Hatsune Miku

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Hatsune Miku, sometimes referred to as Miku Hatsune, is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media.


She's too overrated... Her voice isn't even good. I personally think she's one of my least favorites. She's cute but her voice is somewhat annoying.

Miku is too overrated. From design to expo and songs. Her design is nice but her voice is high. Not as bad as Teto to me. In my opinion, it is nice to listen to her once in a while but because her voicebank is used too often that I lost interest with her. Miku concerts, she is the (almost only) character that has different outfit from each song. I have to admit her songs and designs are nice but just her voice...

Seriously... How can people vote something else seriously! Rin well is also over-used BUT NOT AS MUCH AS MIKU! I don't mind it personally! I love her voice but it is true that people should use other vocaloids more..

Ah, when I clicked on this list I KNEW Miku would be first! I do NOT hate Miku, I like her voice a lot! It's soft and smooth, and I like that. But I feel like she's overrated and she shouldn't be used as much as she is. My favorite vocaloid is Meiko but Miku is still good! - FullmetalHeart

Honestly Hatsune Miku is famous worldwide. I'm not really hating on that. I actually like that this genre is becoming more and more popular in America, instead of the Engrish today's rappers are saying (LOL). But she's WAY too popular. Two of the worst things about her is honestly her pairings from fans and fans in general. Don't get me wrong, I love her in some of her orginal songs (Eden all the way! ), but there are over 70 other vocaloids, and many more to become. But, because of her fans and really huge popularity, those new vocaloids are kept in the dark because of her. Well, not just her, but really big vocaloids like GUMI and Rin and others. Speaking of which, her pairings that people put her with are somewhat decent. I hate the fact that people put her with KAITO. It's annoying. I see KAITO being more of a mature person, considering his songs. So I would pair him with more mature voices; Luka, MEIKO, IA, GUMI. Hell, even Yuzuki Yukari. I see Hatsune Miku generally with more ...more

She's overrated but I don't care because I love her and people have their own taste so don't ask. How can she step aside when the fans will growling like crazy, don't hate her just because she's popular towards others.

I like Hatsune Miku, but I'm not, like, OBSESSED with her. I like some vocaloids better. Miku is too overrated.

So many Miku fans are whining about other vocaloids stealing her spotlight. She already has millions.

She is just overrated. Meiko, Luka, and Kaito are good, but Miku is just overused. IN EVERYTHING!

They use miku for 80% of all the concerts... I mean she has a nice voice but she's over-used big time

The first time I heard about Vocaloid, I just knew Miku. I'm glad that thanks to her the software became popular, but there should be more space for other vocaloids.

So true len and run need more attention!

She's too overused and she should be less popular more less popular especially because her voice is too
Squeaky and high pitched and she doesn't deserve her popularity - SakuraYumi24

Miku is typically the first Vocaloid a person comes across, and when that happens, Miku gains more fans. The real problem is that because she's so overrated (I don't hate her, though), newcomers think she's the ONLY Vocaloid, so her videos get more popularity. If those newcomers become producers (which many seem to now), they'll use Miku because they've always know Miku. She gets more videos, and so on.
So, you know, we kind of created our own loophole. A pathetically popularity-based loophole.

Let me remind you that she has thousands, maybe even millions, of songs.

Even I like Miku, I have to admit she Is pretty overrated and over used. - MLPFan

I love Miku and all, but it'd be nice to showcase the others talents and make them the face of vocaloid too. People have heard about Miku but never heard about the others.

It was obvious and she is a diva that needs to share the spotlight

Lets be honest, we all knew she was gonna be number 1

Her voice is just annoying and people should just forget about her, she used to be the best Vocaloid until the Kagamines were introduced and now in 2018 there are plenty of Vocaloids better than her.

She is way over used! She's cute but come on! She wouldn't be that famous if she didn't get that much voice banks and what? The ONLY virtual popstar?! Like come on! Way too over used. Too over used or songs leads to more fans. More fans leads to more merchandise and telling another friend to check out Hatsune Miku. It's like that! Her voice is high but if you want higher check Kasene Teto. Miku's cute but the amount of fan base that only recognises her and not others is something else.

If you ask a friend who's their favourite vocaloid and answers Miku (I'm sorry but for some only) then they are really missing out lots of other vocaloids such as Rin, IA, Gumi. Miku's songs are a lot and when another person does a cover using a different vocaloid it'll be like "bleh! It's terrible! " But some are nice. It's probably because that the tuning itn't done but the same producer. If it was then it would only be a fair fight.

Her voice irritates me sometimes. however, she does sing my favorite vocaloid song ever, so I can't say I hate her

I feel like people do not understand that Crypton vocaloids aren't the only ones.

People...PEOPLE, Miku~Tan Needs to step aside and let other vocaloids take the spot light!
Plus New Vocaloids are being made Why not let them have a chance?

Don't get me wrong, I like Miku, but it's to the point where some people, and me at one point, think Miku is the only Vocaloid. She's not. It's a bit insane that she's that over-used.
Honestly, I'm not saying we should decrease her popularity, but maybe some other Vocaloids should get the popularity boost that she got? Like GUMI, who is basically the closest to getting that.