Top 10 Mythical Creatures You Would Want as a Pet

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1 Dragon A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures.

I truly wish dragons were real. If they were, I would probably own one. Who doesn't want an oversized fire-breathing dog?

I have a fire one. His name is Flames. He controls all the fire in the universe. He drinks lava but is allergic to water. He eats spicy food. Flames is very red and has sequins all over. He is also very friendly and loves kids but has a terrible temper. He's never set me on fire. He protects me.

Your pet dragon must be supplied with a hot bowl of lava at all times. They must be supplied with spicy food when hungry. Allow them to fly in a large field for exercise to prevent them from forgetting how to fly.

2 Phoenix A mythical bird from Greek mythology, the Phoenix is said to burst into flames upon death and be reborn from its ashes. Often associated with themes of rebirth and immortality, it is traditionally depicted as a large, colorful bird with a melodious song.

My mom and dad are nurses, so we could use its healing tears to heal the world! We'd have to fireproof a lot of stuff, and I don't think that would be easy.

Okay, come on. An immortal pet? That sounds sick! It can grow in size since it's just fire, can revive you from poison, and can kill your enemies! Bisexual vibes.

It would revive me over and over again and cook BBQ for me daily for lunch and dinner! I got to fireproof some of my stuff, though.

3 Griffin

Definitely. I have one named Griffy, and he makes sure that nobody, and I mean nobody, gets into my dorm at Hogwarts. One time, my friend tried to get into my dorm, saying he needed to borrow something from me. For some reason, he wasn't at Charms class the next day.

Oh yes, I have one, very interesting, name is Griffindor. Though, he freaks out the neighbors.

I can understand why Sheldon Cooper wanted one.

4 Pegasus

Lol, I'd adopt one for my sister. She loves ponies, unicorns, and Pegasus. (However, I think Pegasus and unicorns are the same thing to her.) Anyway, we'd fly it around the world. I feel like this should be at least number two, and that number one should be the phoenix... *actually uses phoenix down to revive Aerith in Final Fantasy Seven.*

Love them. I have one named Cloudy. She is so sweet, but she is kind of disobedient. Anyways, she's just a baby.

Ok, seriously, you can ride this thing anywhere! I love riding, which is a major bonus for me.

5 Hippogriff

Let me explain. If this were a coolness contest, this creature might be a little lower. But remember, this is a poll to see which magical creature you would want as your pet. The hippogriff is an incredibly powerful and loyal beast if you earn its trust, and if you play your cards right, you might just become its friend.

The hippogriff does not take much care, for it's an independent creature. The hippogriff needs to be respected, or else it will not respect you. If you earn its trust, the hippogriff will get you out of any situation you can think of. P.S: The hippogriff isn't just from Harry Potter.

6 Nine-Tailed Fox

I have one of these! Her name is Shard, and she sleeps a lot. If you're thinking about getting one of these, I would absolutely advise it! My fox is a snow fox, so she sleeps in cold places mostly. If you get one, make sure you have a place for them to sleep. If it's too cold or too hot, they won't be happy. And that might equal you missing a few fingers.

I think we all know that it isn't real, but I still adore how amazingly cute these things can be! (Also, it's called a kitsune or a nine-tailed fox.)

Although they can be very annoying and even malevolent tricksters, once you get to know and befriend one, they can become the most loyal of friends, guardians, and even lovers. Even though their morality is different from a human's, as long as you respect them and give them freedom, they will be very kind in return.

7 Jackalope

It's sweet and would be fun to draw, animate, etc., in any style. It is cuddly and could not hurt you. Also, it is very majestic and loyal. Pansexual vibes mixed with genderfluid.

An adorable bunny with antlers... who wouldn't want one?

My two favorite animals: bunnies and deer! So cute!

8 Hydra

If I had a pet hydra, I would bring it to all my family gatherings so each head could keep an eye out on the bad things that my cousins do in different areas of the house! Then there's absolutely no way that I can get in trouble for nothing!

Because who doesn't want to cuddle one of the spawns of Satan? Just look at it. I want one. It can kill people I hate, and I ride around on it and look down on people as they run around screaming. I want a hydra.

This thing is pretty much undefeatable. You can eat one of its heads when you're hungry, and it will grow right back. And it breathes poison, so if anyone or anything tries to harm you, it will kill it. It's amazing!

9 Unicorn The unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a pure-white horse-like beast with a large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead

Gotta love the unicorns. Too bad they were off frolicking while Noah was putting the animals in the ark. That's the real reason they're extinct.

I love unicorns. Some people think unicorns are ugly, but they are beautiful. Also, there is a rumor a few unicorns snuck onto the ark.

Magical horse with healing powers. Normal horses are already great, a magical horse is awesome.

10 Hippocampus

I am obsessed with the Hippocampus. It's such a beautiful sea creature.

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11 Kitsune In Japanese mythology and folklore, Kitsune is often depicted as a trickster and a mischievous creature that enjoys playing pranks on humans.

When I think of kitsune, I think of an amazing book I read, and the kitsune were awesome (well, one in particular). But the king/queen (I think they're non-binary) was terrifying!

COUGH. Look at that face. Now replace the face with a corgi's face. Have I convinced you yet? Trans vibes.

12 Cerberus

I have him. He is a lot like a normal dog. I have a lot of fun playing with him! Yes, I run him to the park and on walks. I have to give each of his three heads a separate meal, though.

Three heads... how would you take him for a walk? Put a leash on each head?

After that experience, I don't know if I want one...

13 Satan

Why would you not have the devil himself?

14 Minotaur
15 Hell Hound
16 Alicorn

Why does no one like this? It is beautiful, awesome, and well, everything. I love it!

Technically called a winged unicorn, alicorn was just a name MLP came up with, still works, however.

Such cool animals, and they are depicted as intelligent and rare creatures.

17 Basilisk

Any anti-venom injection for this monster? Looks like I've to get a Phoenix in addition if I ever wanted this. But I'm not a big risk-taker. Sorry, Basilisk.

This thing is so cool, though. I find it would be helpful in a way? I don't know, it just looks really sly and cunning, and I like it.

18 Manticore

I love Manticores! They're one of my favorite mythological creatures.

Not as good as a griffin, but still worthwhile.

19 Centaur A centaur, or occasionally hippocentaur, is a mythological creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse.
20 Siren

Actually, I have several. I have an entire chorus: Maria, Leighlah, Kaitlyn, and Sabrina. They've messed up 12 boats so far, including the Titanic.

Only if she looks as attractive as Lily Cole.

21 Amphitere

Wonderful, so beautiful and majestic. Like a sea serpent in the air.

22 Gorgon

Who would want Medusa as a pet? Wow.

Actually, I would like her head as a pet because I could make someone turn to stone.

23 Wyvern

Much easier to keep than a dragon. Dragons are almost like beings. They are actually far more intelligent than we could ever be. But wyverns, on the other hand, are much more animal-like. They aren't stupid but don't reach dragon- or even human intelligence, so they could be pets.

A lot like a dragon, but it has a cooler name: Wyvern. I would ride it everywhere. So what if you have a million eyes staring at you every millimeter you take? So what if people never want to visit your house again? I am still looking into one. Right now.

24 Leviathan

Lots of myths actually depict them as whale-like creatures. They're used as living submarines.

25 Tenome

YES, my own personal bodyguard!

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