Worst Default Subreddits

Default Subreddits are a bunch of subreddits you are automatically subscribed to when you make a reddit account. There are some of them that are just filled with low quality posts, that rise to the top. Here are some of the worst default subreddits.
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1 /r/funny

Well, the problem with this is that... it's not funny. It is the equivalent of an unfunny Facebook meme page. You have to put in little to no effort to post a popular entry.

2 /r/LifeProTips

Everyone's happy to find "cheat codes" for life. /r/LifeProTips promises them, but unfortunately, the subreddit is filled with stupid "tips" from people who seemingly have never gone outside.

It's pretty much expected. Who would have thought that people like Redditors would actually give good advice?

3 /r/news

These subreddits are filled with racist content (*cough* thetoptens *cough*). The posts that get popular are the conservationist, Islamophobic, anti-Muslim posts. There are also people who argue about this. Overall, they are really racist and sexist. If you want to keep track of the news, download the BBC News app on your phone. Don't go to these subreddits.

4 /r/pics

/r/pics sounds like a great place to see cool pictures. In actuality, you see more boring pictures with sob stories attached than anything. Rarely do the pictures stand for themselves. Normally, it's Facebook-quality content - everyone has to share their weight loss, cancer-beating, or US citizenship pictures to rake in the fake internet points.

5 /r/gaming

The default subreddit for video games, /r/gaming, is a complete mess. Nearly every post is a low-effort meme, "does anyone else remember this game" post, criticism of EA, or a scantily-clad woman in cosplay. It quickly gets old, and game fans will want something more.

6 /r/TwoXChromosomes

An example of a subreddit that should not have been put under default. Originally, this subreddit was intended to discuss women's issues. Since it's been made a default, it has been swarmed by male users who give incorrect advice on women's health issues. Adding to this, a lot of women have been posting radical feminist-type posts, stating why they are better than men, and so on. Overall, it's a big mess.

They hate men and think that girly girls are the most oppressed type of women.

7 /r/Jokes

A subreddit filled with unfunny one-liner puns and jokes that invariably become popular.

8 /r/UpliftingNews

This subreddit was originally intended to be a place where people post news that is uplifting, but the comments in posts are sometimes filled with hate such that many popular threads get locked very soon. It's quite sad.

9 /r/todayilearned

The subreddit /r/TodayILearned (TIL) allows users to share interesting tidbits they recently discovered. Some of it is fascinating, but a lot of it is stupid celebrity worship and dumb "facts" you could find on Wikipedia.

10 /r/GetMotivated

This subreddit, which was made to post motivational material, is filled with a considerable amount of bad wholesome memes. Many posts would have users commenting about how it is not specifically applicable for them, or how they don't find it motivational.

The Contenders
11 r/AskReddit

Filled to the very brim with sex-related "questions" and overall perversion.

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