Most Overused Sentences Online


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1 Makes me lose/question my faith in humanity

This absolutely it’s just ridiculous you see this on so many lists. Seriously you are losing faith in humanity just because some crappy music or video game is popular? If so you should probably not be spending time online because yes you will be finding this out on a daily basis better to find another hobby.

Does someone (not) liking a certain music really make you lose your faith in the whole humanity? - Alkadikce

I can't use it honestly. I lost it a few years back. - Cyri

I only used it once in a Fortnite comment - darthvadern

2 Just being sarcastic

Sarcasm doesn't work if you announce it - Alkadikce

3 I was born in the wrong generation.

You could have been born throughout millions of years as an archea, you could have been born thousands of years before your beloved songs came out... - Alkadikce

I was born in the right generation (really why is right viewn as correct and left isn't? Rather say I was born in the left generation) - darthvadern

PAPA FRANKU WAS RIGHT! - YeezySeasonApproaching

4 You must be a teen

Why is teen used as an insult? - Alkadikce

Maybe because most teens nowadays are arrogant and think they are adult and do stupid things? And I am saying that as a teenager - darthvadern

5 Shocking News!
6 Believe in yourself.

Most overused sentence in real life. What advice do you give to beginners? Just believe in yourself. Just don't give up. This is all what people can advise. - Alkadikce

7 This is the best comment I have ever seen.

Maybe one of the best comments from the ones I called best comments. - Alkadikce

*Three years later* Views a new comment

THIS IS DA BEST COMMENT ever MADE! - darthvadern

This one is. - Cyri

8 Go and see a psychologist.

Done and done. - Cyri

If anybody tells Yahoo Answers of Quora about his soul-oriented troubles, he will get an answer like this. - Alkadikce

9 R.I.P.

I think if you truly feel painful over somebody's death, you should not abbreviate this sentence. - Alkadikce

10 This ain't it chief

This is dedicated to Puga? - Userguy44

The Contenders

11 Don't like, don't watch.
12 Who is watching in [insert year]

Who is looking at this list in May 2019? - DrayTopTens

13 Old but gold
14 No u

yes - SamPatTheGreat

15 Did I do that?
16 Oh Yeah Yeah

Why is this even trending? - Userguy44

17 This is so accurate
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