Top Ten Most Pathetic Reasons Why People Troll on Club Tortimer

This is about the trolls on Club Tortimer (Animal Crossing: New Leaf).

I meet lots of trolls on CT, and I'm not the only one. Just go to Google and type 'Club Tortimer trolls' and you'll find tons of troll stories.

Here are some of the most stupid reasons why people troll on CT.

The Top Ten

1 Because you won't give them your friend code

Sometimes I meet people who ask for my FC as soon as I/they arrive on the island! Once, I met this guy who kept asking for my FC. He trapped me on the island because I wouldn't tell him. Eventually, I managed to get away.

2 You won't give them Bells

Here's a tip:
1) Set the time to night
2) Go to the island
3) Catch the beetles on the palm trees
4) Sell them

3 You have an item they want but you don't give it to them
4 They don't like the way your character looks
5 For fun
6 For no reason

Sometimes a troll will just start on you for no reason.

7 You don't want to answer a question they asked you

Honestly, this has happened to me before. A few months ago, someone on the island started on me just because I wouldn't tell her my age. In the end, she even threatened to error unless I told her. What the heck? I told her to go ahead and error. She did.

8 Because they aren't getting their own way
9 To join in with other trolls
10 They actually think they're better than you
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