Most Overrated Led Zeppelin Songs

I'm not disrespecting Led Zeppelin, in fact they're probably my favorite band. I just think that these songs are given perhaps more credit than they deserve. And I'm in no way implying that I don't like these songs because I do. Just not as much as other people seem to.

The Top Ten Most Overrated Led Zeppelin Songs

1 Stairway to Heaven

I vote this list as the worst idea for a top ten list at this site. 99.9% of Led Zeppelin's incredible music sounds BETTER as time passes. Can't say that about most rock (or any) music.

Nah. I think you should be saying this to Worst Led Zeppelin songs. - MontyPython

Amazing song and one of Zeppelin's best, but it overshadows many of Led Zeppelin's other songs. - MontyPython

This is like, the 20th best Led Zeppelin song, if that. Not even close to the best.

Sorry but I do not like this song - BigBrotherSucks

2 Whole Lotta Love

Very overrated. Not that good of a song. - MrSnuffleupagus

Heartbreaker is a much better song. Plus, this song is a ripoff. - Metarock

This song is a ripoff all of the songs Led Zeppelin Ripped Off should be on this list - christangrant

3 Rock and Roll
4 Since I've Been Loving You

It's good but it actually feels like a drag. - RoverStMuse

This is a ripoff - christangrant

5 Kashmir

I know Stairway to Heaven is much better known, but its popularity is in a better proportion with the quality. At least this song could help me fall asleep. - Alkadikce

I was very upset to not find this at #1. It's mediocre and much longer than it needs to be, and yet it's considered one of the best songs of all time. - Songsta41

It's a bit good, its not mediocre but indeed I think it's the most overrated led zeppelin song

Repetitive, bland, and just downright annoying. - IronSabbathPriest

At least this song is Original - christangrant

6 Achilles Last Stand

This song is actually really overrated. The guitar solo is great, but far from the best Led Zep solo. The vocals aren't loud enough for such a powerhouse song, it doesn't impact me that much. And it goes on for too long. Some people can say the same statement for Stairway, but this is just my opinion. This song is still good though. - MontyPython

I love this song. It's not overrated either. Fairly rated I'd say. - IronSabbathPriest

7 All My Love
8 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

Most of their debut is overrated. - Metarock

Led zeppelin 1 has much more to offer than this my least favorite from the debut, listen to dazed and confused if so want classic zep

Worst song from led zeppelin 1 I'm affraid very sorry but I think its very overblown

9 In My Time of Dying

Classic rock fans, I know you generally like this song. I'm sorry. I hate it. - PositronWildhawk

10 The Song Remains the Same

The Contenders

11 Dazed and Confused
12 When the Levee Breaks

Now this is overrated and yet its called Underrated? I wasn't a big fan of this song its like a poor mans version of Kashmir oh and this is probably Plagerized - christangrant

13 I Can't Quit You Baby
14 Immigrant Song

How is this below In my time of dying and Babe I’m gonna leave you? It got the attention of School of Rock fans, Sheri fans, and Ragnarok fans.

15 Going to California
16 Black Dog

Regarded as one of their finest songs when it’s actually one of the worst. Whole Lotta love may be a little overrated, as well as the forced Since I’ve been loving you, but not at the same level as Black dog is.

17 Fool in the Rain
18 In the Evening
19 Good Times Bad Times
20 The Lemon Song

I'm adding all the songs they ripped off because those are their most overrated songs which means all of them are more overrated than Kashmir is - christangrant

21 Communication Breakdown
22 The Battle of Evermore

Going to add the whole album of LZ IV - christangrant

23 Four Sticks
24 Misty Mountain Hop
25 You Shook Me
26 How Many More Times
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