Best Tree World Critters

The Mobile app Tree World is filled with amazingly cute critters... which are the best?
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1 Morp

Morp is awesome from the game Eat Eat Hooray. He loves every single kind of food except for vine so it's very easy to put him on your tree. He is also SUPER CUTE! He sleeps so adorable and he eats so cute he's just adorable and why is he only a Legendary critter? He needs to be LIMITED!

Morp is so much better than all the ones below him I hope he never gets lower on this list.

Flying Narwhal is a flipping ugly whale with a stick poking out of his face. Jackalope is a weird reindeer bunny, Kraken is some kind of weird pink squid, Snuckling looks like a slimy banana, Kappa, YEESH, Kappa is SO UGLY in real life, Leafling is okay but not better than Morp, Worry Bear, why is Worry Bear even in the top ten? Cobrahawk is pretty cool... and Chinese Dragon is really great as well.
List should be like this
1. Morp
2. Pandacorn
3. Chimera
4. Cobrahawk
5. Party Pegasus
6. Chinese Dragon
7. Ghostie
8. Yeti
9. Nine Tailed Fox
10. Froggy

Morp is the cutest blue lil' whale ever!

2 Flying Narwhal

When it's the time whales fly!

He is better and rarer than morp+ freedom willy should be on the list

3 Jackalope

I love Jackalope so much... he's the best mythical Tree World critter. He's like an adorable bunny with antlers he hops around so cute and he is the cutest Tree World critter nobody is cuter than Jackalope!

Very cute I wish I had a pet Jackalope in real life I have seven Jackalopes on my tree I want to get a Flying Narwhal though anybody wanna trade? Comment above and I give my username.

4 Leafling

Looks like a cute baby leaf raccoon.

I have now got a leafing

5 Kappa

Kappa is a Japanese mythical creature it's just so cute with the little water spout in its head you must love it so much I love it so much.

Funny and has a beak!

6 Worry Bear

Worry Bear is worried that he'll never make it higher on this list... Vote Worry Bear so he is happy! BE A CARE BEAR!

Sad but cute brown bear!

7 Pandacorn

Pandacorn is a unicorn panda! Come on, it is adorable and limited. Love Pandacorn! He is so hard to get because everyone who gets one keeps it forever and never trades it. Pandacorn is AWESOME!

Pandacorn should be number one? It's a combination of the two best animals in the world: Unicorn and Panda.

Cute unicorn panda!

8 Ghostie

Been trying to get one! They're awesome!

I love ghosts!

9 Kraken

This is fun! It needs to like flower is the only difference.

10 Snuckling

Snuckling is the very best Rare critter. Better than Sphinx, better than Axolotl, better than all those Rare critters! When you see Snuckling you just want it on you tree IMMEDIATELY! It's a cute yellow snake with a beak it slithers so cute Snuckling is SO AMAZING! You gotta LURVE IT!

The Contenders
11 Chinese Dragon

Based on a real Chinese Dragon.

12 Licky

Is so cute want it so much Now I know why it is called picky because it pops it's tongue out

13 Cobrahawk

Cobrahawk is amazing, it's a very popular Legendary critter it can fly and it's a snake and it's the coolest looking critter.

14 Party Pegasus
15 Frumpy
16 Merbunny
17 Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant is the BEST critter. It gives 4002 every 2 hrs at Max level and a yeti only gives 2889 in hrs at Max level. You can get Pink Elephant at the market and it costs half of mudskipper. Pink Elephant is unique and funny too. I really needed one so I traded with people for limited critters but all got rejected­čÖü

I just need it right now. Please let me trade it if you have it.

Pink Elephant is a lot better than

18 Chimera
19 Skull Imp
20 Chery
21 Julius
22 Sherry

She is the best at giving you tree food get her and you will see she is the best

23 Kirin
24 Rock Runner

It is so cute and I love it. I got it from the critter capsule!

25 Armor Tortoise
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