Top Ten Reasons Why Cats are Better Than Dogs

I've had both and love both. Currently, though, I only have one old and very sweet kitty...
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1 Cats aren't needy

Cats are great pets for busy people. Dogs need a LOT of work, you can only leave them alone for so long, they need exercise, and you have to take them outside to goto the bathroom, so If you're gone for a while, and you leave the dog alone in the house, you're going to have a problem. But if you leave for a while and leave a CAT at home, it knows exactly where to do its business, and it can pretty much entertain itself.
I love both dogs and cats the same, but I think we can all agree cats are easy to take care of. Am I right?

2 Cats have better toilet skills

I agree, my dogs now do it upstairs all the time and had to flush it in the toilet, but got my toilet severely clogged. I've been trying to unclog it, but has not yet, it's embarrassing and scary.

Dogs poop everywhere, and expect you to follow after them, cleaning their dudes up for them. Cats, on the other hand, bury their poop, and never make you see it.

They don't go on your floors (unless their litter box is dirty or they are mad at you, and then only if you really deserve it).

3 Cats don't bark

Some talk to you, but none make as much noise as dogs. In fact, cats seem to like peace and quiet whereas dogs like chaos and mayhem.

Possibly the number one reason I prefer cats. Second would be self-control, but the two are closely related.

This is a big reason I like cats.

4 Cats don't attack your guests

Most likely, a cat will ignore your guest and certainly will not jump them at the door or try to hump them or try to lick them or try to bite them or bark at them. Occasionally, a cat, sensing one of your guests isn't very keen on felines, will try to improve relations with said friend by sitting in his/her lap, but this is for diplomatic purposes only.

Cats are friendly, shy, and curious. They will not scare the crap out of your guests by jumping all over them and drooling everywhere. Cats Rule, Dogs Drool is actually a scientific fact. Look it up.

5 Cats are cuter than dogs

Alright, people, so first, different people have different opinions.
It really depends on this one, if your comparing Tabby's to English bulldogs,
English bulldogs win. If your comparing Scottish fold to Labrador retriever,
The fold will win. Simple.

Finally someone said it! almost every cat breed is cute, but only a few dog breeds are, the most of them is not cute, they have wrinkles all over they face, is that cute?

Face it cats are way cuter than dogs. Dogs on the other hand are only cute when their small cats are cuter any age.

6 Cats don't wake you up at 6 in the morning

True, they don't. They wake you up EARLIER. My cat starts wailing for food around 2-5 am or earlier. They don't bark, but they YOWL, WAIL, HOWL and SCREAM for your attention. in the middle of the night.

My boyfriend's cat is the exception. We'll be in bed peaceful asleep and his cat always jumps on either of us and meows in our faces to be let out between 4-6am Every. Single. Night.

Well, No and yes. My cat woke my mom at 4 o clock but that was a long time ago. Now she stopped. Dogs can wake you up though with a startle by thyre loud barking!

7 Cats purr

Cats only purr when you give them affection. They love you, when I was younger, my cat used to try and scratch me as a kitten because I was rough on her. But I was young then. So NOW I understand you need to be gentle to these precious little adorable things so the don't bite or scratch you. I agree on some of your things about cats are bad but the aren't. They were from Egypt. Gods held them in the highest esteem. I hope your understanding me

The sweet purr of a cat is one of the best reason that cats are a awesome pet while dogs just wag their tail seriously?

8 Cats think hygiene is very important

And they do not deliberately roll around in the most foul thing it can find like mud or feces or something dead and putrefying.

They clean themselves 5+ times a day, only outdoor cats need infrequent baths. Plus wet dog smells horrid, cats don't smell at all (Except their litter box, which ppls bathrooms smell too, so who are you to judge them?)

9 Cats are better at killing

Any creepy, crawly things in your home will be dead once your cat is on to it. Dogs can't catch spiders or moths or roaches.

I like cats, but dogs are extremely strong and much bigger, which naturally makes them better at killing.

My cat and I make a great team. I set the trap, she kills the mouse.

10 Cats are less violent

Cats do have claws but they just have little cuts. Dogs can actually kill humans. If you have played Call of Duty Black Ops 1,2
And Ghosts you'll see that they are killstreaks that kill the other players.

Dogs way more often wreck household items than cats do. But cats do also do it sometimes.

Depends on the cat, really. There are a lot of sweet cats and lots of hostile ones.

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11 Cats will bring you gifts

Cats like to bring its co-habitator tokens of affection like a dead rodent or bird. The only thing a dog will bring you is something you threw for him to go get in the first place.

My cat brought us a dead mouse from the basement. Ha, ha...

12 Cats are entertaining

You can watch a cat play or try to catch something like a laser beam; the cat will perform for as long as it deems necessary. With dogs, on the other hand, once they catch you watching them, then they are all up in your face wanting you to join in. It's like going to a show and the obnoxious performer tries to drag you on stage to do something assinine.

I never thought about it, but this is true.

13 Cats don't need to be walked

I have the worst dog ever. I was trying to walk her and she wouldn't go b/c she was afraid of the garbage truck, and then after it left I went for like five minutes and then she went number two. She wanted to go back then b/c she was scared but the poop bag had a hole in it but she wouldn't go back so that I could clean up the poo that was in the middle of the road. Then I brought her back the house and I was, like, fuming. Then I went and cleaned up the poo and I was, like, totally embarrassed. I will never walk her again!

14 Cats are discriminating

I don't know which I prefer, cats or dogs, but I will say here that dogs are more social animals. I did at one point have three of each, before one of my dogs died five months ago. The night before his death, one of my other dogs, I think, was first to know he was dying. And she gave him her bed, and despite the fact that he threw up on her a few times, she didn't respond dramatically, and just licked him clean. She did all what she could for him, and was, of course, devastated the next day; she stopped eating for a few days afterwards. My cats, although they noticed his abscence, did not appear emotionally affected. They carried on. That's why, in terms of social behaviour, I prefer dogs.

15 Cat's rule the internet

Cats rule the internet, because all the dog people are outside with their dogs, while all the cat people are inside on the internet.

Cats ruel the internet to memes to funny videos to vines all ads up to being the ruler of the interwebs. And there is also trolling the cats which preety much counts as funny videos

Grumpy cat little bub you name it a cat rules it.

16 Cats are trustworthy

They are more trustworthy to be left alone than a dog. They are also very loyal once you get their trust. One of my cats tried to bite me and the second I said "No" my other cat, who was watching the whole time, ran over and attacked the one that tried to bite me, which happened to be her sister. Her sister never tried to bite me again.

You can leave your cat in the house when you are out and pretty much guarantee it won't have wrecked the place when you return, including kittens!

I found a cat outside once, it hissed at me and then my own cat came and attacked it. Definitely trustworthy.

17 Cats have pleasant noises, unlike dogs.

What, are you saying that the pig like grunts my dog makes isn't cute?!

18 Cats don't turn on their co-habitators

Ever hear of a cat murdering its owner or mauling some little child? No, you haven't, which is why letting a cat live with you doesn't make your homeowner's insurance go up.

Sure right about that! Cats are more nice!

Cats are better then dogs in all ways so yeah dogs are slobbery aliens

Cats rule dogs drool

19 Cats do not chase people who are walking, running, or riding a bicycle
20 Cats are more dignified than dogs

Ever saw a cat beg for affection?

21 Cats care
22 Cats are funnier
23 Cats are cheaper
24 Cats save lives
25 Cats don't try to kill you when you walk in the doorway
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