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Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, is a country in Southeast Asia. Ruled by the Dutch for over 300 years and Japan for 3 years and 6 months, the country gained independence in 1945, or exactly in 17th August 1945. Jakarta is the capital city, located in the island of Java. Major languages more.


I know vocaloid since I'm 7th grade, now I'm on my 10th grade.
A lot people think I'm freak or something because of listening to vocaloid or they usually say Japanese anime, but I don't give any response to them anyway. I hope with Vocaloid Concert in Indonesia, it can show people that vocaloid music is wonderful, it's not always about Japan, it's music, and no more. I wanna show to everyone that Vocaloid's music have meaning to all their songs, not just cute Japanese voice or something. I waited for a long time just wanting this happen, I know Vocaloid was having a concert in Singapore (near Indonesia), but the cost is expensive and I'm still underage and not capable to, just hope they will consider do a Vocaloid concert in Indonesia, I mean like giving a chance, I know Indonesia might lack of something but give us a try, forever a fans. From Jakarta. Thank You.

Maybe, the only region in this world who have not see the virtual Diva is Indonesia. So Please! This year is Indonesia turn! Give our a chance to meet the virtual Diva! Indonesia is a small region. But we have many fans! As many as in Japan. We want to see the virtual Diva with our own eyes. Not via YouTube or video!

When Vocaloids do the concert in indonesia, then I will die with a smile in my face.

Just kidding! If I die, then I will no longer heard your song again, no?
Well, Indonesia has a lot of anime fans and I am sure that when you concert in Indonesia, it will change all of the people perspective about song as a whole. Song is not only about melody and lyrics, but the feel when someone sing and heard the song. All of us will sing, because it's fun to sing. All of them, Meiko, Kaito, Miku, Rin, Len, and Luka made me realized this. Thank you all so much!

I want miku to come to indo but don't forget to bring Len. Besides Indonesia have held many great concert so we probably have a great place to hold the concert in, we have the tools to make a great concert.. Just not sure about Vocaloid concert. I really am not sure if many will come as I do not know much vocaloids fan in Indo. But still! If Miku Party comes here, it would make the Indo vocaloid fans really happy.

Why in Indonesia? Because most of Indonesia Otaku really love VOCALOID and Miku. Not just Otaku, but other people love VOCALOID and Miku. "is that miku or Vocaloid? " that is what they say when see a picture of one of them. I'm really glad if the concert will be hold in Yogyakarta.

We really Want to see The Future Android Singer, with our own Eyes.
- ramadhanfallenduelist

Indonesia has a lot of Hatsune Miku-chan's fans! Most of our Japan Festival has Hatsune Miku cosplayers with different costumes. We also love the uniqueness of her robotic voice, ah and her songs is not unfamiliar in our ears, everybody loves her songs! Including me. So I think it would be great, very great, if Hatsune Miku held a performance here! I can't wait to see her with my very own eyes!

At first, I myself didn't like music. I thought that all kinds of music are the same. But my opinion changes drastically when I hear Vocaloids' songs. They somehow change my life, with their powerful and sweet songs. Some of my friends don't know Vocaloids. They always say, "What's that? Japanese? " I always try to make Vocaloids' popularity rise up by telling them to my friends. So if they really come to Indonesia, this is a very rare chance and I think this live party will show everyone that virtual singer can be more awesome than the real singer. Please come here!

Miku-chan! Please come to Indonesia! We want to see the real you singing on the stage. Vocaloid Lovers from Indonesia were waiting for you to come! Onegaishimasu!

Its really rare to have a Japanese music especially anime and game music concert in Indonesia, but really, we have a lot of J-Music fans here. I'm sure the concert will be fully booked once the ticket releases is announced, just like the case in L'arc en Ciel world tour that will be held here in next may. So please, don't hesitate to held a concert in our country, it will be very welcome.

The Vocaloid fans in Indonesia are waiting for the Hatsune Miku Concert. I too, as a Vocaloid big fan, really want to see the concert. I think the concert will make many people's dreams come true. And hoping that it will increase the popularity of Vocaloid in Indonesia.

Just like other parts in the world, there are people in Indonesia who adore and love Miku's works, songs, and phenomenon.

Lots of them.

I bet on my bucks, a concert of Hatsune Miku in Indonesia will surely please thousands of her fans here in Indonesia. We hope that the awesomeness of Vocaloid culture will be able to further be spread across Indonesia, especially with a concert being held here. We love you, Miku!

Please... We want to see her, when she have concert in Singapore I have plan to see her. But unfortunately AKB48 have also concert in just 1 week next after miku concert, that was hard o choice and in the last time I knew one my favorite member of akb48 will come so I chose to see her...

As you know in Indonesia there is a ton of anime fans. And they will watch her...

There's many hatsune miku fans here
So please go to Indonesia

Amazing... I never dream about hatsune miku come to Indonesia...
It's really surprise me that Indonesia can invite hatsune miku...
I hope it will become true..

I think that its time to show Indonesia that a pop star doesn't have to come from the real world. It could be from the virtual world like Vocaloid. Many of anime fans love Vocaloid and they want to see miku and the others to do a concert in Indonesia. To show Indonesian artist that Virtual Diva can also rule the stage. I love vocaloid since I start to watch Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood (2009) until now and I'm still in 8th grade. So Vocaloid plese do a concert in Indonesia. - viratandra

I hope I can see and singing with virtual diva together! I love her very much and other vocaloid. Please I wanna see her!

Hatsune Miku has inspired many of us... And her voice has touch our heart so deeply. We truly love her from the bottom of our heart, we learn to express our feelings and live our life to the fullest, thanks to Hatsune Miku... So, you are more than welcomed to come to our country, we all love you. From Indonesia, with love.

We want to see hatsune miku on Indonesia.. She is our virtual idol, and Indonesia would be a good place to visit into.. I like the voice of her, and the arrangement from the creator

Well, as an Indonesian people and Miku Fans, I would be so pleased that miku will be having a live concert in Indonesia! I will buy the ticket no matter how much the prize is! Indonesia Otaku Population increasing so much, and there are many Miku fans! So, if miku having a life concert in Indonesia, It will the BEST!

As long as it have affordable price... Than I'm sure... There will be more than million watchers in Indonesia.. Not to mention the people who have not heard about Hatsune Miku... Most of them, I'm sure will watch Miku Concert and become her Fans ( I hope not only Miku though.. But also the other member of Vocaloid)

This is one and only our chance to meet our Virtual Diva our princess and prince! Miku, you'll not disappointing us, right? You'll not make us cry again, right? Please vote for Indonesia, and let us see hatsune miku with our own eyes! This is our only chance! This is what we want! Help us and give us hope!

There many Miku fans over here, so why not come to Indonesia?

We bored with local band and boyband over here, so please make something new for us!

Why? Because so many vocafans here...
Actually I'm vocasinger... And maybe cosplayer too. Hatsune miku is my best idol. Even my notebook still like miku world...
Please come! I'm MIKUTARD and many people here were MIKUTARD too! Please come to Indonesia

Because Vocaloid fans in Indonesia. It's very AWESOME fanclub. And everyone wants to meet her, I can showed to everyone who unknown about Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid. And also I want go to her concert. So, I can showed to everyone (especially K-lover). Hatsune Miku is BETTER THAN K-POP

She my Diva... Its hard to go to other country to see her. So its our only change to see and listen to her more closely..
I want to dance sing and have fun with other vocaloid song while watching and listening to her live...
Miku come to Indonesia! We'll waiting for you!