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1 Smells Like Teen Spirit Smells Like Teen Spirit Cover Art

the best ever, so famous and one of the top sounds in music history... with amazing kurt's voice...

Kurt Cobain is like the Greek son Of Orpheus god of music because smells like teen spirit is masterly I don't think anything can even touch this song long live NIRVANA!

I think that its pretty obvious why this song one! If you don't already know, it's cause it TOTALLY ROCKS!

This is the song that made realize there was more music out there than the mainstream top 40.
I'm a 13 year old girl. All my life I've listened to pop music. I've thought for a long time it was kind of annoying, but I went along with it. After all, "it was cooler to listen to pop" and "the only other music is that stupid Beatles and Elvis junk". Well, that's what I thought.
Then one day in music class a few months ago we learned about grunge music. My teacher put on the Smells Like Teen Spirit music video as an example. I instantly loved it. By the time Kurt (aka 'shaggy hair dude' because I didn't know who he was) was singing/screaming the chorus I realized that this was the kind of music I wanted to listen to. I loved every second of the video and song, especially how it goes from all mellow to rocking out or whatever you call it. Even though other Nirvana songs have better lyrics, this will always be my favorite. It let me escape from what everyone else was listening to, and ...more

2 Heart-Shaped Box Heart-Shaped Box Cover Art

Great song. Seriously underrated. By the way, when it's played backwards, ''forever in debt to your priceless advice'' sounds like ''I'm suicidal, for your mistake you have been warned''

Yeah it's a really great song, but it's not underrated in any way possible whatsoever - Gruunge

This is the song that made me aware of Nirvana and download nearly every song I could find. It's quite depressing but somehow, I can listen to it no matter what mood my PMS has bestowed upon me. Nirvana is just so universal, these top three songs are absolutely addictive.

This is one out of my three absolute top-favourite Nirvana songs.
This song has so many possible meanings, same as the music video, and every time I listen to it I think of a new possible meaning, ranging from relationship issues to cancer in children (Which Kurt Cobain has also clarified).
It is so underrated, and this makes me really upset. Yeah, Smells Like Teen Spirit and Come As You Are are amazing songs, but they don't seem to hold so much meaning as Heart-Shaped Box.
RIP Kurt Cobain, you will be forever loved and missed.

Great song, it gets you really pumped up for some reason, its great how kurt gets the song really quiet during the verse
EXPLODES into a mega loud, awesome chorus! Overall this song is the best nirvana song because of the eeriness of kurt's death and when this was released.

3 Lithium Lithium Cover Art

Like my favorite Nirvana song! Very deep lyrics as well... "... I'm so ugly, but that's okay cause so are you... "

My favorite, yes, over teen spirit. Most of the people who voted it, haven't listen to many other songs.

"Most of the people who have an individual opinion that just happens to be the same as the most popular opinion, haven't listened to many other songs." - Martin_Canine

My favorite song of all time. The vibe, the lyrics, the instruments, the voice, the everything is fantastic in this song. Don't get me wrong, Teen Spirit is amazing but the thing is I think that the YEAH YEAH is just amazing. Also Kurt commited suicide pretty much of his popularity and Teen Spirit was his most popular so being a hardcore Nirvana fan and Kurt being one of my idols, it seems hard to like. Yet I still love the crap out of that song... But lithium is just genius.

Nirvana are something else. Best band to come out of America, and nevermind, one of the best, most acclaimed albums of all time, and this one is the best of the lot. The dark, sinister lyrics are so deep and thoughtful, and the performance is incredible. It's so difficult to explain why this is such a good song to someone who hasn't, but its incredible.

4 Come as You Are Come as You Are Cover Art

Can everyone stop voting for the overplayed Smells Like Teen Spirit? We all know it's great, but Nirvana have more than just 1 good song. This deserves way more than 9 percent! VOTE!

Here's the problem while Smells like Teen Spirit is overrated this song is also overrated since it's a rip off of a another song (Killing Joke - The Eighties) - christangrant

Well.. Come As You Are is an awesome song! and I love the lyrics..
the guitar riffs are just AWESOME and you can actually feel the songs meaning..
of course Smells Like Teen Spirit is the BEST.. but I would vote for this cause this is epic too!

Smells like teen spirit is overrated! This has such a cool mellow sound

Good song, interesting but dark mood, just seeps that Nirvana energy. Iconic riff that is impossible to get out of your head.

5 In Bloom In Bloom Cover Art

most amazing song I've ever heard; wish I could have heard it live.

Plain Perfection. If only, Kurt Cobain was alive right now there would be hundred's of song's in this list and the entire rock scene would be different.

Every song they made was amazing but this one is my favorite!

Teen Spirit's good, but In Bloom is better. More chords, more bass riffage, and of course more Dave Grohl insanity. Krist's 1974 Ripper sounds perfect for playing the verse lick and he crafts a hooky chorus line, Kurt plays his part exceptionally well, and Dave is just nuts. Best song Nirvana ever made.

6 All Apologies All Apologies Cover Art

Kurt Cobain's restrained voice, coupled with the amazing guitar line, easily makes this song their best. The end sequence for this song is one of the best I've heard.

So many great songs but of their songs All Apologies gets my vote. Not including any of their many great covers from leadbelly to the vaselines, the meat puppets or bowie etc. Kurt you are truly 1 of the greats & it's sad that music hasn't been the same since you've passed. The music you wrote will live on forever! R.I.P. Kurt

This song is the essence of Kurt. It sounds like his last farewell, a goodbye note in the last song of his last album.

The acoustic version on MTV Unplugged in New York is simply amazing, Kurt's vocals are beauty personified and the guitar line is just wow. Great song by a great band. Hats off.

7 You Know You're Right You Know You're Right Cover Art

kurt voice sounds amazing on this song!

gives me chills as I listen to each chord along with kurts pain in his voice

Best on this list. WHY IS SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT ON THE TOP! Even Kurt didn't like that song.

What do you mean even Kurt, him not liking the song makes him in the minority, so why do you say even Kurt like he's the majority? - scienceLover10

"You Know You're Right" is just one song that can break a true Kurt Cobain/Nirvana fan's heart but in other words, I was only a year old when this song was first played on the radio and I was very young. The last time I heard this song on the radio was way earlier this year and I just memorized the whole song from 13 years ago. I fell in love with this song and never heard the song being played on the radio ever again. Forget the radio stations, I'll buy another copy of this cd someday and listen to it until my kids will hear it and will think they heard the song before they were even born.

8 The Man Who Sold the World The Man Who Sold the World Cover Art

yeah a great song even though it's a cover song originally done by David Bowie Kurt Cobain makes it even better

How can one not just love this great song. Kurt is amazing as always, the guitar piece is mesmerizing. Many people say that Smells Like Teen Spirit is overrated, I don't think so. I don't hate any of their songs. But this one's my favorite:

Oh no, not me
We never lost control
You're face to face
With the man who sold the world

These lyrics makes me ecstatic. Nirvana fan for life..

wonderful song, I love it, so calm yet catching, try it, I don't know much about nirvana but this was a top level of its kind

It really disappoints me to see people who wear Nirvana merchandise but will only ever listen to Smells Like Teen Spirit. That song, is far from their best. In my opinion, Nirvana's cover of this David Bowe song is really something else. Normally I don't like covers, but this one was exceptional.

9 Rape Me Rape Me Cover Art

Such an underrated song that I feel is one of their best

Fantastic Sound, Amazing Guitaring, Bashing Vocals, This should be way above!

Listening to it continuously since past 3 days... Can't stop listening to it... On cell on pc nirvana

The great song with deep meaning I ever heard in my life yet. My ear just got raped because I am still listening this song 50 times in a week and still I am listening. My craze regarding this song is like I just had a concert and I won a competition. I love you Nirvana.

10 About a Girl About a Girl Cover Art

The Guitar solo that starts from the middle of the song.. that's what I am talking about!

My favorite Nirvana song. The unplugged version is even better, and if you like acoustic you will love this. All in all, this song is listed as one of the greatest love songs above Heart Shaped Box, so why is it not above it here?

This should be like 3 or something

Honestly, I bet half the people who voted for Smells Like Teen Spirit probably the only reason they did was because it's their most popular. Like they have more than 1 good song. About A Girl is great.

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11 Drain You Drain You Cover Art

This is SUCH A GOOD SONG. It was one of Kurt's most favorites, and you can really tell when you listen to it. You can feel the enthusiastic energy he had while recording it. It's just...good. Interesting lyrics, really neat how the guitar comes back in full-force after the quieter part with the duck squeaky toy, just awesome. For whatever reason though, it feels the most bittersweet to listen to. It reminds me of Kurt the most. I think that kind of adds to it though

Fantastic song, when it kicks back in after the chorus, it's something else. My favourite song. Listen to the live version from France in 1994, that aggression is something else.

Not the best, but the part after the 2nd chorus (that with the guitar explosion at the end) is my favorite moment of Nevermind. Kurt said he likes it more than Teen Spirit.

Haha this song is cool. I love all their song but I can listen to this longer than smells like team spirit. Kinda catchy song

12 Dumb Dumb Cover Art

"I'm not like them
But I can pretend
The sun is gone,
But I have a light
The day is done,
I'm having fun
I think I'm dumb
Or Maybe just happy

Think I'm just happy"

There is a reason this was in the greatest hits album. Get this in the top 10 ASAP!

This is Nirvana's most beautiful song, both lyrically and musically. Maybe not their best, but definitely my favourite.

The unplugged version is best and to see his face during performance is just... In credible.. You can see the pain in his eyes

This song is unexpectedly low. I love that cello part just after "think I'm just happy". It's such an awesome chill song and it deserves to be higher up on this list, just give it a listen and you will agree.

13 Pennyroyal Tea Pennyroyal Tea Cover Art

Ok, I can understand that some of my favorite songs are not on the top ten, because I like A LOT MORE than 10 nirvana songs. I agree with 9 out of the ten songs included in the top ten, except for breed, I mean, it just doesn't belong there. There's two songs that deserve to be on the top ten, and those are: 1. About a Girl: Bleach was characterized as being a "dirty sounding" album, but about a girl is simply the masterpiece in there. It's their first great song (followed closely by blew and school). 2. Pennyroyal tea: Ok, do I even have to explain to you why this is one of the songs that should replace Breed in the top ten? It's a perfect balance between the rather edgy and sharp sound of Heart Shaped Box and the greatly melodic All Apologies. It's just a perfect song, not my favorite, but one of them; it definitely is one of the 2 songs that deserve to replace breed in the top ten

Goosebumps! One of my fave song... Have a cup of tea guys. This song shows the powerful voice of kurt.. Long live

This song speaks to me so much. I love this. This and Lithium are my favorites.

Absolutely thrilling! Love that song, best one from Nirvana

14 Breed Breed Cover Art

Look, I don't want a depressing funeral. I want a party where people are celebrating my life and just going crazy. This song is 100% one I want to be playing there. Clever lyrics "We can plant a house, we can build a tree". Also, kick-ass guitar and a great grunge sound. A lot of fun to listen to.

One of the greatest songs ever! Good intro to a song
'We can plant a house, We can build a tree'
Such great lyrics. Should definitely be in the top 10. The best song in nevermind alongside Drain You and Endless Nameless. R.I.P Kurt Cobain

I think that this song need to be in top 10. this song had good riffs and Kurt sang it very well. its so great listen it. this is my opinion. and this forum its to people give them opinion. am I right?

My favorite Nirvana song! Pumps me up so much! I go crazy every time I hear it! I lose track of time and place when this song plays! Probably my favorite song ever, any band or genre!

15 Something in the Way Something in the Way Cover Art

Guys PLEASE stop voting for Teen Spirit. It's a great song, we all know it but don't be such a poser and vote for it just because that's the only Cobain song you've ever heard. Try out other songs and you'll realize that Teen spirit's just a little Overrated. Don't you think?

Kurt Cobain's rough voice plays an important in the song's mood

I don't understand why this song is No. 22, this song is my favorite alongside with You know you're right. Please vote this song up, more people need to be aware of this song.

Why isn't this amazing song higher up? I mean, just look at these lyrics:

"Underneath the bridge
The tap has sprung a leak
And the animals I've trapped
Have all become my pets
And I'm living off of grass,
And the drippings from the ceiling
It's OK to eat fish, 'cause they don't have any feelings. "

Bloody amazing. Not to say anything about the melody and his voice. And people vote for Smells Like Teen Spirit *headdesk* Don't get me wrong, it's a great song, but seriously? People who vote for that song obviously don't know any of their other songs...

16 Aneurysm Aneurysm Cover Art

This song is one of my favorites and I LOVE smells like teen spirit. True Nirvana fans likes all their albums and songs.

My second favorite by them. Amazing guitar riffs and good vocals. How is this number 17?

I just don't believe that this awesome song isn't in the top 10. For me, its the most underrated song of all time. I used to think that Heart Shaped Box is their best song, but when I heard Aneurysm... Damn, I just love this song!

This will always be my favorite Nirvana song! This song is so much better than Smells Like Teen Spirit! Smells Like Teen Spirit is just overrated by all the fake Nirvana fans who only listened to them on the radio!

17 Where Did You Sleep Last Night Where Did You Sleep Last Night Cover Art

Amazing song, starts off slow, and then Kurt's vocals explode; really stirring song

The song is a cover of a folk song made famous by Leadbelly. It was performed in Nirvana's Unplugged set in 1993 as the final song from the set. The song is chilling and kind of creepy, as it was one of the last performances Cobain ever left for the public to hear. The last verse is screamed but not in a bad, aimless way. You can tell there is emotion and angst behind it. And unlike other Nirvana songs, Cobain was actually pleased with the performance himself. When asked to perform an encore at Unplugged, he refused because he didn't feel he could top this song. And he was right. This song is perfect.

This was the epitome of Kurt, his voice, the way the show ended, even he knew it was perfection when MTV wanted to do another take. It was the last time many of us saw Kurt Cobain alive, and it is how we remembered him, and the way I will...

I love so much these lyrics They reveal so much pain

18 Scentless Apprentice Scentless Apprentice Cover Art

Ok but this is a really, really cool song. I love how he drew inspiration from his favorite book to write the lyrics. I just love the guitar and the general mood. Honestly there are a lot of underrated songs on In Utero, and this is one of them. All Apologies gets too much attention in my opinion.

Quite clearly the best song, no idea why it's at the bottom. Amazingly underrated and amazing drum beat... Love the scream in the chorus.. R.I.P Kurt Cobain

Kurt's distorted voice adds extra intensity, beyond that it has great interchange of the riffs, which by themselves are amazing anyways. The bridge is great also.

Most saddest scene to see Kurt while performing this song. Live in Brazil, where he show off his peepee to the live camera and spitting all the cameras there. WHY KURT WHY? Lol

19 Territorial Pissings Territorial Pissings Cover Art

This song is so awesome, heaps of energy.
it should be at least top 12
And why is Teen spirit at the top? Its not even that great,
most of Nevermind is better than it

Yeah, teen spirit is probably my favourite but if you've seen the video for this you'll know that it shows the TRUE nirvana!

To the person who doesn't know anything but "Teen Spirit", this sounds like an absolute train wreck of a song, but that is what makes it their best!

Their most underrated song, really an awesome track. Absolute powerhouse of a tune.

20 Polly Polly Cover Art

This is definitely one of Kurt's best pieces of work. The lyrical genius he puts into this song that's based on a real story is masterful. The unplugged in new York version is the best, and it shows Cobain in a different light with a different style.

Incredible song, sung by Kurt in this soothing voice that gives the song a sort of comforting feel to spooky lyrics. Can't believe I needed to scroll down the list this far to see it.

This is underrated on this website this is a song where kurt actually sat down to write a song and you can hear this from his voice

Having this song at 17 is a crime. Simple as that. Beautiful song which showcased Nirvana's incredible talent exceptionally well, and is still just as memorable, and disturbing today as it was in 1991. Particularly like the Live at Reading version. Long live rock.

21 Lounge Act Lounge Act Cover Art

This song has an amazing bass line, great melody, awesome lyrics, everything. It's CATCHY and I don't understand why it's so scarcely talked about.

Crazy Song, but great nevertheless

I wouldn't say it was the single best ever Nirvana song, but it's up there with You Know You're Right and Scentless Apprentice. Smells like Teen Spirit is the most overrated Nirvana song and really doesn't define Nirvana as a grunge band. Probably not even worthy of the top 20.

Oh come on! This song is way better than territorial pissings and negative creep. I know it's not very famous, but should be at least in top 15...!

22 Sliver Sliver Cover Art

Are you KIDDING me? This may not be the best nirvana song, but it is MUCH better than #25, if any of you are Nirvana fans, then I would suggest you vote for it, and if you don't wanna vote for it, at least LISTEN to it, all it is is Curt Kobain singing grandma take me home'

Not the best song, but it breaks my heart to see, that it is so underestimated by people. This song is still one of Nirvana's best, extremely powerful, and sustained by genius lyrics

Really 'out of this world' song. The guitar riffs, the bass and the lyrics are so very awesome that I listen to this song again and again. Please get it up on the list guys, the is the real Nirvana!

This Song tell story of my life. When I was toddler my parent left me with my grand parents and from that day I never wanted to live with my parents. I wanted to live with my Grand parents

23 School School Cover Art

School in 54th place. you mad or something? This is the third best song of Nirvana after Lithium and Come as you are (Smells like teen spirit is 4th :))

Pretty amazing song. One of the best opening riffs ever. Not the best of all time, but certainly higher than 42nd place.

23!? This song is so bad ass! Sure there is only 10 words but it is more of a instrumental thing. I love this song especially the live at reading version. If you are a Nirvana fan and you haven't heard this song, I would definitely check it out

Hey this should be in the top ten at least man it explains seattle in it

24 On a Plain On a Plain Cover Art

What I like about this song is that, although Kurt wrote it in a couple minutes, and only to "fill" the album, there's something about the rhythm and the lyrics that's somehow catchy.

I'm on a plain
I can't complain

On a plain, should be higher on this list, but I can't complain... Seattle rules!

I love this song. It isn't even the band's best effort but it still manages to make my top 10. The unplugged version is my favorite.

25 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter Radio Friendly Unit Shifter Cover Art

Really underrated! At least Top 20 surely! Listen to this song from their Live and Loud Concert, it's brilliant!

Why is this # 40? The lyrics are awesome & it is very heavy and loud. How can you guys rate this #40.

Definitely underrated. Only Cobain could create an intro from distortion.

The best Nirvana songs get no airplay. There's an ugliness to this most people can't relate to... And it feels genuine.

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