Shape of You - Ed Sheeran


To be honest, it's a catchy song with an interesting beat but the lyrics are absolutely horrendous! What happened to Ed with "Thinking Out Loud" and all? The lyrics are just so bland and bleak you don't feel any sort of romance or whatever he was trying to portray across. - skadoosh_007

Imagine how many children out there have listened to this song on radio and have gotten contaminated by it, now they know about sex and what happens in it. They're CHILDREN.

This songs has become cancer. So repetitive and the melody doesn't help at all. The lyrics are also very perverted. How I deal with this is I play U2's "With or Without You" full blast whenever I hear this crap of a song.

I'll admit that I loved this song from the very first time that I heard it on the radio, but after a while it just became too much. It's so overplayed at this point. Anyone would get sick of a tune if it were on every other 10 minutes. - blvnkness

This song is horrible and inappropriate too. Adults love it but my son ended up asking me why Ed's bedsheets smelled like whoever he's talking about in the song...

Not as bad as other pop songs this year (I think "Strip that down" and "Unforgettable" which are by different artists are bad songs). But I think it's too sexual and the beat is annoying. Castle on the hill is better. - Lunala

It comes on the radio, I shout "CRAP", I switched to another station and...the SAME STUPID SONG WAS PLAYING ON ANOTHER STATION! - DCfnaf

Ed Sheeran is a good singer. I thought this was good at first. When I drove to Los Angeles I heard this a total of 20 times on the radio!

It's still a good song though. I would still listen to it voluntarily unlike Stay, Paris, and all those other annoying songs.

I thought this song was okay at first, but then when it started to be overplayed, I started to hate it, and now I think it sucks! - RogerWatersfan1999

One day I heard this song on the radio for the millionth time. Changed the station 3 times... was playing on all 3. TOO MUCH! - cat_f

I've heard this song everywhere in Bulgaria. GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD... - Swellow

I keep playing this song in my head. I can think better with this song when I hear it (seriously) and it's just nice.

I don't hate this song. I still like it. STILL. That's if I don't go insane hearing this every time I turn on a radio. - UltraGamer

I would rather cut off my ears then hear a shape of you montage stuck to my ears for the rest of my life

I die a little inside whenever I hear this song being played

There's not a whole lot of songs I can't stand, but this one takes the cake!

Ed Sheeran is very talented, but I've heard this way too many times. - The01Bro

I like this song, Way too overplayed. - LapisBob

I did a dance to this in my dance class and now I'm OBSESSED

A catchy song but dear lord was it way too overplayed

Great song, I have to admit it's overplayed though

The song is not bad, but it is just so overplayed.

Boring song. Played way to much all the time.

This song is so good if you don't vote for this you will be a dead nut