Top 10 Overweight Video Game Characters

Characters in video games that are massively overweight yet suprisingly some of them are quite agile

The Top Ten

1 Clotho - God of War 2 Clotho - God of War 2

She's a character you just have to see to believe, words can't describe her appearance. - egnomac

2 King Hippo - Punch-Out! King Hippo - Punch-Out! King Hippo is a fictional boxer from Nintendo's Punch-Out!! series. King Hippo first appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System game Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, as the second competitor in the Major Circuit.

King Hippo is so big if you were playing as him it would take up the whole screen he was quite tough in the orginal Punch-Out game he was even toughter in Punch-Out for wii on Title Defense level because of his massive weight once he gets knocked down he won't be getting up. - egnomac

3 Whoppers - Resident Evil 6 Whoppers - Resident Evil 6

Its fitting they would name a massively fat zombie after a Burger King sandwich due to their size they take a lot of heavy ammo to take down and if that weren't enough they even come in bigger sizes the supreme whopper. - egnomac

4 Snorlax - Pokémon Snorlax - Pokémon

One of the heaviest Pokemon ever created Snorlax will block your path and the only way to wake him up is with a Poke Flute. - egnomac

5 E Honda - Street Fighter E Honda - Street Fighter

Surprisingly for a sumo wrestler he's quite agile he can launch himself like a torpedo and even launch himself in the air and dive down on people. - egnomac

6 Bear Hugger - Punch-Out! Bear Hugger - Punch-Out!

Yet another overweight boxer in Punch-Out because of his weight all punches to his gut are usless. - egnomac

7 Bob - Tekken Bob - Tekken
8 Krew - Jak II Krew - Jak II

Due to his massive weight he's lost the ability to walk and flys around in a hover chair even more shocking he has a super hot daughter. - egnomac

9 Rufus - Street Fighter Rufus - Street Fighter
10 Papu Papu - Crash Bandicoot Papu Papu - Crash Bandicoot

The very first boss in the Crash game. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Roadhog - Overwatch Roadhog - Overwatch
12 Doughnut Drake - Uncharted
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