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21 Hugo Hugo

This was a forgettable movie

22 Chicago Chicago

Worst best picture winner ever

Lol as someone from chicago this movie sucks!

23 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This movie deserves the praise it gets. Those bored with it can go back to their precious prequels.

It didn't win an oscar and I wish it did - Lucasw14

24 A Beautiful Mind A Beautiful Mind

I love Jennifer Connelly as an actress but she shouldn't won an oscar for THAT movie. An overrated movie and not so good in fact.

Lord of the Rings Fellow Ship of the rings deserved that OSCAR! - roblist

Lord of the rings fellow ship of the rings licks balls. it's a best movie ever

25 L.A. Confidential L.A. Confidential

It's supposed to be a film noir genre (in color this one ) but even the " not best " film noir of the forties is better than this one. Kim Bassinger ( although a very talented actress ) doesn't has that forties film noir femme fatale kind of presence in this movie. If you like the film noir genre go for the real thing ( any movie will do ) but you can easely skip this one. Too overrated!

It's not what's it's all cracked up to be.

26 Gosford Park Gosford Park
27 Crash Crash
28 The English Patient The English Patient

This an awful boring and soulless film

29 Shakespeare In Love Shakespeare In Love

Really, the picked this crap over saving private Ryan! You got to be kidding me! Needs to be number 1!

30 Argo Argo
31 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest V 1 Comment
32 Big Hero 6 Big Hero 6

Let me guess: you're bitter because this won and "The Overly-Long Lego Commercial"- sorry, "The Lego Movie"- wasn't even nominated.

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33 Selma Selma
34 Birdman Birdman

This film is liked and disliked by many people. I liked it because Naomi Watts gives a good performance and she's one of my favorite actresses. As for the movie, if you expect an action movie about a superhero ( birdman ) then you will be for sure dissapointed. The movie is more dramatic and is about the flaws and problems of the characters. The camera work is exeptional and the lightning / photography very well done. Maybe overrated for the story ( but it's without a doubt watchable ) but certainly not overrated for the filmtechnique and the actors / actresses acting skills.

I couldn't stand watching this movie,it was so boring,I have no clue why anyone likes this movie.

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35 Back to the Future Back to the Future

How can anyone say that Back to the Future is overrated when it clearly deserves praise?

36 Gravity Gravity

One of the worst movies I have ever seen...and I've seen plenty! I can't believe that there are so many "diamonds" on this list and that was nowhere till now!

37 The Iron Lady The Iron Lady

I can't believe that a movie who nobody cares about can win an oscar. Honestly, who cares about corrupt politicians ( they even didn't show that in this movie and instead they were praising her ). The critics ( who are as usual affraid to write something bad about a movie when Meryl Streep plays in it ) said that this was a movie about the woman behind her political career. In other words they meant ; it's a crap movie but we can't write anything bad about it because Meryl Streep is in it and we have to keep our reputation of serious critics. Get real! Like this is a movie who everybody will talk about in twenty years as a masterpiece!

38 The Avengers The Avengers
39 Iron Man 3 Iron Man 3

This movie is pretty dumb. The Mandarin twist I absolutely hated.

40 Annie Hall Annie Hall

Like every Woody Allen movie overrated! Stupid jokes, boring script, bad acting ( Diane Keaton is so overrated as an actress ). Didn't deserve to win an oscar that year ( 1977 ). Star wars who won an oscar for best music should have won an oscar for best picture if you ask me!

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