Top 10 Words to Describe the United States

America is an excellent country, or a horrible country, depends on how you look at it. We are one of the top economies in the world, but we don't have free health care yet. We may have invented many things such as cars, but we're also one of the most obese countries in the world.
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1 Revolutionary

Honestly we have been through so much yet we still stand tall, and with Trump as president we need to be united as one revolutionary country, now is no the time to play the he said she said game. Now in the time to be Americans!

They didn't make it from nothing, they were English that travelled there and took over. If anything it means English are revolutionary

What? What country invented both apple and windows, which are the best electronics companies IN THE WORLD? ? !

2 Misunderstood

Obviously america is misunderstood because I read through every single comment and some of these people are so negative towards America! America is just like anywhere else (pretty much) just we're called Americans and we have a democracy. we have good things and bad things, just like Japan, France, Spain, Canada, anywhere. so instead of everyone talking crap about America to make yourself feel better, look at yourself and your country and think, are we perfect with no flaws at all? yep that's what I thought. I'm sorry for ranting but I have to get back to my homework so bye. :3

3 Powerful

Number 1 military and the world's sole superpower.

Yo yo. Honey sing is bast of bast

4 Charitable

Tragic earthquake in Nepal YESTERDAY.
India will have its teams there first, they are by far the closest, US has more sophisticated rescue equipment, already on the way, and already leading financial aid effort.
Before that, pick your disaster, Philippine Hurricane, Indonesian Tsunami, US gave much more time, effort, personnel, equipment, and money than whatever pathetic hellhole you live in.

America gives so much to other nations for example, Africa and even though they can't really pay us back or trade with them we continue to give because as Americans we have the opppurtuntity to give and keep giving.

5 Idiots

America is not filled with idiots but rather kind, intelligent, and brave people who have mad many great advances in knowledge and science. We have great medical technology and we were the first to walk on the moon.we also created a pretty good system where people are free to make their ownchoices and control their own fate. We managed to create a country with hard work and now we are free, strong, and fairyly wealthy or at least enough to provide for its people. I don't see how America or its people are idiotic.

6 Democracy

You can propose a bill anytime you want to. You can vote on your representative and senators, and you can vote for the president. So everyone who passes the actual bill should be someone you're okay with. At least the greater of two evils. Why do you need to see the bills? You have representation. We barely pass any regardless, and that's because we can no longer agree on anything.

It could be better, but we act as if our governments much worse than it actually is. At least we're a democracy. And yes, we really are a democracy!

7 Large

Yeah, the people are large...

Wait, you meant the size of the country itself!?

... As well as Canada. This word describes a lot of Americans, as well.

8 Obesity

Almost all the kids in the schools I have been at are at now are not fat or obese most of them are a normal size or underweight, barely any if any people even try to be skinny and they still eat their full share of food.

I don't think obese describes america but I do think it is becoming an issue. However I tjink it in much better than starving to death like people do in some other places.

I have never met an obese person in America. If people are saying 1/3 is obese, than how come I don't see them? Like anywhere.

9 Convenient
10 Imperfect

No one is perfect.. especially us in America, we do many things wrong. But, guess what? Everyone makes mistakes.

There's no doubt we're not perfect. Every country has their flaws, even America.

No country is perfect but america is a really great place nonetheless.

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11 America
12 Unhealthy

The government should control what people eat and how much they eat.

This is especially true for our lack of free healthcare.

This is a lie, not everyone is unhealthy in America.

13 Young
14 Obama

Obama is great; yet, people seem to lack political enlightenment because how can Obama pass any law if it can't get to his desk?! Unlike the progressive America, our political parties in the House and Senate go head in head with each other, forgetting that COMPROMISE is key to success. However, everyone now seems to seek their own interest in America, even America itself. (I'll blame your government teachers and the media bias which induces ignorance)

To the person who said he tore up a Bible, it's offends not affends. (by the way I'm a Christian too, but other then that I liked Obama)

15 Freedom

The NSA spies on people who almost always deserve it. Far greater privacy violations are committed 24/7 by Google, your bank, your school, and just about every software company, and I would not be a bit surprised if TTT is doing loads of illegal tracking too.

Do you have any idea how painful and sad we had to fought for our freedom for centuries. Freedom isn't easy to earn but we don't give up.

Google, MSN, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc, all track, log, and record everything that everybody in every country does; get used to it!

16 Racist
17 La-la Land
18 United

Ironically, the United States is far from being United. As an American myself, it seems as if each state is actually its own little country, but all fifty of them are supported by a bigger government of some sorts. And nevermind that civil war we had between the Nirth and the South.

Well, duh! It's in the name of the country.

19 Diverse

America may call themselves a "melting pot" all they want, though the fact is that other countries are equally as diverse, if not more. Hell, other countries actually embrace and welcome it; their melting pot actually melts. This is obviously totally unlike those racist Americans.

No, other countries are also diverse. So like the U. S, it is a "melting pot, " except for that, unlike America, theirs actual melts. Also, they welcome diversity. Can't say the same thing for the U.S.

A Free spirited and extremely diverse nation which raised free individuals the problems America encounters are not so much as the problems humans generally have.

20 Violent

Even Switzerland can allow firearms and it wouldn't have a higher death rate than before.
Wait actually Switzerland has allowed firearms and the death rate in terms of death by firearms is almost zero.

Wrong again.
True there is a higher per-capita firearm homicide rate than Eurozone countries, but outside of the inner-cities, the US is one of the safest places in the world.
For overall crime, the USA is only #22, with Canada at #10, and the UK at #4.
Iceland is #1, but perhaps they get stir-crazy being cooped-up indoors most of the year.
For violent rape, the USA is lower than Belgium and New Zealand among others, and is not even half the rate of Sweden.

21 Successful

I think America is highly successful. To build ourselfs up from nothing through hardships and become a strong, fairly wealthy, country that can provide for and protect its people.

22 Corrupt

"America are the real terriosts not ISIS or Al Qaeda." The guy that said this is probably from ISIS or Al Qaeda! We don't follow a religion that believes all other religions should be exterminated so ours can be the master race. We also don't lie about having peaceful intentions so we can mass migrate into other countries and bring nasty things like the "rape game" with us.

Our government is corrupt, but America is not the Government. The Government works for America, and since 2017 it's getting the whipping of a century. America is a set of ideas that any country and any person anywhere can adopt. These ideas allowed the American People to invent literally the entire modern world. Even though the Germans invented cars, we added electric starters, hydrolic breaks, air conditioning, and everything that makes them worth using, and everything that makes them available to everyone. And beyond that the People have invented everything: Rockets, Computers, World Wide Web, Telephones, Satellites... literally everything. There is nothing corrupt about America. There is something corrupt about the rest of the world that suppressed the possibility of these inventions for millennia. Maybe if pirates following a certain destructive religion hadn't taken over half of Rome and plundered the Mediterranean there wouldn't have been a Dark Age and we'd have all these things already.

23 Stupid
24 Majestic

Some of the most spectacular geography and geology on earth!

25 Dreams

We Americans had a dream of having freedom from Britain Andy the government itself since the 17th century. We Americans go by the American dream. We have fought are independence for centuries( men and women) we all have equal rights.( except for kids). In cas you don't know I'm a teenager

We follow the American dream. For ages American men and women have died to make this country safe and free. And we honor them for keeping the american Dream.

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