Most Painful Insect Bites and Stings


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1 Bullet Ant

It's like being shot.

Like being shot


Pure Intense Brilliant Pain
Like walking over flaming charcoal with a 3 inch rusty nail grinding in your heel.

2 Warrior Wasp

You are chained in the flow of an active volcano.

3 Velvet Ant

Explosive and long lasting, you sound insane as you scream.
Hot oil from the deep frying spilling over your entire hand.

4 Tarantula Hawk Tarantula Hawk

Blinding, fierce, shockingly electric.
A running hair dryer has been dropped into your bubblebath.

5 Red Paper Wasp

Caustic and burning, with a "distinctly bitter aftertaste".
Like spilling a beaker of hydrochloric acid on a paper cut.

6 Yellow Jacket

Hot and smoky, almost irreverent.
Imagine W.C. Fields extinguishing a cigar with your tongue.

7 Trapjaw Ant

It's instantaneous and excruciating.
As if a rat trap snapped your index fingernail.

8 Asian Giant Hornet

It's like a narrow hot nail being driven into your body.

9 White Faced Bee

It's basically the Bald-Faced Hornet, and its sting is like getting your hand mashed in a revolving door.

If this is the same critter as White-Face or Bald-Face Hornet, it's one of the angriest, nastiest, most persistent little hell hounds on the planet. Piss'em off, and they'll chase you all the way to Hades.

10 Red Fire Ant

This hurts I got bit once when I was little when I accidentally fell on a fire ant hill - flaggy0666

Many people say it's like fire embers landing onto your skin.


It's more like the shock from walking across a shag carpet while reaching for the light switch.

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11 Deer Fly

Imagine someone dropped a cigarette on you while you were biking.

These flies are some of the most annoying, persistent and hurtful flies around.
Never mind a mosquito, these things really cut through skin, and feed on blood like vampires.
Hoping you don't get cursed.

12 Polybia Wasp

This is referring to the Ferocious Polybia Wasp.
Which doesn't come close to the pain of the Fierce Black Polybia Wasp.

Like a trick gone wrong, your butt is a target for a bb-gun.
Bull's Eye!

13 Argentine Harvester Ant

A ferocious pang, and it lasts 12 hours.
Flesh-eating bacteria dissolve your muscles, one by precious one.

14 Honey Bee

I got stung once in summer 2016 it really hurt until I pulled the stinger out and I was sore until the next day where I got stung - flaggy0666

This is a sting we're very familiar about, and it's like a match covered in lye and sulfuric acid landed on your skin and burned it.
But it's not too bad like some of the other insects out there.

Burning, corrosive, but you can handle it.
A flaming match head lands on your arm and is quenched first with lye and then sulfuric acid.

15 Harvester Ant

Bold and unrelenting, Somebody is using a power drill to remove your ingrown toenail.

16 Maricopa Harvester Ant

It's like when you've spent 8 hours using a drill to get rid of your ingrown toenail, and then it got wedged in your toe.

17 Unstable Paper Wasp

Like a dinner guest who stays too long, the pain drones on.
A hot dutch oven lands on your hand and you can't get it off.

18 Fierce Black Polybia Wasp

Like a ritual gone wrong, Satanic.
The gas lamp in the old church explodes in your face when you light it.

19 Giant Paper Wasp

There are "gods", and they do throw their thunderbolts.
Poseidon/Neptune has rammed his trident into your breast.

20 Red-Headed Paper Wasp

Immediate, irrationally intense and unrelenting.
This is the closest you will come to seeing the blue of a flame from within the fire.

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