Top 10 Countries with the Best Weather

We all have our own preferences when it comes to climate. Some of us are all about those golden rays of sunshine, while others can't resist the allure of a brisk and breezy autumn day. You might even be the type who adores the tranquil charm of a snowfall.

What, in your opinion, are the characteristics that make a country's weather great? Perhaps it's a matter of moderation, a place where the sun isn't too scorching, and the winters aren't bone-chillingly cold. Maybe, it's the predictability that appeals to you, the comforting consistency of knowing what to expect when you peek through your curtains each morning. Or it could be diversity that you're after - a full four-season experience complete with blossoming springs, sun-drenched summers, foliage-rich autumns, and white-blanketed winters.
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1 Australia With its unique southern hemisphere positioning, Australia basks in warm, sunny summers from December to February, ideal for beach visits. As autumn arrives from March to May, the heat eases into a pleasant coolness. The winter months of June to August bring a more noticeable chill, particularly in the south, while spring, spanning September to November, is marked by blossoming flora and gradually rising temperatures.

It gets pretty warm. Australia is one of the driest continents. Many wealthy Brits move to Australia to get sun. Please wear sunscreen, drink water, and watch out for skin cancer. Skin cancer rates are high in Australia.

What's not to love? Lots of sunshine, beautiful beaches, not too hot, not too cold, mountains to ski in winter - heaven.

Australia is number one!? Woohoo!

2 Greece The Greek year begins with a mild, rainy winter. As the rains recede, spring brings a burst of wildflowers, under clear blue skies. The Mediterranean summer introduces high temperatures and endless sunshine. Autumn is a mellow interlude, with comfortable weather and a landscape drenched in rustic hues.

Beautiful weather, beautiful water, nice tans, beautiful people, and sun.

3 United Kingdom Winter often paints the UK with frost, and the occasional snowfall. As spring awakens, lighter showers and the first buds of life appear. Summer, although brief, provides warmth and lengthy days, while autumn sweeps in with a riot of reds and oranges, accompanied by crisp breezes.

South England has better weather. The summers can be nice, with some cloud and drizzle but usually not a lot of snow. Fall weather year-round is perfect.

Best weather ever. Nice and pleasant in summer, nice and mild in spring, cool autumns, and lovely cold winters. Winters get enough snow for guaranteed icy fun, but it's rare enough to remain a special event and not become a burden.

4 Portugal Winter in Portugal offers mild temperatures with some rainy days. As spring arrives, the entire country is adorned with blossoming almond trees, under clear skies. Summer is filled with warm, sun-drenched days, perfect for beach getaways. Autumn cools the land with a gentle breeze, as leaves transform into hues of brown and gold.

In Portugal, you will find the best weather possible! It's an amazing place with all types of climate.

Very nice, beautiful weather, beautiful beaches and people, perfect tan.

It's never hot, never cold, just warm!

5 Lebanon A gentle Mediterranean climate characterizes Lebanon. Winter brings chilly weather with snow-capped mountain peaks, giving way to the soft breezes and floral bloom of spring. Summer introduces a warm, dry climate, while autumn embraces the country with a cooler atmosphere and the turning of the leaves.

At least over there, summer is summer and winter is winter. It's also good because you can still manage to ski a few months after winter, as the weather isn't hot enough to completely melt all the ice.

6 Turkey The Turkish year begins with a cold and snowy winter, particularly in the eastern regions. Spring sees the countryside bursting with color as temperatures start to rise. Summer is characterized by high temperatures, especially in the south. The arrival of autumn brings relief from the heat, with a crisp coolness in the air.
7 France The French winter can be chilly with snow in the north and mountainous regions. Spring introduces mild weather with abundant greenery and blossoming flowers. Summer sees the country basking under the warm sun, while autumn is marked by cooler temperatures, occasional rains, and the changing colors of the leaves.
8 Bosnia and Herzegovina Winter in Bosnia and Herzegovina is typically cold and snowy, particularly in mountainous areas. Springtime sees a gradual warming with blooming landscapes. Summer days can be quite hot, while the nights remain cool. Autumn paints the country in warm, earthy hues, with cooler temperatures.
9 Norway Starting with winter, the country transforms into an ethereal snow globe with chilly temperatures and the breathtaking phenomenon of the Northern Lights. As spring emerges, the landscape rejuvenates under the touch of gentle rains. Summer graces the land with the Midnight Sun and milder temperatures, only to transition into autumn's brilliant russet hues and cooler breezes.

Lovely cold weather. Cold weather is much more relaxing than hot weather. Norway is the best place to visit if you want to escape the scorching heat of your country.

You don't have to deal with extreme heat. It can get warm at times, perfect skiing weather.

10 Spain The Spanish weather story begins with a mild winter, filled with sunny days and chilly nights. Spring arrives with a splash of color, as flowers bloom in the balmy weather. Summer is a season of heat, the sun-soaked afternoons filled with vibrant life. Autumn brings a refreshing coolness, turning the countryside into a palette of warm colors.

Beautiful weather like Portugal, can get pretty hot. A lot of nude beaches.

The Contenders
11 Italy Winters in Italy are characterized by crisp air and snow-dusted mountain peaks. Spring unfolds with blooming flowers, heralding mild weather. Summer radiates warmth and bright sunshine, complementing the Mediterranean beaches. Autumn wraps the country in comfortable coolness, painting the vineyards in a spectrum of red and gold.
12 United States This vast country sees a range of climates. Harsh winters are adorned with snow, giving way to a spring filled with blossoms and softer rains. Summer brings heatwaves across the plains, as coastlines bask in milder warmth. The arrival of autumn sees foliage burst into vibrant colors, as the temperatures dip again.

You have lots of variety when choosing what type of climate you want to live in. Admittedly, the weather can become harsh, but it can also be amazing. There are different temperatures available, depending on the area and time of year. Different areas also have different amounts of rainfall and snowfall. Additionally, the various regions offer choices in humidity levels.

In this country (I'm not from there), you find all types of climate. Therefore, no matter who you are, you'll always find a climate that you like there.

13 New Zealand Due to its southern hemisphere location, New Zealand's summer peaks from December to February, offering long, bright days. Autumn, from March to May, introduces a cooler climate with richly colored foliage. Winter, from June to August, can be quite cool with mountain snow. Spring bursts forth between September and November, with blooming flowers and lambs dotting the landscape.
14 Brazil Brazil's tropical climate begins the year with a warm, wet summer. As autumn arrives, rainfall begins to decrease, maintaining a warm temperature. Winter is mild, and generally drier, while spring brings back occasional rains and an explosion of flora. Despite the seasonal changes, overall temperatures remain comfortably warm.
15 South Africa Located in the southern hemisphere, South Africa's seasons are opposite to the northern hemisphere. The year begins with a hot, rainy summer, followed by a mild autumn. Winter sees the arrival of cold fronts, particularly in the southwest, while spring brings with it warming weather and a bloom of wildflowers.

The Highveld of South Africa has the most wonderful summer weather, and it lasts for 9 months a year!

Gets pretty warm and hot. Protect your skin, wear glasses and a hat, and drink water.

16 Canada Canadian winters are renowned for their severity, with deep snow and freezing temperatures. With the onset of spring, the ice melts, leading to warmer days and blossoming greenery. Summers can be hot, particularly in the southern regions. Autumn is marked by a vibrant display of fall colors and cooler temperatures.

BC has the best weather, not a lot of snow like the rest of Canada. Summers are nice. Cloud and drizzle aren't so bad. You get used to it.

Has all the weather, or at least half. Proven livable for more than a few decades, which means it does well at that.

17 Switzerland Winters in Switzerland are cold, with snow covering the mountainous regions, perfect for winter sports. Spring introduces milder weather, melting the snow and causing the wildflowers to bloom. Summer is warm and comfortable, while autumn sees the forests turning to gold and red under clear blue skies.
18 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan's winter is cold, with snow in the mountains and chillier winds in the plains. As spring arrives, the snow melts, making way for a mild and comfortable climate. The summer is hot, particularly in the plains, while autumn is pleasantly cool, with golden hues dominating the landscape.
19 Iceland A unique climate characterizes Iceland. Winter is characterized by short, dark days and snow, while the arrival of spring brings increased daylight and milder temperatures. Summer is noted for its Midnight Sun, with almost 24 hours of daylight, but remains cool. Autumn sees the return of darker days, and the appearance of stunning Northern Lights.

This might confuse you, but this is not cold for me. I don't have a heater or a fireplace, but it's warm in my house, even without a blanket or hot cocoa. Perfect weather for a perfect country.

20 Ukraine Ukraine experiences a cold winter with heavy snow in the north. Spring emerges with thawing landscapes and blooming poppies. The summer is warm and often sunny, while autumn showcases a colorful display of falling leaves, as temperatures begin to drop again.
21 Macedonia The Macedonian winter can be cold, particularly in the mountainous regions. With the arrival of spring, temperatures rise and wildflowers bloom. The summer is characterized by high temperatures and sunny days, while autumn brings a cooler climate, with the vineyards turning to hues of orange and red.
22 Indonesia Being a tropical country, Indonesia sees a warm, humid climate throughout the year. The year starts with the rainy season, followed by a drier period known as the monsoon transition. Then comes the dry season, characterized by high temperatures and low rainfall, followed by another transition period leading back to the rainy season.
23 Denmark Denmark's winter is known for its shorter days and icy temperatures. Spring sees the lengthening of days, with a gentle warming trend and blooming flowers. Summer is pleasant, with long, bright days and comfortably warm weather. Autumn brings an array of colors and a coolness that transitions back into winter.
24 Finland Finland's winter is characterized by deep snow and freezing temperatures, making it a wonderland for winter sports. Spring sees the snow melting, giving way to vibrant greenery. During summer, the land of the Midnight Sun enjoys almost 24 hours of daylight, while autumn presents a stunning display of fall colors, also known as 'ruska'.
25 Moldova Winter in Moldova brings cold weather with occasional snowfalls. The warmth of spring reawakens the vineyards, ushering in blossoming fruit trees and verdant landscapes. Summer can be hot and sunny, perfect for grape maturation, while autumn is cooler, marked by the vibrant colors of the grape harvest season.
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