Top Ten Worst People and Characters Named Andrew, Andy, or Drew

While many people and characters who have this name and are perfectly lovely, the first names that come to mind when hearing the name "Andrew" are not often names associated with positive things.

Normally, I don't like to use the internet to put people down, but, seeing as most of these people have either died or been to prison, I believe that this is a situation in which an exception can be made.

Who do you think is the worst? Please add more if you think of any, and be sure to comment!
The Top Ten
1 Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson was an American statesman who served as the seventh President of the United States from 1829 to 1837 . He was born near the end of the colonial era, somewhere near the then-unmarked border between North and South Carolina, into a recently immigrated Scots-Irish farming family of relatively... read more

There's a reason that the mascot for the Democratic Party is a donkey, and it isn't a story of "Ooh, cool, let's have a mascot to show patriotism!" No. It comes from people at the time of Jackson's presidency referring to him as "Jackson the jackass", and, instead of reflecting upon this criticism, he made a jackass his mascot.

He also led "The Trail of Tears," which is as horrible as its name sounds. It essentially involved the genocide of Native Americans, in which they were forced out of their land, treated like trash, and killed. These actions were not the end of the tragedy of the story of Native Americans, as seen in modern society, in which many still live in poverty.

Yeah, he earned that nickname.

2 Andrew Johnson Andrew Johnson was the 17th President of the United States, serving from 1865 to 1869. Johnson became president as he was vice president at the time of the assassination of [Abraham Lincoln].

It was a tight race between the top two, but ultimately, Andrew Johnson won first place for the worst of the Andrews/Andys/Drews due to the way his actions hurt Americans for generations after his presidency.

The United States of America's 17th President, who became president after Lincoln's assassination and was the first president to be impeached, was Andrew Johnson. His presidency involved many policies that caused the Reconstruction era to lack success. Not only did he fail the newly freed African Americans, but he also failed those who had their homes and lives torn apart by the Civil War. The impact of the failures of the Reconstruction era lasted for generations, and the impact of Reconstruction, although less prevalent than it used to be, can still be seen today.

3 Andrew Cunanan Andrew Phillip Cunanan (August 31, 1969 – July 23, 1997) was an American spree killer and serial killer known to have murdered five people during a three-month period in mid-1997 from April 27 to July 15.His victims include Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace and Chicago real estate developer... read more

When a serial killer is in third place, you know that this list has some messed-up people.

While "serial killer" should usually rank higher on a "worst people" list than "U.S. president," Cunanan is in third place because the actions of Jackson and Johnson affected large populations and are still affecting America today. Cunanan's actions have had a smaller-scale effect.

4 Andrew Tate

I felt gross just typing out his name and seeing his photo. He's lucky that he isn't in first place on this list because, despite only coming in fourth, he is terrible.

Crimes aside, T4+3 (I just needed to censor out his name, okay?) has poisoned a large population of boys and men with misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, and toxic masculinity. The 21st century has been the harbinger of so much progress and hope for a more tolerant world, but with platforms being given to guys like T4+3, that hope has diminished.

He speaks about women as though they are objects or animals who need to be tamed, and he speaks about men as if there is only one way to be strong - by being a jerk. Patience, discipline, compassion, and wisdom are signs of strength, not treating other people rudely. Not gratuitously displaying money. Not being closed-minded.

However, these things are all lost to the fans of people like T4+3, and because of this, the virtues of a large population may have suffered irreparable damage. It's quite scary.

5 Prince Andrew

A child molester. Need I say more?

6 Drew Peterson

I had to do some research to find out about this person, but once I had done that research, I almost wished that I hadn't.

I'll give you a brief rundown of the things that most earned him his spot on this list. Peterson is a former police officer and a convicted felon. He murdered his third wife. His fourth wife was 19, while he was 49. This fourth wife has also disappeared and has not been found since 2007. He also attempted to have someone who was prosecuting against him killed.

Yeah, I'm REALLY glad he's in prison.

7 Andrew Wakefield

A discredited physician best known for his anti-vaccination activism. He was also part of "The Lancet MMR autism fraud," which falsely linked vaccines to autism.

While he may not be particularly famous, he helped with the dangerous anti-vax ideology that continues to put many children in danger.

8 Drew Nixon

A former member of the Texas Senate, largely known for a tabloid sex scandal.

9 Drew Pickles

When "at least he isn't a molester" or "at least he isn't a killer" are the best things you can say about this guy, you know he's not great.

While he is a significantly better person than the entries above him, he is still conceited and played a key role in turning Angelica into the bratty, bullying monster that she was.

10 Andy Dick Andrew Roane "Andy" Dick is an American comedian, actor, musician, and television and film producer. Throughout his career, Dick has experienced arrests, legal issues, and controversies. Some of his most offensive moments include indecent exposure, drug intoxication, saying insensitive and racist remarks,... read more
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11 Andrew Carnegie

Despite his philanthropy, Andrew Carnegie was still the head of a monopoly and is partially blamed for the Johnstown flood that killed over 2,000 people, although it is unknown how deserving he is of this blame. However, he is easily the most virtuous person on this list because he worked to fix the problems that he caused. For example, he rebuilt the library that was destroyed in the aforementioned flood.

After writing all that I wrote and reading all that I read about the people much higher on this list, I felt a bit bad about including Carnegie, as he clearly had virtue. He advocated for progressive taxation and urged those who were also wealthy to use their wealth to help others.

Even though he amassed ridiculous amounts of money and didn't work with the workers' unions when he probably should have, he was still, based upon my reading, a pretty good person.

12 Andrew Cuomo
13 Drew Barrymore Drew Blythe Barrymore is an American actress, producer, director, author, model and entrepreneur. She is a member of the Barrymore family of actors, and the granddaughter of John Barrymore. She achieved fame as a child actress with her role in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.
14 Andrew Breitbart
15 Andy Warhol Andy Warhol, born Andrew Warhola (August 6, 1928 – February 22, 1987) was an American artist who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as Pop art. His works explore the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture, and advertising that flourished by the 1960s.
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