Top 10 Best Tree World Critters

Tree World is a game filled with fantastical creatures known as critters. Each critter has its unique personality and features, sparking excitement among players like you, who seek to discover, collect, and trade them.

The traits that define a good Tree World critter can vary based on personal preferences. Some players value aesthetics, falling in love with the critter's appearance, whether it's adorable, majestic, or downright quirky. Others may be more inclined to look at the abilities and functionalities of the critters, like their ability to generate tree food, a vital resource in the game. Then there are the legendary or rare critters that can be the crowning jewels of a collection, often desired for their exclusivity.

From trading possibilities to leveling up, each critter adds a layer of strategy, engagement, and enjoyment to the game. Some critters can be instrumental in achieving success in different game challenges, while others may just bring a smile to your face with their charming animations.
The Top Ten
1 Morp

Morp is awesome from the game Eat Eat Hooray. He loves every single kind of food except for wine, so it's very easy to put him on your tree. He is also super cute! He sleeps so adorably, and he eats so cutely. He's just adorable. Why is he only a Legendary critter? He needs to be limited!

I don't have a Morp, but my friend does on her tree. I wish I had one. I will trade an Easton Phoenix for anyone who wants it. Please, I really, really, really want a Morp! My tree world name is Pink Princess 101.

Please add me, user: Eeveefan67.

I want a Morp so badly! Please! I will be your best friend, please! I will trade you a legendary.

2 Flying Narwhal

Narwhals, Narwhals, swimming in the ocean... Making a commotion... Because they are so awesome! He's the best limited critter! You got to like love him. He's adorable. He's a unicorn whale!

He is better and rarer than Morp+. Freedom Willy should be on the list.

3 Jackalope

I love Jackalope so much... he's the best mythical Tree World critter. He's like an adorable bunny with antlers. He hops around so cute, and he is the cutest Tree World critter. Nobody is cuter than Jackalope!

Jackalope is so cute! I like how it is two animals together: a rabbit and deer.

Very cute. I wish I had a pet Jackalope in real life. I have seven Jackalopes on my tree. I want to get a Flying Narwhal though. Anybody wanna trade? Comment above, and I'll give my username.

4 Kappa

Kappa is awesome! I traded my Level 4 Flappy for this one level 1 Kappa because I was Kappa desperate. It's just so cute! Look at it! It's like a little turtle bird or something. I love Kappa! Kappa, Kappa, Kappa!

Kappa is a Japanese mythical creature. It's just so cute with the little water spout in its head. You must love it so much. I love it so much.

5 Worry Bear

Worry Bear is worried that he'll never make it higher on this list... Vote Worry Bear so he is happy! Be a Care Bear!

Look at it, I mean, just look. It's so freakishly cute. Best Paul Frank critter ever!

He gives a lot of tree food but wants to have more.

6 Pandacorn

Pandacorn is a unicorn panda! Come on, it is adorable and limited. Love Pandacorn! He is so hard to get because everyone who gets one keeps it forever and never trades it. Pandacorn is awesome!

Pandacorn should be number one. It's a combination of the two best animals in the world: Unicorn and Panda.

Can somebody please trade me a Pandacorn? My tree is FunnyLadybug. Thanks.

7 Ghostie

Been trying to get one! They're awesome!

8 Kraken

Like an adorable pink squid. Someone offered me a Flying Narwhal and a Platypus for it, and I still said no because I love Kraken so much! Best critter ever!

This is fun! It needs to be like a flower. That's the only difference.

9 Snuckling

Snuckling is the very best Rare critter. Better than Sphinx, better than Axolotl, better than all those Rare critters! When you see Snuckling, you just want it on your tree immediately! It's a cute yellow snake with a beak. It slithers so cute. Snuckling is so amazing! You gotta love it!

10 Chinese Dragon

I have it on my tree by a Kappa, and it looks like it's drinking Kappa's brain, laugh out loud. So tough looking. Why is Cobrahawk above it? Love this dragon! Better than Green Dragon, Purple Dragon, and even Happy Dragon!

Based on a real Chinese Dragon.

Love it so much. I wish I had one. Username: Eeveefan67.
Add me, please!

The Contenders
11 Licky

It gives you so much tree food. I will trade a kappa for a level 1 one. My username is louistheloo.

It's so cute. I want it so much. Now I know why it is called Licky because it pops its tongue out.

12 Cobrahawk

Cobrahawk is amazing. It's a very popular Legendary critter. It can fly, and it's a snake, and it's the coolest-looking critter.

I have one Cobra Hawk, and it is the best.

13 Party Pegasus
14 Frumpy
15 Merbunny
16 Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant is the BEST critter. It gives 4002 every 2 hrs at Max level, and a yeti only gives 2889 in hours at Max level. You can get Pink Elephant at the market, and it costs half of a mudskipper. Pink Elephant is unique and funny too. I really needed one, so I traded with people for limited critters, but all got rejected. 🙁

I just need it right now. Please let me trade it if you have it.

Pink Elephant is a lot better than LICKY, PANDACORN, and MORP combined!

17 Chimera

I have got two of him at level four.

18 Skull Imp
19 Julius
20 Sheree

She is the best at giving you tree food. Get her, and you will see she is the best.

21 Kirin
22 Rock Runner

It is so cute, and I love it. I got it from the critter capsule!

I have one, so if you want one, check me out at Cool Tree Lady.

23 Armor Tortoise

Gives you millions each day on level four.

24 Busy Rabbit
25 Merlion
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