Top Ten One Direction Songs That Make You Sing Along

If there are music guilty pleasures One Direction is definitely mine.

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1 Happily

Good job guys

This is my favorite song by them. - happyhappyjoyjoy

It just is a kinda song that just makes you feel happy

When I first hear it, I LOVED IT! - Anindita25April

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2 Best Song Ever

One direction is my FAVOURITE band in the world and this song truly is the BEST SONG EVER

Love this song always makes me want to sing along. This truly is the BEST SONG EVER!

This (and Story of My Life) is what got me so obsessed with One Direction! It's catchy and fun without sounding like it's for 8 year olds, and it never gets old! Not to mention the video! Seriously people listen to the lyrics and stop thinking it's "overproduced pop garbage" because One Direction is the best!

We dance all night to the best song ever - 123samia

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3 What Makes You Beautiful

This song was in my app. Just the instrumental and I sang along. Also my friend put it on on YouTube and me and my friend sang along and now it's stuck in my head =_=

I sung along to every song while I made this list! - happyhappyjoyjoy

I sang along from the first time I heard it

I must admit... I sing it... I ROCK IT! - letdot52

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4 Midnight Memories

Should be about 4th or5th

Midnight memories woah oh oh oh~

5 Magic

I can't believe this is only an exclusive song! It is absolutely amazing and so fun and so catchy and you can't help but get up and dance and sing along when it comes on.

OMGfvshgjuudhggsghgfdf I LOVE THIS


6 Everything About You

The lyrics is so catchy

7 Night Changes

Once I started listening to Night Changes, I actually repeated the song for 20 Times! This song is so beautiful... : )

Awesome song.. Loved it

One of the best songs by 1D.. Loved it. Its an amazing song. Makes me want to hear it again and again

8 Kiss You

It's my favourite all the time... it really makes me feel happy: )

This is the best song from one direction. It makes me sing along every time I here it!

I don't like this song, but it makes me sing along. - funnyuser

So easy to sing along with can't stop singing

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9 I Want

Whenever the chorus starts the bass carries me away and the refrain gets me so hyped I sing along and people think I'm crazy.

10 You & I

Very nice song. I love this song a lot.

You and I is the best best song like ever me and my BBFF tiegan always sing to it it's so good you will love it

It's an amazing song ���" I loved the video of You and I

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11 Story of My Life

It's stuck in my head I don't know why

Very perfect song, sings by 1D

I love dis song

12 Steal My Girl

The chorus is catchy but has a mature sound compared to their other songs

What a song 🎶

13 Diana

This song is awesome! Makes me think of summer I don't know y

14 Does He Know?
15 Perfect

It has a great way of showing their personality when it comes to dating them and really maybe I think the song may be about zayn

16 History
17 Fireproof


18 One Thing

This song is just too catchy... Its lyrics are awesome... Beat is awesome... Singers are awesome & in short this song is awesome - Neeoo

19 Live While We're Young
20 Up All Night


21 Rock Me
22 Nobody Compares
23 Heart Attack

This song is amazing and a song that makes you sing along to

24 Tell Me a Lie
25 Strong

This song is so catchy... love it

26 Act My Age

Definitely a dance and sing along song

27 Moments
28 Where Do Broken Go?
29 They Don't Know About Us

Love love.. love this song so much

It's truly great

30 More Than This
31 Ready to Run
32 Why Don't We Go There
33 C'mon C'mon
34 Another World
35 One Way or Another

Music runs in our heart
still remembering the lyrics

36 Wolves
37 Hey Angel

so good

38 I Want to Write You a Song

I love this song. Lyrics are so deep. Must listen before you die

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