Most Narrow Minded Fan Bases and Genre Bases

I think these genres and fan bases have the most narrow minded music fans. Also I am generalizing however there are a lot of exceptions to the rule, however in general here is what I think.

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1 Anyone Who Loves Metal

I love metal but I also like every other genre apart from opera. I also like songs in different languages and all sorts of different times. Narrow minded? Heh, no. - LemonComputer

I agree with this, although I will say I like some metal. Often times people who love metal say metal is the best genre and anything that isn't metal is bad music, some will say if something isn't metal or rock is bad music. Just because something isn't metal (or rock), doesn't mean it's bad music. Just because a music artist makes rap or pop music, it doesn't mean that that artist is automatically bad; there are artists in genres like rap or pop that can make meaningful and good music. Almost every genre has at least one good artist in them (the reason I say almost is because genres like crunkcore exist). Just because mainstream pop and rap artists suck, doesn't mean all artists in those genres suck. A lot of metal fans think that bad music is anything that's not metal, and that's not true.

Metal can be fantastic but I think a lot of metal fans I have met will dismiss most rap, pop electronic artists as trash. I think this is a bit unfair as I think there are fantastic artists in most genres and that it just comes down to personal taste. I also think a lot of metal lacks the creativity of other genres provided your willing to look for good artists though I do liked some good metal.

I don't only like rock and metal, I like Contemporary Christian, Classical, some pop, and a little rap.

2 Any Teen Guy Who Loves Rap

According to those who teens guy who love rap, if you are a teenage guy you should be listening to rap and if not, your not cool, because rap has swag. - Selenator78

I'd say anyone who likes rap is close-minded. To be honest, people who listen to it, irrespective of age, are trying to emphasise a false proselytism that they are above the normal, and that something insane won't get you in trouble. It's pathetic. So try something that teaches you better life lessons. - PositronWildhawk

I'm a teen guy who listens to rap, but I'm not close minded.

3 Anyone Who Loves Country

Supposedly if I don't listen to country I'm not American. UGH. - Selenator78

I live in Georgia and I got made fun of in school because I didn't listen to country

4 Directioners A Directioner is a super fan of the British/Irish boy band called "One Direction". Directioners are dedicated to the band's four members: Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and people associated with them.

I am a directioner but some y’all directioner need to chill. Others could like other bands too

If I don't like one D I'm heartless. - Selenator78

5 Tokio Hotels Aliens

If I don't like TH I'm a horrible heartless person who has no idea what "good music is". - Selenator78

6 Beliebers

Agreed this fan base is more annoying than the Directioners

If I don't like Bieber than I'm a horrible heartless person who should die. - Selenator78

Where do I begin?
First of all, Justin Bieber is a controversial person to be idolizing. He gets in trouble with the law, does drugs, casually sleeps around, touches underage fans at concerts (yes he did that look it up), pees everywhere, makes lyrics and videos that are degrading to women (as they picture them as cheap objects he can utilize and sexually pleasure at his will, how lovely), and is just...terrible. I could go on and on about how awful he is.
Second of all, these fans are just awful. They DEFEND him when he does all the crap I mentioned, they say he's "changed" (no he hasn't he still starts fights), they FORCE you to like his music, always like "listen to purpose." Well guess what? I did. It wasn't that good, it was mediocre at best. And that's being nice. They bash every other celeb and artist but if you insult JB then you're in trouble

They bash other artists. They bash Trance/Techno, Rock/Metal, K-Pop/J-Pop, Rap/Hip Hop and more. They are obsessed with Bieber. They hate every artist that isn't Justin, Cody or One Direction.

Dear Beliebers, your beloved Bieber is a crazy swagfag that poses a threat to society. Accept the facts. He is not a good person. Thank you.

7 Ke$ha Fans

If I don't like Kesha then I have a problem. Kesha is amazing. So irritating. - Selenator78

Kesha sucks.

8 Bruno Mars Fans

If I don't like bruno mars then I suck cause he is awesome. I'm sorry but I find him annoying - Selenator78

9 Anyone Into the Old Music Style

Hey some of us older people like some music of this decade and many decades before this one. I also like music before I was born or listening to music. That's the point to have a wide taste. If you state "I like what I like You like what you like" then why did someone even put this on the list. Just wait until your an adult and see how you feel if someone rudely bashes your music! And I believe there are 1000's of older people who feel as I do. Not as narrow as you think! Anyone with smarts and a wide taste knows that there is no Old Style of music just MUSIC. I think we get disgusted because young people and kids bash first and don't really listen to anything past the last decade but make comments about it when they have not listened. How can you do that? You should be going back and listen to where YOUR music came from "The Old Music Style". You don't think your music is that new do you. Hope you realize it is influenced by everything before it! I think this is more about hate for ...more

Everything now a days to them isn't music. Electronic, Pop, Dubstep,.. I could go on isn't real music. My generation had real music. AH its 2014 I like what I like you like what you like. - Selenator78

This should be #1, with metal #2. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

10 Anyone Who Likes Orchestra

Umm... what?

Wait a minute how is orchestra noise when compared to dub step. Orchestra is not noise unlike modern electronic pop.

All music but orchestra is noise and nothing but noise. - Selenator78

Excuse me! - Sunwhisker

The Contenders

11 Selenators

They are the worst and stupid fan base.Each of them are spoil brat who can't show respect to others but Selena.LOL

They should be number 1.I hated selena just because of her fan. I don't hate her now.She's sweet,pretty but to be honest she can't sing.Her fans keep saying to watch Ellen performane.I watched but it was recorded.She lipsync and whisper.

12 K-Pop Fans

I listen to k-pop but the fandom is trash
They think they are better than everyone else just because they don't listen to American music

13 People Who Think Skrillex Is Real/Best Dubstep

Skrillex is alright. - LemonComputer

Okay people, listen to me for a sec. A lot of you people hate stuff like dubstep, the whole EDM genre. But, some love it. And most of us know, Skrillex is not the good dubstep.

14 Undertale Fans

Undertale is a game. This is a list about the most narrow minded music fanbases. UNDERTALE IS NOT A MUSIC GENRE!

D'oh. I am a idiot.

15 80-90s Alt rock/Punk rock fans.

I'll add it, because I am one, and I see nothing that comes close.

16 Team Crafted Fanatics
17 Lupita Nyong'o Fans

Racist? - RobertWisdom

They are annoying as hell. Argh you fans are so mean. Just because Lupita is voted as the most beautiful woman in the world, doesn't mean we have to like her. All she did is just won one single oscar and everyone starts likening her. Really? You Fans need to shut up and maybe some people will stop dissing her.

18 Clannad After Story fans

"if you didn't cry watching clannad you have no soul"
"If you don't like clannad you're a retard"

That's just bloody horrible. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

19 Black Metal Fans
20 Cod Players
21 Bendy and the Ink Machine
22 AFL Fans

Yep. Go the Hawkers, mate.

I will admit. If you go for Freo or the Cats, I cannot respect you as a normal person without meeting you.
-Go hawks

23 Babyz (B.A.P)

Why? Read their lyrics.

24 Soccer Fans

I don't even need to explain this.

25 1990's Purists
26 Smilers
27 Sonic Fans

Well, you're right. I'm a sonic fan, but I just play his games, watch videos about him... but I never draw pics of him or other characters of sonic franchise - ShahryRKnoT

28 Bronies A brony is an adult (typically male) fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

Creepy - RobertWisdom

29 Foxy Fans from FNaF
30 Mixers

They hate anyone who's a Harmonizer.

31 Anime Elitists
32 Freddie Mercury and Queen fans
33 Mario Supremacists
34 I Hate Everything
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