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The Philippines was established in March 16, 1521 and named in honor of a Spanish King whose name is King Philip of Spain II. It is located at Asia, specifically at Southeast Asia. The capital is Manila. 89% of the people there currently are native, while 11% of people there are foreigners.


It would be so awesome if Miku could have a live concert here at the Philippines! Well yeah sure, Philippines is just a small country BUT there are tons of Otakus here that would love to attend one of Miku's concerts! And of course I am one of them. I know 130 people who would love to attend! 71 are from the Art Club I'm in and 49 from the other schools in the Philippines. 3 of my best friends would love to go as well and so dose my 3 cousins and the otakus in my class would also like to go, I think there was like 18...? So 130+3+3+1 8= 154! 154 people I know would love to attend one of Miku's concert! And then there's me, my dad, my siblings, so that makes 158 people! So please please please come to the Philippines! We would be very happy if Miku does come!

As they said It would be wonderful if Miku could have a live concert in the Philippines cause The Philippines need to have a Miku concert here too many people love Hatsune Miku in the Philippines I'm one of them she's the best she change the way I view life it would mean a lot for Vocaloid fans in the Philippines Miku will be the first Virtual Diva to perform in the Philippines

Please! It'd be great if they have a concert here! Please, Japan? Please?
This is coming from an extreme Vocaloid (especially Kagamine Len) fan who had just turned 12 during summer! :D
Please! The only foreigner I know that came here was Justin Beiber (there might be more but we just want Vocaloid)! And in case you do, please bring Len!

It must be in the Philippines! We love vocaloid a lot! Ill be super duper happy if the concert will be performed here!

Please come to Philippines, Miku! We really love hearing your songs!
Besides, it's not fair a lot of us have to spend lots of money to fly to Japan or other countries just to hear you sing! Not only for Philippines but for other countries too!
But since we have to vote for a country here... Please vote for Philippines!
And just in case Miku comes here, can you bring Len along too?

I don't think there has ever been a hatsune miku live concert in the Philippines. I really want to go to the concert but my parents can't let me because it's in another country all the time. I really hope my vote will be considered. Please vote for Philippines!

The filipinos are Music Fanatics. Experiencing and sharing Vocaloid to the country through the concert will not only make us, the fans, very happy and fall in love with Miku and other Vocaloids, but will also bring more fans to the Vocaloid community, and possibly adding a New Member to the Vocaloid Family: A Pinoy Vocaloid!


We love Hastune Miku! Please! Please! Please! WE LOVE HER TOO MUCH AND SHE HAS NEVER EVER HAD A CONCERT HERE! PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU! VOTE FOR Philippines! In fact, Japan is in the top 10 and Miku LIVES in Japan for God's sake! It's not fair! Plus, she should go around in Asia FIRST! Before going to other countries!

Really the Philippines needs to have one of here live concerts there are thousands here who'd like to see her like me

Philippines do have lots of Miku fans out there, I think having a live concert here will be much appreciated by Filipino fans and I ensure that it will be a massive hit. Set aside that Miku has fan clubs here and there, I think even people who don't know her but watches anime related stuff will get to like her. Curiousity is what triggers the feeling of liking a thing, and Filipinos are much like that. You don't know how well Filipinos welcome this kind of thing, and how proud they are to discuss vocaloid related stuffs on the net, specially Miku. And even if this wish will not be granted, we'll still be cheering for Miku

Don't you think it's unfair that the only ones experiencing concerts are the richer countries? Philippines should a chance to experience the awesomeness of vocaloids! Now who's with me?!

There are a lot of people in the Philippines who want Miku (and maybe everyone else too) to have a concert here! It's not fair that only Japan gets to see the virtual idol live. In fact, she should have an Asia tour!

We really love Vocaloid but no one really knows it... Please let them have concert here!
I know this isn't actually an official vote page but the company that makes/ hosts the Vocaloid Concerts MUST look at this page from time to time to decide or something, right?
Please have a concert here! She's never EVER had a concert here before! Please!

Here in the Philippines you may notice that there are just few people that likes vocaloids/anime are roaming the streets. But you may not notice hundreds of thousands of people that likes vocaloids/anime that are inside their homes. If you held a concert here in the Philippines, you may expect your concert filled or may be overfilled with Otakus/Anime fans all over Philippines. So maybe one day you could perform and make the Philippines dream come true.

I'm still young but I love miku I would do anything to go to a miku concert why because I really like it when she sings I only like her songs without her I'd have no favorite songs and I also love many of the vocaloid a that's why I'm trying to draw her in all versions like in Chibi and anime please have a concert it manila

Please vote for Philippines! We really love Miku!
And it's really not fair she goes to other continents before going all Asia!
Please! I'm begging you, whoever is reading this!
I'm seriously for real begging here!
Before they do the last concert, please!

Since I am a Filipino.. And experience hatsune miku here in Taiwan.. Hopefully by next year please visit my fellow friends in the Philippines.. They want hatsune miku to perform live on stage.. There are so many vocaloid fans in the Philippines..

Miku needs to go Asia world tour first before going entire world tour! It's not fair!

Vote up people! We need your votes! We need to show miku (miku's name is not a wrong spelling! ) that we really need her!

As soon as possible PLEASE SEND VOCALOID TO THE PHILIPPINES, I, no WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR MIKU and the OTHERS to be here! Us Filipinos want to experience at least 1 or 2 times! I know this is a only a small country but, Many people here are dying to see them. I'm addicted to vocaloid! SAME WITH THE OTHERS HERE! I'm addicted to vocaloid that IT can ALMOST make me go to JAPAN! The Otakus/Anime Lovers-Fan are very very pleased if miku will come in the PHILIPPINES, I'm one of them. Right now I've been searching for VOCALOIDS CONCERT. Their songs are inspirational you know!

Please. Let Miku go here in Philippines.. Because we Miku fans here in Philippines are truly wishing that someday that Miku will have a live concert in here.. and it will be wonderful if you forgive us... we really really want to see Miku concert here... VOTE FOR Philippines!

Yea its me again the 39 guy The half Japanese and Philippine Well... You guys are all Philippines is small country but we will give all Vocalid A BIGGER! Than Philippines If you now what I mean Like in concert in Kansai That Was LONGEST concert I think Well we want Long concert 2 you now if miku have concert in here maybe Miku have again a concert in like 5 years or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 Whatever... Well I think 2015 is Vietnam it's the first list in here... Come on we are not in top10 we wish 2016 or 2017 is we are in top 1! Well... If you come here at Philippines 39

I would really die out of happiness if Miku would someday have a live concert here in the Philippines. A lot of us love her here. It almost sounds impossible to us that doesn't have the money to even buy lots of Miku merchandise, how much more a live concert? - samputen

The Philippines need have a concert of miku.. 100% sure many people will agree of that and many will see the concert too

VOTE FOR Philippines OR ELSE.
Please, Miku?
Miku, you can't go on a world tour without going Asia tour first! IT'S NOT FAIR TO THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU IN Asia!