Top Ten Things Eminem Should Do to Bring Slim Shady Back

Eminem is going downhill and Slim Shady is not the same, but these are things that Eminem should do to bring back The Slim Shady.
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1 Slim Shady LP 2

I would love 2 see em performing dark humor again.

Yes more dark humor!

2 The Eminem Show 2
3 D12 Comeback Album
4 Dye His Hair Blonde Again
5 Shave His Beard

His beard looks ugly to be honest, he looks way better clean shaven and also makes utter music when he was clean shaven. - AlphaQ

6 Eminem & Linkin Park Album

If that happened I would've been crying my eyes out. Hopefully Eminem saves Linkin Farts awful verse.. - AlphaQ

7 8 Mile the Sequel

Eminem said that the first movie was a lot of work and that he wouldn't want to do a sequel, but who knows he might do it

8 Mile was a great movie. A sequel would be hard to do but it would be awesome.

8 Diss Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, One Direction, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Drake and Jackie Evancho

He already collaborated with Wayne and Nicki. Think before you say - JaysTop10List

Now that would be awesome. Except for Jackie Evancho because she's awesome.

But Lil Wayne is his friend along with Drake and Nicki Minaj. - AlphaQ

9 Bring Back His Earrings
10 Shady Talez
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11 Battle Rapping
12 Storytelling Songs
13 Do More Acting
14 Do More Concerts
15 Bad Meets Evil Hell: The Threequel
16 Infinite Chronicles Album
17 Produce for Other Artists
18 Collaborate with Xzibit
19 Southpaw
20 Prank Calls
21 Eminem & Nas album

The 2 best rappers alive and best lyricists on an album together awesome


22 Start Doing Drugs

Yeah and then die - jameshoward

u ahole do u want another ENCORE?

23 Tupac and Eminem Remix Album
24 Politically Driven Rhymes
25 Collaborate With PewDiePie


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