Top 10 Best Idola Cilik Couples

Idola Cilik is more than just a singing competition. It's a platform where blossoming talents come together, forming charming pairs that have both riveted us with their performances and touched our hearts with their camaraderie. Each pair has its own unique charm, be it the magical chemistry that lights up the stage or the harmonious blend of their voices that gives us goosebumps.

You might be fond of a pair because of the way their voices complement each other, creating melodies that still linger in your ears. Or perhaps, it's their on-stage interaction, the evident bond of friendship and mutual respect that really endears them to you. The charming innocence of these young talents, combined with their sheer talent and on-stage chemistry, makes for quite the captivating spectacle.

But who really stands out for you? Which Idola Cilik pair managed to strike that perfect balance between charm, chemistry, and pure talent? Which duos delivered performances that made your heart skip a beat, or left you eagerly anticipating their next appearance?
The Top Ten
1 BaDai (Bagas & Cindai)

BaDai like a sweet couple. Cindai is kindly, beautiful, good person, patient, and more. Bagas is handsome, kindly, patient, and more. ! Like this coupe!

They are is the best...

I love this couple, first time I see this couple Idola Cilik 2013 has over already so I can't see their moments... But keep support Bagas and Cindai... #DifferentMakeUsTogether... Glad to be BaDaiStatic...

Best couple forever... Wish they really get together and no hate between each other and their fans no bully please

2 RiFy (Rio & Ify)

RiFy is the most cute couple. Like Rio be RISE, like Ify be IFc, like Rio dan Ify be RiFy Maniacs. Rify is the best couple.

We are RiFy Maniac, always support Mario Stevano Aditya Haling and Alyssa Saufika Umari. Dare to be slaw

RiFy the best couple!

Rify is cutest couple

3 AlVia (Alvin & Sivia)

I wish it isn't hoacks or something.. In my heart I always imagine that they will be together. They are looking cute..

4 ChelGas (Chelsie & Bagas)

Chelsea's beauty, nicely, kindly, and have beauty voice. Bagas's handsome, nicely, and eum, so WOW! #ChelGasFeverForever

Chelsea bagas! :*:* love you so damn much! Go ChelGas!

I love bagas and chelsea

ChelGas the best couple

5 CaGni (Cakka & Agni)

They are not relationship, just friend. But, they are so sweet and we love them.

One love One Heart, One for All All for One. They look so cute together.

One love One Heart + One for All, All for One = They look so cute together

6 FyEl (Ify & Gabriel)

Paling suka fyel

7 SiViel (Sivia & Gabriel)

Love this perfect couple

Siviel the best perfect couple siviel handsome boy and beautiful girl so you're the best couple

8 CaFy (Cakka & Ify)
9 BaSea (Bagas & Chelsea)
10 DeFy (Debo & Ify)

Couple paling saya suka!

The Contenders
11 DinFa (Dinda & Difa)
12 FaKha (Fatin & Mikha)
13 IvCa (Ivan & Oca)
14 FatMa (Fattah & Salma)
15 GilSha (Gilang & Marsha)
16 CakShil (Cakka & Shilla)

They are is a good couple not just in sing a song. But they have a Relationship outside Idola cilik.

I like them. Because they have a couple in a real life. They have a love. But now they are UnRelationship

They are, are the best couple ever!

17 GiNgel (Gilang Angel)

Hai I'm Givers and I love Gilang Wahyuda Wannartha so much he is my brother, proud of you Lang.

18 Rasha(Rafli-Marsha)

I give my smile for you... Rasha is very amazing couple...

19 CaIk (Cakka & Oik)

Caik is the best couple I know! They are is a romantic couple! I Loved!

They are the cutes couple ever in the world...

The best couple. I like it!

20 DifAngel (Difa-Angel)

Handsome boy and Beautiful girl, Love them so much.

I love them. Cute's boy and cute's girl

My favorite DifAngel.. The best couple

21 AlShill (Alvin & Shilla)
22 YoShil (Rio & Shilla)
23 Dingel (Difa & Angel)

Dingel is the best couple!

24 ShIeL (shilla & Gabriel)
25 OCha (Ozy & Acha)
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