Top 10 Most Handsome Idola Cilik

The term "idola cilik" brings back waves of nostalgia for those who grew up watching talented kids rock the stage. But beyond their impressive voices and stage presence, some of these young stars also captured hearts with their adorable smiles and charming looks.
The Top Ten
1 Bagas Dwi Saputra

He is a great boy. No one expected a boy like him to win this competition. God has given him a beautiful voice and a handsome face. He has made his family, friends, and fans proud. God always bless you, Bagas.

He's so handsome, multitalented, always replies to my mentions. Always gives me a smile. Always love him. Stay cool with him. Never change it.

He's a great child, multitalented, so handsome, with a wonderful voice and a good attitude. Blovers always love you. Keep the spirit, Bagas!

2 Rio Stevadit

Mario Stevano Aditya Haling has an angelic voice, and his face is handsome. Perfect! No one can replace him in my heart!

You are always in Rise's heart and never fail to satisfy us. Thanks a lot for your totality.

I'm Rise Indonesia. And I will support and love you, Rio Stevadit.

3 Ozy Ardiansyah

Ozy, you're very handsome! Therefore, you're not perfect, but for me, you are perfect, boys.

4 Halilintar Morgen
5 Chindai Gloria
6 Patton Latuiperissa

Not only handsome, he is also multitalented!

7 Goldi Senna Prabowo

I think Goldi is such a handsome boy, and he has a nice smile and can make us happy when we look at him.

8 Angel Karundeng
9 Difa Ryansyah

You're very handsome. You always smile.

Difa Ryansyah, you are my little brother, and you are handsome.

Handsome boy, cute, and friendly. Love him so much.

10 Cakka Nuraga

Cakka was successful in the past, is now, and will be in the future. He is a multitalented boy, so if I say he is the most handsome boy, that's true. But I prefer to say talented over handsome. I love you.

Cakka is the most awesome person of Idola Cilik ever!

Cakka is the perfect boy! I love him so much! He is handsome and talented too.

The Contenders
11 Gabriel Damanik
12 Gilang Wahyuda Wannartha
13 Alvin Jonathan

I don't know what makes him look so gorgeous. I'm sure he has something big in himself. I love his smile, face, hair, and all.

He's a cool man, handsome, and perfect!

14 Ray Prasetya

He's very handsome, cute, friendly, and multitalented! I love him so much.

15 Deva Ekada

We're DS. Keep calm and always love Deva. He is very nice and handsome! I love you, Deva.

You are so handsome, Deva. Go, go, go!

16 Bastian Bintang Simbolon
17 Alfandy Himawan Bagus Rafli
18 Obiet Panggrahito
19 Debo Andryos
20 Muhammad Ibrahim Fattah
21 Fakhrul Irsyad
22 Josia Simajuntak

Handsome boy in the world! With his handsome voice, you are an angel!

23 Ivan Roy Simanjuntak
24 Nurul Naufal
25 Andriandi Putra Bazoka Ngenge
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