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1 Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

This song is horrendous. Why? Some people complain about the subject matter. Unless it's handled in a mature way, the lyricist has failed. Not to mention, it's one of the more annoying pop tunes I've heard. Especially the singing and "humming." This song is, simply put, trash. Don't support Ed Sheeran. He's not a good song writer. You should only support song writers who write something that is well-put together. And a predictable, annoying, boring pop tune fails in every way, shape, and form. - JBDBIB_Baerman

Somebody clearly hasn't listened to enough Ed Sheeran. I bet this is the only song of his you have actually listened to. - DCfnaf

I've heard this song THREE times in the last hour. It's driving me INSANE. I couldn't even bring myself to watch his cameo on Game of Thrones. Nothing against the guy, he's very talented, but I'm so over-saturated on his stuff.

Yes they are always playing this song like every three songs! Why? At first thought it was cute but now when I hear that xylophone start up I just turn off the radio

When I heard it on the radio, I said:,It's on the radio now? ". Can't wait until every teenage girl will cry over that the song is deleted from every website and does not play on any radio stations. - MinecraftHater


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2 Despacito - Luis Fonsi

Another generic and effortless spanish summer hit that will be played on the radio every 2 minutes... - DaisyandRosalina

To be fair, this song wasn't intended for kids to listen to, they just heard all the older people were, but even they don't know what it means. The song itself is innocent unless you look up the english translation. Bieber did ruin though 100%. Not to be racist at all but he is the stereotypical spoiled little white boy dirtbag, and can't pull of the romantic latino vibe. It just wasn't intended for people like him. - cat_f

This song is over the line. It's says let me pass your danger zones until making you scream?! EVEN KIDS LOVE THIS SONG! Not suitable for them, and gets played every hour

It's a generic love song, why is it so popular? - naFrovivuS

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3 That's What I Like - Bruno Mars

I Hear This Song Too Much

Decent song, but I kept hearing it on the radio - VideoGamefan5

This was good the first few times, but it has quickly become annoying and played every 10 minuites on the radio...

hell man

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4 Closer - The Chainsmokers

Just overrated. End of story. It had its time being cool but just overrated and overplayed now - Randomator

Heard it once. Heard it enough. - skadoosh_007

STOP INSULTING CLOSER! I love closer so much and Halsey is the best thing ever! This song being overplayed is a good thing! The Chainsmokers aren't that good but Halsey make this song amazing like she is!

I hear it on capital

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5 Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

Oh Great, more crap from The Chainsmokers - VideoGamefan5

I heard this in a hotel bar... Wait that's not right. I heard this in a store and I wanted to run out of the store it was so bad

The Chainsmokers AND Coldplay?!? That is pure hell!


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6 Stay - Zedd & Alessia Cara

Used to love this song, hated it when it played 4 times on the radio in one hour- like, seriously?

So overplayed that it's on the list twice. - The01Bro

Doesn't deserve to chart - growlbunny

The female vocalist can't sing and the instumental is weak, I swear I have hear this song 50 times on the radio and in class... - Lucretia

7 Little Do You Know - Annie Leblanc and Hayden Summerall

A great song...The lyrics was awesome...Music was so romantic and should be in top three!

Never heard of it. - POWERStarz2004



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8 I Don't Wanna Live Forever - Zayn & Taylor Swift

First time I heard this song, and discovered how atrocious it is, I will never ever think of hearing this ever, first thing I know it's on, I change the station immediately, that's how much I hate this song. Everything about it I hate, my least favorite song of the year, and possibly for my life.

Every time I turn on the radio: "Been sittin' eyes wide open behind these four walls, hoping you call" GETS ON MY NERVES. Kill me if it plays again - Raadicool

Not only is this a bad song (0.5/5), it also fares terribly against overplay. The beat is, surprise, flat nothing. This song's overplay makes sense. After all, if you're going to get two names as big as Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift, who would've thought iHeartRadio would put this in their top fifteen while this song was getting shoved back on the charts along with other hits that should've stayed in the wintertime (think Bad And Boujee).

Well, who WOULD want to live forever after hearing this song, much less making it?

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9 Paris - The Chainsmokers

Even though the year is in its beginning, car radio has been really overplaying these - VideoGamefan5

Ever thought "Closer" is trash? Maybe you've never heard this song - TheSuperBanana

The Chainsmokers has ONE good song, and this is not it. - growlbunny

This song is just plain bad, it's a song about comparing ugly parents to the city paris - VideoGamefan5

10 I'm the One - DJ Khaled

Not only is it overplayed, but it is overrated. Why? The first time I listened to it, was because my friend forced me to. After that, I barely survived. I did not want to EVER hear this garbage, AGAIN. Unfortunately, it played on the radio OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Also, it played on my math teacher's phone when she provided music for us while we were working.

Annoying asf

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? Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

I know... this song was released in 2014, but it is still horrifically overplayed. I'm OVER it. - railfan99

Geez, a song from 2014 overplayed in 2017? What're we gonna add next, Another One Bites the Dust? - naFrovivuS

? Juju on that Beat - Zay Hilfigerrr & Zayion McCall

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11 Body Like a Back Road - Sam Hunt

The fact that it is on the charts is enough of a reason. - DCfnaf

UGH - growlbunny

And what exactly is this song deserving of existance for, and why is it played every hour on car, store, resturant, etc. radios? - Lucretia

Find me on Wattpad @WriterSoup180

Everyone says this song is AMAZING.

This honestly deserves #1 on the list because it's obnoxious and has no creativity whatsoever.

12 Monsters (Aka Haters)

I LOVE THIS SONG - LisaandLena

13 Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran
14 Bad Things - Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello

Even though it das released on december 2016, it counts, Even though It's a ok song, Its Still overplayed - VideoGamefan5


15 Why - Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina had shown true colours.


16 Play that Song - Train

Train needs to stop making music, this song is so generic and you would hear it at least every hour... - Lucretia

Another lazy-ass and uninspired song that gets overplayed - LoveMusicLoveLife

The band name is Train. How creative. - MinecraftHater

First it was Lean On, then Bad Things, now it's Train. WHEN WILL THEY STOP MAKING UNORIGINAL SONGS. - growlbunny

17 HandClap - Fitz & The Tantrums

MLB Network is using that irritating noise during their nightly highlights show ("QUICK PITCH") all season long. ( YUCK ) Fitz, does NOT make my hands clap. He makes me change the channel and avoid the first minute of Quick Pitch.

Not TOO bad - growlbunny

18 Everyday - Ariana Grande

I actually like this song. The beat is catchy, she sounds good in the song as always, and I like Future's parts even though pretty much all he says throughout the song is everyday. - PerfectlyPink1210

Am I the only one, who actually likes this song?

This song is plain stupid, espically future's retarded verses, what a loser song - VideoGamefan5

19 Ex's & Oh's - Elle King

Not. 2017 song - 1507563

Still plays twice every hour, somtimes even more than Despacito. This list didn't SAY it HAD to be realesed in 2017. It still drives me crazy!

20 I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd

Such a repetitive and overplayed song, Why would anyone want to hear it?

Its Good (Come From A Guy Who Like Most Of The Modern Songs) But Overplayed - Stevenpenguin

It's a good song, But Its really overplayed - VideoGamefan5

Do you know more then 4 words, idiot that wrote this song? - Lucretia

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1. Shape of You - Ed Sheeran
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