Top 10 Worst Things About Intro/Outro/Interlude Tracks in Albums

These tracks are one of my least favorite things about albums, here are the worst things about them.
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1 They're pointless

Why do we need these kinds of tracks most of the time they do nothing of significance and just are a waste of a track slot.

They aren't always pointless an example being Speak to Me by Pink Floyd, it's a short little intro track but it works because, it's a part of the concept of the album, it's not just pointless noises like wind, water, rain etc. and it foreshadows highlights from the songs of the album.

Another example are Embryo and Orchid by Black Sabbath, they are short little interlude tracks but instead of being pointless, they serve as a relax moment because Master of Reality (at it's time) was a pretty heavy album and these tracks help breakup the monotony, plus they are good interlude tracks as well and they make the song that comes after them seem a lot heavier (Children of the Grave and Lord of this World)

But even then I would prefer a slow song over an interlude to break up monotony.

In the Wake of Poseidon had 5 excellent tracks then a set of "Peace" tracks that don't even have anything at all.

2 They ruin otherwise perfect albums

There are so many great albums that would be a flawless album if it weren't for these kinds of tracks.

Examples,├ćnema Laterallus, 10,000 Days by Tool, Several albums by Bathory, A-lot of Black Metal albums,and loads more.

3 They're filler

They're usually only on the album just to get a longer run time, these kinds of tracks are more common on CD albums then Vinyl or Cassette albums because some artists feel need to fill up the disc, understandable but there is a good way to do this and a bad way to do it, the good way is to include songs that were recorded during those same sessions or just songs that weren't included on any previous album (Examples, Outtakes, B Sides, Demos, Remixes etc) but the bad way to it is just put loads of interlude tracks like what Tool does (There is 5 of them on ├ćnema, 3 of them on Lateralus, and 2 of them on 10,000 Days)

4 They're usually just sound effects

Like Wind, Rain, Water, Waves, Random noises etc what's the point of making these songs I now it's to build up atmosphere but why not just include it as part of the song that's after it.

5 They're usually very short in length

Most of them aren't even above 1:00 so why even bother making them there own track or why even put it on there in the first place.

6 You would never want to listen to them outside of the album

I want know who would want to listen to Empty Spaces from Linkin Park's A Thousand Suns all by itself because no-one will ever listen to that track unless they are listening to the full album because it's just a 18 second noise track

7 They're usually different from the rest of the album

This does not make them unique especially if they are just a sound effect, I'm not saying different is a bad thing but it doesn't make since to have a short acoustic guitar track in between two Death Metal songs.

8 They're boring
9 They are the same thing most of the time

There is only a few interludes I know that aren't Rain. Wind, Water, Waves, Acoustic Guitar, Piano or "Evil" Noises

10 They're common

Why do so many bands do this I will never understand.

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11 They can start or end an album badly

Electric Ladyland would be my favorite Hendrix album if the first song wasn't a lame intro song

12 They're usually the worst track on the album

Because of several reasons on this list.

13 They waste time
14 They Cost as Much Money as the Actual Songs
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