Best Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Songs

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1 Jesus Alone

Should be Number 1 - DCfnaf

2 The Mercy Seat

...and anyway I told the truth but I'm afraid I told a lie. - keisersose

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth...

I began to warm and chill... - Fluxus

Moral for whom?

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3 The Weeping Song
4 From Her to Eternity
5 Red Right Hand

"Goosebumps for every time I hear this song"

6 Distant Sky
7 Skeleton Tree
8 Girl in Amber
9 Magneto
10 Anthrocene

The Contenders

11 Where the Wild Roses Grow

Kylie Minogue my love - mood333

12 Rings of Saturn
13 I Need You
14 O' Children

Definitely best song ever. The Harry Potter scene was great as well.

Harry Potter <3 <3 O' Children

15 Into My Arms

The correct answer is probably 'Red Right Hand', but I'm so sad to see this beautiful song so low down in the list I had to give it a vote. - truckturner

All the others songs are hot trash. This is fire

16 Death Is Not the End
17 The Kindness of Strangers
18 The Ship Song

Together with "Lament" my favorite. It's so melancholic, sad and hopeful, larger than life.

19 To Be by Your Side
20 As I Sat Sadly by Her Side
21 Jubilee Street

This song brings together great songwriting and cinema

So dark, sad and beautiful

22 I Let Love In
23 (Are You) the One That I've Been Waiting For?
24 Straight to You
25 Loverman
26 People Ain't No Good
27 Push the Sky Away
28 Cannibal's Hymn
29 Bring It On

My favourite Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds song, actually saw them on this tour. Just absolutely fantastic when performing the song I think there was a 10 minute standing ovation

Duet with Chris Bailey From The Saints

30 Darker with the Day
31 Babe, I'm on Fire

Not his best song, sure, but it eludes me why everyone hates it. Yes, it's repetitive and extremely egotistical, but it's satire. It's amazing!

32 Stagger Lee

Well, bartender, it's plain to see, I'm the bad mother****er called Stagger Lee!

33 Jack the Ripper
34 Lay Me Low

Love it

35 Deanna
36 Loom of the Land
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