Top 10 Ways African Americans are Amazing

If you're African American, then this list is for you.

Here are some amazing traits that most African Americans (and other people of color have). I am not saying that this applies to everyone of color, nor am I saying that none of these apply to white people. I am, however, pointing out the positive traits that the vast majority of colored people have. In this scenario, I do count other nonwhites as African American.

I decided to create this list because even though I'm white, I still believe for the longest time, African Americans and other nonwhites were oppressed (slavery, segregation, getting paid less than whites, getting a harsher sentencing for the same crime as opposed to white people). Since they were, I decided to create a list that pointed out the positive traits that most of them have.

If you're white and disagree with this, just remember that this list was not made for you.

Like I said, some of these traits may apply to white people as well.

Note: These are in no particular order, so some items that are high on this list should be lower and vice versa.
The Top Ten
1 They're really talented at basketball

Uhh... I'm confused, is this list racist or anti-racist? Because the black basketball player is like the biggest non-crime racial stereotype of AAs.

Can you imagine basketball without African Americans? I sure can't.

2 They're funny

Chris Rock, funniest comedian of all time (at least in my opinion)

3 They're intelligent
4 They're friendly
5 They're strong
6 They sing really well
7 They're caring
8 They live life to the fullest
9 Their hair is so unique

While many people may consider their hair to be ugly, I consider it to be unique.

10 They're not as violent as everyone says

According to a website called, the vast majority of crimes are whites committing crimes against other whites. Likewise, most serial killers and mass murderers are young or middle-aged white men. Even if you think that blacks commit more crimes than whites, it's not true. African Americans just get It is not uncommon for people (especially white men) to think that that blacks commit more crime than whites because despite making up only about 13% of the U.S. population, they make up the vast majority of the prison population. This, however, because African Americans get a much harsher punishment than whites for the exact same crime.

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