Top Ten PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal Rivalries

The Top Ten

1 Rachet & Clank Vs Jak & Daxter

This was the rivalry everyone wanted since 2002, the 2 PS2 duos finally fighting each other, and its about time too

2 Big Daddy Vs Sackboy
3 Kratos Vs Sweet Tooth
4 Toro Inoue Vs Heihachi Mishima
5 Issac Clark Vs Zeus
6 Spike Vs Parappa
7 Nathan Drake Vs Sly Cooper

Hos going to get the treasure from eem fat princess

8 Evil Cole MacGrath

They should have put evil cole rivalry as good cole red vs blue awesome

9 Dante Vs Narkio
10 Colonel Radec Vs Sir Daniel

The Contenders

11 Cole Vs Evil Cole
12 Cole vs Raiden
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