Top 10 Worst Things About the United States

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1 Racism

I don't understand. Most people assume all Muslims are terrorists even though the terrorist groups don't stand for the entire country, blacks are viewed as unintelligent crack heads, and many citizens view Hispanic people as criminals. We all have problems and we all sin. As a Christian I know that we are forgiven for our sins but this doesn't mean that we should continue making the same mistakes over and over again. Diversity is a good thing and you should get to meet many people within your lifetime and I am positive that you will meet good people of all races and ethnicities. Racism is a problem and only the best of us know how to solve it. If you truly are a good person you will see where you have wronged and will try to redeem yourselves so you can grow as a human being.

America likes race relations and often pokes fun at them. I myself am a white guy and I have been discriminated against and insulted by black people even in a offensive way. Some of my friends have been assaulted by Black and Latino people though not as often. The attitude of white Americans as a weak majority or offensive mass of racists seems really bad and I found this country hurts itself was offensive ethnic descrimination, hate and pressure.

So we are the land of the free? We enslaved thousands of people and when they get rights we had segregation which split us apart. It then continues with hate groups all over who cause a modern divide. To everyone I say it is not a persons race, culture, or skin color that should define a person but their actions. Example: The Japanese that where in the US during WW 2 who were blamed and put In camps for being Japanese

I am so tired of everyone bragging about being "the land of the free". First, you killed thousands of natives, and forced them to leave their rightful homes, then you enslaved thousands of people, making life so unfair. And still, you guys can't admit that what your ancestors did was truly evil! It's so annoying.

2 Poor Education

Teachers in the us keep teaching us random, useless stuff and they have no respect for struggling kids with adhd or autism. It's really not fair. Also, kids at my school always bully, make assumptions about people for no reason, say unnecessary and rude things like ''your mom", "Dude, nobody asked you", or "that's your problem, dummy" and adults just don't do anything about it these days.

They punish you for no reason, like studying for a test during "reading time" or just saying one or two words to somebody while you're supposed to be quiet. My science teacher always gave somebody silent lunch for talking when that should have been their first warning. Teachers always give it to good kids for reasons like they assume their doing inappropriate stuff on their laptop because their holding it on their lap, but they're actually working. Now, I'm not saying it's the TEACHERS' fault, it's because the country and state doesn't care about how teachers ...more

One in three American students struggle in math, teens struggle just in the school environment. Need I mention the outrageous amounts of bullying and suicide? The useless information taught? The lack of important information taught? Disgusting.

Most kids get a good education. But on I-ready I worked super hard on the diagnostic. Yet I get 3rd grade work! And I'm in late 4th grade! I-ready sucks! It isn't making me learn anything and I can already do sixth grade math no thanks to I-ready.

America's education system sucks. It just creates stress and relies on students memorizing the material rather than thinking critically

3 Stupid People

I really don't like to be racist, and this obviously doesn't apply to all of them, but there are tons of Mexicans hopping the border to come here because Obama keeps making it easier for people to get by without working for anything. This means they come here and disregard a good education because they will never need it, and while teachers are giving these kids more attention to try to help them, they are giving less attention to kids that actually care about their grades. Then they have lots of kids, the kids learn from their parents that they don't need an education or work to live, and they do the same thing and it just keeps escalating. Then you have people that become friends with them or are in a class with them, and they do the same thing they're doing: not caring. As this number grows and more people associate themselves with them, the more they think it's normal and do the same. It's just so sad, we used to be by far the smartest and most educated, successful country on our ...more

Why do you think that they come into the country. Maybe because they aren't comfortable where they are and they want to get and educational and become successful. We take our privileges for granted because we are open to education, water, and more. Most of us were descendants from immigrants for I have Irish and British heritage. Other people come into the country and everyone blames them for the worlds problems. Some people are running away from conflicts like war but if we keep them out many innocent people could die because they have no place to go. We wouldn't make it any better if we bomb the threat entirely because even if you do you don't think the innocent people will be mad. They won't have anyone to teach them right and wrong and they'll start doing bad things because they have no one to teach them not to. Some people can't go to school because they have other problems. I get that the country comes first but seriously there are so many problems that we could help solve if we ...more

I definitely know we need better education and it really starts there. Teachers can be abusive, unable to prepare students for life and cover too much material in one class making it a overly difficult. You see classes with 1/3 or more students failing with Fs in easy courses. Apart from that we have health problems and problems valuing intelligence and creativity and often live a world based largely on social smarts, this effect seems to dumb as down as we use only a fraction of our brain as it is. We need better standards and to cease bathing in ignorance, self pity and reckless addictions.

The Top Tens says your not suppose to put on negative comments... And not everyone has the best intelligence.. I think this is a bit racist, but that's just my opinion. Like if you agree

4 Democrats

They lie, cheat during the election, and make false facts about Republicans. I was only talking about the bad Democrats and democrats in government. Not all.

Democrats are the party for the 1%
They're always been against blacks and now the tables have turned, they promise empty promises for people to get their votes.

They're just a bunch of commies at this point. they're obsessed with race to the point where its like a cult and it kind of scares me

Uhhhhh, I'm democrat, and I'm fine. Some democrats are obsessive over there beliefs, but most democrats just don't like trump. Is that bad? Well, that's just our beliefs.

5 Joe Biden Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (born November 20, 1942) is an American politician who is the 46th and current president of the United States. A member of the Democratic Party, he served as the 47th vice president from 2009 to 2017 under Barack Obama and represented Delaware in the United States Senate from 1973 to 2009. more.

Needs no explanation really. See my "Not so fast" post correcting this goon's so-called "accomplishments" if you DO need an explanation.

6 Government Corruption

Pretty obvious why I picked this. The government is more worried about making sure they're more in power than the people are, so much so that they put laws against women, members of the LGBTQ community, POC, and children.

7 Gay Rights

Its pretty damn obvious why this is on the list. Canada literally has a LGBTQ REFUGE for people because of what is happening in America. We need to get our stuff together and focus on actual problems like climate change and the possible nuclear war with Russia.

People who are gay are still human beings. People who are gay/lesbian/bi are still human beings, who have feelings, and emotions, and personalities. It disgusts me that there's still people out there that feel like "throwing up" when they see either two men or two woman together romantically. What does your life have to do with gay peoples' lives? NOTHING. You have absolutely no right to call it a "lifestyle" and have anything to do with their lives. You don't wake up in the morning and say, "Today, I'm going to be straight! " so why do you think gay people choose to be gay? Also, the people who throw God into the argument, like the people who say "I don't hate gays, it's just that I'm Catholic/Christian/any religion, and God says it's a sin to be gay," well, it's not a sin for you to love the opposite gender, so why is it a sin to love the same gender?

So many clueless inconsiderate religious libtards have no idea how it feels to be illegal and criminalized in over 70 countries, having our rights as human beings infringed on every day, getting beaten or even killed on the streets for expressing our true identity, getting endless of discrimination and hate simply for being born the way you are.
Why can't you just accept and live with it, be a person with decency and ignore whatever you don't like.

Please, spare me from puking. It's alright to marry those who are those of the same sex? This makes me sick. Back then, in ancient times, being gay would cost you your head. It still does in some countries. I despise this filthy people who have no discipline over their lives. This is firstly because of bad influences that can all be traced back with the government doing nothing. It sickens me every time I see them. ( please excuse me for any mispellings or any wrong form of grammar.)

8 Gun Shooters

USA has countless incidents that involve firearms. Not only at schools, but also at other locations such as nightclub back in Florida and a concert back in Las Vegas. Also Americans own guns not only because of 2nd Amendment, but also to show true power of being American. Nowadays, some people use guns for the wrong reasons. There have been gun rampages on academic grounds such as Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook and recently one at Florida. Some people use them in order to give up their lives. Others can be used for destruction of property. The Americans have gone too far with this issue. This is why I plan on living outside of USA.

Well reflectively speaking, it's ok to have a gun, as long as you don't ATTACK with it. I mean, if someone comes up to you with a gun in their hand and is ready to shoot, you should, have the right to have a gun and defend yourself. If you happen to kill anyone with your gun when they were unarmed, then you should, have every weapon right you have taken away, and be put to jail for life. It's just common sense, even though common sense isn't so common.

America lives on weapons. We love and use them and I like owning a gun as a expensive possession, symbol of power and because few countries allow its civilians to own a gun. Sadly, gun violence, and massacres, "School shootings" and suicides are so American as well.

I lived in a neighborhood where Gang violence and shootings were present. I would have to be cautious when I am outside = Also, in the news their has been increasing number of lunatic school shooters. America's gun culture is out of control.

9 Drugs

I personally like drugs and substances, we can respect some people need some way to get high and that is part of America and our lifestyle. Sadly many things we use are hurtful and unhealthy, people die of overdoses and addictions and our kids can be hurt by both drugs and fried out parents. It really is a mixed issue.

Drugs are amazing how could this ever possibly be in the top ten worse things about America? Drugs are everywhere this list is horrible and does not actually say the flaws of this country.

Drugs other than for medicinal use are a terrible, horrible thing that destroys peoples lives, why anyone would consider taking drugs in the first place is beyond me.

I agree to the person that said phil. Has more drug runners and syndicates than USA and it's all over the news

10 Obesity

Not so much obesity, but the stereotypes that we're all obese. Yes, a third of us are... but what about the other 2/3? I know people who might become anorexic because everyone thinks Americans are so fat. And fat people aren't lazy. Many people have eating disorders or problems within their body that make them obese. My parents are both overweight, and they work their butts off every day. I do wish they were healthy, but at the same time, it doesn't make them worse people. Stop with the stereotypes, people. We have enough problems in the world without making up our own.

Obesity is an epidemic that doesn't get as much attention as it should. People think that it only affects them, but look back at times before obesity was so widespread: families encouraged each other to live healthier lives. Many people die in their 50's and 60's because of morbid obesity, even earlier when combined with other factors like smoking and alcoholism, when they should be living to at least 80 in our industrialized society.

Obesity is not an epidemic. It's not contagious, it's self-inflicted - and don't give me the story that it's in your genes - that's a total cop-out!

America has an obesity problem that needs to be taken care of. Obesity is unhealthy and can lead to serious health problems, such as diabetes

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11 Bad Economy

Growing income inequality and disappearing middle class!

12 Illegal Immigrants
13 Celebrities Break the Law
14 Barack Obama Barack Hussein Obama II (born August 4, 1961) is an American politician who served as the 44th president of the United States from 2009 to 2017. He was the first African-American president of the United States. A member of the Democratic Party, he previously served as a U.S. senator from Illinois from 2005 to 2008 and as an Illinois state senator from 1997 to 2004.

There's nothing wrong with him. There's everything wrong with Donald Trump

I didn't really like him but Biden's worse...

15 People Who Say Bad Words

The old sticks and stones and George Carlin have gone by the wayside for money made by everything being a bad word... Words are what you make of them and there is nothing wrong with the word Niger.. It means black. If you are offended get over it. I'm fat... So. I wonder if someone called me a fat woman if I could go to court for being insulted. Politics and political correctness are the biggest joke that will destroy america!

So what? Bad words are everywhere. In fact, it's better if you say bad words more often because it relieves stress. Without curse words, we would be stressed out our entire lives! Think about it.

We are not the only people who say bad words. Trust me on this one. Why does the whole world hate us so much?

Uhh. People say bad words everywhere. Just get over it and put down a legit reason.

16 Has a Bad President

Oh, the United States is only bad because Obama's president! Oh, the United States is falling apart because Obama! Really, people, why does everyone blame the president? It's like people can't blame anyone else for the problems today but Obama.

Donald Trump is the great president ever in the whole world doing a very well job but most of the people can't understand his great works or sacrifices and blaming him although trump is the best president ever doing everything for America but most of the Americans opposing him why? They should support the great president trump although he is greater.

Bad is an understatement. Here are some more words:
Full of hate
Out of touch (so is Hillary)
Annoying douche
Shady character
Can't be trusted
Miserable failure.

I hope in 2016 Hilary Clinton isn't voted for President! Cause she's worse than Obama! I hate her so much that I want to feed her to the piranhas.

17 People Who Bash Christians

What about the Christians who bash everybody else, profile them, and force their beliefs on them? Because that's what happens.

I'm a Christian that respects Athiests! And even if you are an atheist, rules like being nice from the bible still counts!

Last time I checked we had freedom of religion.

I'm an American and I have to agree with this...

18 Crooked Cops

Most cops are good. Only a small percentage are criminals.

19 Child Abuse
20 The left controls everything
21 School Shootings

They are bad, way too many. Should be 0

22 Two-Tiered Justice System
23 Profit Based Health Care System

Makes it the most expensive in the world.

24 Technology
25 Political Correctness
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