Dumbest Reasons Not to Buy a PlayStation 4

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1 It was released in 2013. 13 is the number of bad luck. If I buy it now, I'll have bad luck when I play. Therefore I will always lose.

Haha! I laughed a lot when I read this item! Cool list, although I've seen this b4... Bye, Gott segne!

That's just rediculous this is a bunch of crap.My dad has the PS4 and he is having the time of his life with it.

If you were born on friday the 13,that makes the bad luck increase SHOTS FIRED

2 All of my friends will buy Xbox One

So what? Buy the console you'll have more fun with. Screw your friends opinion about it.

All of your friends need to know what life is.

Tell your friends to buy ps4 so you can play this and your friend will play boring Xbox 1

3 Portal 3 hasn't been released yet
4 If I buy it someone will steal it from me

That's just crazy. Don't be silly! Haha!

5 I can't play my games from previous consoles

Try playing them in your previous consoles. If you ever heard that when you buy a PS4 your PS1, 2 and 3 explode then I'll tell you friend, it's a myth.

What if said games are for an Xbox?

Some ps2 games are on it

6 It's black. Black's the colour of death.

Try painting it in your favourite colour!

Just paint it yourself

7 It's almost a PS3

Do you know the difference between a duck and a penguin?

PlayStation 3 is awesome.

8 There are no Mario games for PS4

How about this. Get a 3DS AND a PS4. Now you have an on the go system with your Marios and Zeldas, and a powerful, next gen home console with great graphics and mature games. THERE!

Mario games are only on Nintendo. Not any PlayStation or Xbox consles.

9 Chuck Norris doesn't play it

So what what I do for it

10 It's Playstation 4. Playstation for what?

It's hard to find more reasons.

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11 It's too expensive

I said "Dumbest" reasons. This is a very acceptable one.

12 Well, it basically sucks
13 I don't have the money
14 I hate the color black, and the console and controllers are black

The Xbox One is also black. You can always get a white PS4 too.

15 The controllers are too brittle

I've broken two in a 8-month span and I'm a weakling.

16 No Zelda games
17 Batman: Arkham Knight is hard
18 Half Life 4 hasn't released yet
19 The Xbox has the letter X in it
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