on. I thinf it's the best way to move on!

7 22

This is just so AMAZING. It makes me remember that I have my own life and who matters of that ASSES who broke our heart, one goes and other comes, well that is how life is isn't it? LIVE AND LET LIVE

It reminds me to be free. Who cares about the boys that broke our hearts? We can just laugh it off and find someone new! Taylor should be thanked. She gets so many girls, including me,
Through terrible break ups.

You gotta be free, tonight, nobody broke our hearts maybe tomorrow, but not tonight.
- Anonymous
P.S. I am Anonymous

8 All Too Well

The emotion this song carries, the words and how there so perfect together, I can imagine the song, the scene playing out in my head. "Dancing 'round the kitchen in the refrigerator light" "Maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much, but baby this thing was a masterpiece, till you tour it all up." "Time goes by, it's like I'm paralyzed by it, I'd like to be my old self again, but I'm still trying to find it." The lyrics are so deep and meaningful. It's just so powerful. It sends me chills and I feel like I'm looking into Taylor's thoughts and memories. It's easily one of her best songs, and I am so proud to say that I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift.

Everyone loves a good upbeat song dripping with sarcasm and a simplistic, catchy melody, and seems to skip over the real lyrical gems of an album. This song is, lyrically, her strongest of all the songs she's released. Every line is brilliant, with incredible analogies and metaphors and the imagery and emotional connections are vivid. By the time you get to "and you called me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest... ", your heart just hearts for her. And not in a pitying way, but one because, through the song, you can genuinely feel the emotions she was experiencing when she wrote it. This song is just incredible in every way.

9 You're Not Sorry

I love the way Taylor sings in this song, we really think that she's sad... I wonder whether she cried once, when she sang it. I wish it'd be higher in the list, it's an amazing song, really.

Makes me cry.. Whenever I hear this song...! Love this song...perfect breakup song to listen at night..!

SHOULD BE TOP 5! I love this soulful, sincere, angsty and resentful ballad to pain.

10 Should've Said No

I just broke up w/my ex after one and half year of being together, and this is the first Taylor Swift song that I want to hear.

The best rock song eve!
This is the song I'm waiting for!
Its so awesome!
How I love this song!

Should've said no is a song full of anger and exitment. This is honestly the BEST SONG!

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11 Last Kiss

This isn't just Taylor's best break up song, its her BEST SONG. Self written at 19 years old, there isn't a single lyric in this song that doesn't tear my heart in two. "The way you'd kiss me when I was in the middle of saying something, there's not a day I don't miss those rude interruptions" is such a simple yet beautiful glimpse into the relationship. The shaky breath she takes at 4:26 destroys me every time. I can't say enough about this song, it's a masterpiece.

If you really loved that person you broke up with, this is by far the best. The lyrics are perfection and I cry whenever I hear it. We try to be strong when we break up with someone, but inside we all feel like this. Broken and lost.

This is the perfect song for when you're in a really vulnerable state after a breakup and you just want the other person to feel the same way that you feel about them. It has some perfect quotes such as:
"All that I know is I don't know how to be something you miss"
"I feel you forget me like I used to feel you breathe"
"I hope the sun shines and it's a beautiful day, and something reminds you, you wish you had stayed"

12 Red

It's not a breakup song, I don't think, it's more like looking back on a relationship that all already happened and describing it.

Why is it only 13?! It's one of her best songs! I could listen to it all day! The lyrics are really great and I love the guitar!

The lines "faster than the wind, passionate as sin, ended so suddenly" in this song made me cry like hell

13 Teardrops On My Guitar

I love this song because it's so real. You love this guy, but he treats you just as a normal friend, and then he starts going on about another girl who seems so perfect! After a while you found him kissing her and you're like "No! " and you found out that you never accepted him to have a girlfriend. So romantic and sweet! I can dictate it by piano! I even play it with a cast!

This matches my feelings. I fall in love with my best friend. But everyday, he tells me about that girl who has beautiful eyes and prettier than me. I feel like a loser. I wanna scream out loud. It's juz heartbreaking whenever I hear this song. The lyrics mean everything. My crush name is Shane, not Drew. That's the only difference.

I don't think its about break up. Its about unrequited love. About how you love this guy who has a girlfriend, is your best friend and walks by you without noticing. Although you find no real reason, you know you still love him and you cry.

14 Haunted

I cried when I listened to this song the first time! It's GREAT! We can really feel her fear and sadness... When she screams "You can't be gone! No! ", my heart was beating loudly!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME THIS SONG IS AWESOME IT HAS TO BE NUMBER ONE! Guys, just listen to it, if you are a true swiftie, you'll know that this song is one of Taylor's best.

How is this not higher!? It gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. More people need to hear it!

15 Dear John

Beautiful song - Really expresses how heartbroken she was. You can really connect with her here. Love her songwriting style too. Taylor is so completely talented.

It is such a meaningful song! It's so wonderful how she lets her feelings out in her
songs- especially this one!

It's so sad I puts me in tears every time I listen to it

16 Tim McGraw


Thus song is so good and it's Tay's first ever single and I recommend you listen to it.

17 The Moment I Knew

It's her saddest song ever, but it's not a boring song at all. You can really imagine what happens, when she waits her boyfriend, when she figures out he won't come, when she cries, you cry with her. I think most of the people who listened to this song cried at least once!

I love the song because you can really figure out the message, her boyfriend did not come to her birthday party and who knows he might have been out with another girl

This is absolutely dramatic and I love it! Listening to the cello gives me such chills. This is such a masterpiece.

18 All You Had to Do Was Stay

"I love the song it has a lot of drama p.s love evarything about you. 22 is cool"from unicorn star emoji lover taylor fan!

U R 2 cool for nursery,school,university all you deserve to do is party!

It's not her breaking up with him, it's her writing about why she decided not to get back together with him.

19 I Almost Do

If you listen to this song after a breakup, small or big, this will make you look at your phone wondering if you should call or text him r if you will and it shows the power of her music and how it affects us. Taylor Swift shows us a perspective of the breakup we don't think of and it will make you tear us. As you can tell I just went through one

20 Better Than Revenge

This song deserves to be number one it's all about someone you trusted plotting behind your back " I never saw it coming wouldn't of suspected I underestimated just who I was dealing with" just brilliant.

Song made me crack up! Danced around my room singing it. The first time I heard it though made me jump. Some inappropriate lyrics. But still awesome

"Come in show me how much better you are. See you deserve some applause, cause you're 'so much much better'. She took him faster than you can say sabotage"
Such a good song!

21 If This Was a Movie

This song is really good and recommendable to all heartbreaks. Especially when you want your ex to come back. I just broke up today and this was the song I listened to, as well as cried out at the same time!
-Heartbroken Swiftie

O M G!
Why is this song discarded from the list. Instead, it should be somewhere in the place of first or second
...guys listen it and you'll cone to know that why I am saying this
This song is amazingly beautiful and I don't think.that anyone else can sing it better than Taylor!

This song is so damn relatable. I listened to it after my break up.. Makes you kinda emotional. I just love this song!

22 Wildest Dreams
23 Forever & Always
24 Blank Space

Lmfao Blank Space is about the media.

Lol, Blank Space isn't a breakup song.

25 Bad Blood

This is not a break up song this is a diss track aimed at Katy Perry

One of my favourite songs of all time.

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