Top 10 Most Overrated Things In Music

These are the things in music that people seem to care about, and probably shouldn't. Music is about producing a work of art that sounds good and evokes an emotion. All this other stuff is mindless filler, detrimental to the music, or just a waste of time talking about.

What is not included in this list is specific people, bands, or songs. Those are better left in other lists.

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1 Dancing Ability

Guess what... when listening to the album, I can't see your moves. Who cares if a singer can dance? If I want to hear good music, I'll listen to people who focus on the music. If I want to see someone dance, I'll watch someone who excels at dance. Why bother with someone who is just above average at both? And especially why go to a concert to watch a "singer" who has to lip sync their own songs so they can put on a show?

Dancing should really not matter to the listeners of a band, and that goes any way. It's fine for band members to dance to their music- a tad dorky, but still fine. And if they don't, who cares? It's the musician's choice, and the music that matters.

it used to be stretched-out sax solos lol, stillness is gr8

Dancing doesn't matter. I can't dance, But I don't care.

2 Auto-Tune

Electronic music is being criticised because people in pop and rap have used this to sound like trance. Let me establish the difference. Pop and rap artists are covering up the fact that they never bothered to learn to play a musical instrument or read musical sheets, and so are passing it off as music because a computer can fix the sound. Except that it still sounds like a line of ducklings being crushed by a farting elephant. Electronic artists take their time to create unique sounds which are done by precise control of every electronic wave signal, to make sure it is perfect, and they're often controlling fifty dials and keyboards at once. In short, the latter only takes talent. Autotuning is ridiculous.

I'd rather have autotune over someone WHO CAN'T SING IN THE SLIGHTEST.

Sometimes quite obvious especially songs made by Australian artist, Tones and I in her songs like Dance Monkey and Never Seen the Rain.

I think that it has ruined music. It takes people that cannot sing and make them sound like they can while there are people out there, with real skill that deserve to be singers more than people like Ke$ha and Katy Perry who can't sing. I bet James Hetfield and John Cooper and Till Lindemann do not use Auto-Tune

No, you guys misunderstand. If used correctly (which I have heard various times) then it sounds great! It's a hit or miss type of thing in music. Overall, though, it can be useful. Shouldn't be at #1.

3 Popularity

Only because it's popular doesn't mean it's good

Popularity can be earned very easily nowadays.

4 Sex

All you hear in music is adult themes. The music is no longer safe for children to listen to besides Baby Shark.

this is all people talk about now-a-days... get a hobby and some self-worth!

5 Money

I can't stand it when people are always talking about how much money they have. It is so annoying when these rappers constantly rap about one hundred dollar bills like they can't come up with something else.

6 Fashion

Unless while you are recording the album you're also jogging in place while wearing corduroy pants, I can't tell what your are wearing when I'm listening and in 99.99 of cases, what you wear has zero effect on the quality of the music. (That .01 is for oddball exceptions like the Barenaked Ladies who make it a habit of recording one song per album while in the nude. They say you can usually tell which song it is. )

It doesn't matter what you are wearing. You look great no matter what clothes you have on. That does Not give you a singing ability. Some of the best singers just wear jeans and shirts but they still sing great and look great.

Why waste time and money trying to look like everyone else. It gets you nowhere.

Who cares about fashion its the music that matters.

7 Guitar Hero

Honestly, is there anything worse than someone whose entire body of musical knowledge is limited to the songs from Guitar Hero? True, the game is a great way to introduce the kids of the pop/rap generation to some quality music, but if you are one of those kids, don't assume that this beginner's level course makes you an expert - even if you can beat the song on expert. Expand your horizons a bit. You might be surprised to find that the bands you have come to know from the game actually have other songs, many of which are better than what are in the game. You may also be surprised to find out that in the real world, the quality of guitarists, drummers, singers, etc., extends beyond the ranking system in the game. Who knows, you may even find a decent band or two that isn't even in a Guitar Hero game.

Playing Guitar Hero is fine, even if somebody doesn't want to learn actual guitar. However, that does NOT make you good at guitar or intelligent in the world of music. It is fine if you use Guitar Hero songs as a starting point to like a band, but PLEASE, for any reason, do not call yourself a fan or expert of a band when you have heard one song. In my opinion, there are few more annoying conversations than meeting someone who claims to like Coldplay or whatever music you're into, then your excitement dies when they say they've heard one song on the radio. You have to earn your right to say you are a big fan of a band. At the very least listen to the band, not their one Guitar Hero song.

1. I hate it when people state a band on guitar hero as their favorite band when they only know one song from the band

2. why play a dumb plastic thing with five buttons when their are real guitars which are capable of playing a lot more than what's available on guitar hero?

There is no skill involved in playing guitar hero if you want to impress any one you should learn how to play the guitar for real.

8 Playing Speed

I have multiple friends or people in my class that think their music tastes are superior because the bands play faster. Nothing infuriates me more in music than people looking down on slower music as a whole and thinking "the faster, the better." Who cares how fast a song is? What matters is how good it sounds.

Who cares how many notes per second you can play or how fast you can hit the double bass if it doesn't sound good? If two notes sounds better than ten notes in the same times period, play two.

Speed is a tool to be used with caution. It should only be used at given times to give the music an edge and emotion. Overuse is just noise!

Playing fast just means you have less time to enjoy the music.

9 Labeling Bands as Sell Outs

So you like their earlier stuff and think a band sold out because now their music is different. Guess what... musicians mature, tastes change. Just because you have listened to their first two albums 300 times each doesn't mean that the band has to pamper to you. In fact, you should respect a musician who makes the music they like and could care less what you think.

Honorable mention also to people who automatically label a band as a sell out once they make it on the radio. So their sound may have changed a little bit but it seems to be working pretty well for them. You may have liked their earlier sound more, but considering how popular the band has become and how many people like their new sound, maybe it is your tastes that are off and not everyone else's.

Usually a band progresses and gets better over time, and usually, more experience makes them better, so what is so bad about their latest stuff? Not to mention, if a band becomes popular, are they bad people? No, it just means that you don't have a right to brag about how you "Found your own Band" that plays just for you. At least in your own mind anyway.

Yeah, I hate this kind of thing. They changed, they grew more comfortable to their music. They quit experimenting! When they stop experimenting it may mean they've found their sound so more people can consistently enjoy their music.

If I was in a band and had to play the exact same sound for the rest of my career, I'd probably end up hateing the music I once loved.

Don't get all pissy when bands try something new, if you don't like the sound so be it. Go listen to their old stuff or wait for another new album.

10 Good Looks

Ya,we should all look ugly because it will give us more fans and make our music better.Haha,no.I certainly agree that talent matters more than looks but looks matter too.If you look ugly than nobody will want to listen to you.-LitSavage

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11 Sampling
12 Dance Remixes

So basically, you took an existing song, sped it up a little bit, and put a throbbing bass beat behind it so rhythmically challenged people know when they are supposed to move. No thanks. If the song was any good, I'll stick with the original. If not, you certainly didn't make it any better.

If it ain't broke don't fix it

It's good to remix the worst songs like we built this city but everything else... just no.

many of the remixes often ruins the original song, if it sounds good, don't remix it

13 Being the Influencer

By no means is this meant to be a knock on the trailblazers of music, but the actual music they created does need to be put in perspective. Just because one band influenced another doesn't necessarily mean that the original is always better than the descendant. Just because one musician tutored another doesn't mean that the pupil can never exceed the ability of the teacher. If that were the case, then music would always be heading downhill.

Just because a band is credited with starting a genre doesn't mean that they will always be the greatest band within that genre.

That's a good point you make.

14 Epic Solos

Thanks for the 5 minutes of high pitched wailing on the guitar. I needed a bathroom break anyway. Your display of technical ability may overcome the fact that the noises you are making sound like crap for a few seconds, but please keep it short. If you are going to play good music that fits within the theme of the song, feel free. But if you are going to play for the sake of playing in your 3 minutes of fame, at least make sure there is something interesting on the big screen so I have something to occupy my mind.

What?! If it's not the same thing over and over and you have time to spare, these can be really cool to listen to.

If it sucks then it sucks, if its legend then its legend. But this is not overrated.

15 Vocal Runs

Sure, you can sing all over the place, but can you hold a note?

nowadays... no one can sing anymore:(:(

16 The Whistle Register

Very rarely sounds good. Once again, just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Never impressed me and trashy Mariah Carey's music proves that


Pop music is that one genre that we're all exposed to.It's the one that's brainwashing us to always like it, and possibly even making us stupid

18 Singing High

To say I dislike men singing high is an understatement. If I want to listen to someone singing high, I'll listen to a woman singing high & that woman must have a really great voice.

High pitched male singers for the most part suck. Like Dahvie Vanity, yuck. Tom DeLonge is one of the few good ones along with Mike Posner, because they can sound high pitched without sounding feminine.

Hey, of course not everyone singing high is automatically good, but I always feel like low singing is really boring.

Someone tell every famous singer today that a high pitched vocal doesn't mean it's good singing.


Pretty good, but it's not the best videogame music-wise.


If you're a truly hardcore music fan,

you should know that Um Jammer Lammy objectively has way better music than Parappa 1 (Parappa 2 is a bit more debatable, however)

21 Age

One of the things that can really get on my nerves when a person gives a reason for not liking a band or an artist is this reason right here. This was also something that I heard a lot from Hip Hop or Pop fans. Like sometimes when I ask a person why he or she doesn't like some rapper, the reason that person doesn't like that rapper isn't because there lyrics have no actual meaning to it, which in some cases they surprisingly do, and it's not because they sometimes dress silly, but the reason that person doesn't like the rapper is just because that they're "old". So... Even though there may be another rapper out there who has worst lyrics, you're telling me that he's still a better rapper just because he's not "old"? Doesn't something seem a little weird there?

22 Song Difficulty

To be honest this is somewhat overrated I don't get why it would matter if a song was not that difficult to play if it sounded good.

23 Nostalgia
24 Lyrics
25 Technicality
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