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1 Lapras

its amazing in my playthroughs that lapras was in the game I always had one in my team its always been in my top 10 favorites and its always the tank of my team

How is Glaceon number 1 instead of Lapras? Lapras is based off the Loch Ness monster and has a great design. It's Water/Ice typing is awesome and it is so love able. Seriously though, Lapras outclasses Glaceon in every aspect. Why is Lapras not in 1st?

Lapras was my favorite since I was a kid. I really likes its appearance and stats. High HP, Ice Type and two 1 hit K. O moves - Sheer Cold and Perish Song. It is Very Cute yet a Formidable Pokemon in battles. A Pokemon which is worth keeping in your team for.

My surfing buddy. A friendly reliable sweet cunning DRAGON TAMER. Laugh out loud. It's great defenses is a win and its always a sweeper in the game. It was my first pokemon ever that I taught surf to and will always be my team maker. (Ps) mine is purple

2 Glaceon Glaceon, known in Japan as Glacia, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Yay! I absolutely love Glaceon! It's strong, easy to get and beautiful! In Pokémon Moon, I evolved my level 36 Eevee into a Glaceon and she kind of stole my heart a little. Because I chose Popplio, fighting grass types was tricky for me. But when I got her, all grass-types were a breeze to fight. They would all be knocked out in only one or two hits. She really helped my team! Also, Glaceon are beautiful. They have this very mythical look. Because of it's power and beauty, Glaceon totally deserves this number #2 spot. Vote for Glaceon!

I've loved Pokemon for 3 years now and glaceon has always been my favourite. She is beautiful, strong and graceful. Seriously what more could you want from an ice type! How is lapras first, it's a big blue blob of lumpy old turtle with a gray slab on it's back. I mean is a great Pokemon and ice type, but face it, glaceon is just better. Glaceon is the best and should be first not 2nd.

No. It's not because of the appearance at all.

The statistics speak for themselves. With the correct moveset, you can easily use Glaceon to beat almost anyone. Learn Hail and Blizzard. Also, use EVs (and/or Super Training for 6th gen) for health/speed. It takes care of those weaknesses. Their sp. attack is incredibly high, so this will enhance the Blizzard even further. Hail makes it hit every time. The two others are purely strategic, making this Pokémon even more dexterous and flexible according to your own tactics.
It will be slow at first, but using the EVs will speed it up and it will be more durable. It's HP is initially weak, however with its great defense and the EVs, it will become better with time. It will always die out relatively easily, HOWEVER it will probably win faster than it will die.

Yes, ice types do have the disadvantages as everyone knows. But you can use the several berries for Super Effective moves, or just give it a good berry that it ...more

One time in Pokemon white 2, I was training an eevee at night to become an umbreon, I forgot about the fact that I was in the blizzard near the ice stone so when it evolved, it was a glaceon, at first I was disappointed but in the elite 4 it was my strongest Pokemon, never had I used a revive on it... it's strong and cute, and my eevee was a female...

3 Articuno Articuno, known in Japan as Freezer, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Honestly This has been my favorite pokemon For ever this was my 1st legendary I ever saw and it just looks so cool it has good Stats When I caught it in blue I was so happy and red it was honestly the best thing I've ever had in my life Like this bird is cooler then zapdos and moltres Moltres is my least favorite legendary bird zapdos is Pretty cool but not as articuno I just love the design its nice and simple but it looks better then advanced ones like zapdos its just really has a place for my heart.

I love love LOVE birds, and especially Articuno, for it looks like an eagle. My friends say I like it only because it's a legendary Pokemon, but that's not true. If it wasn't a legendary I would love it just as much. The attacks are great, and the design, I think, is even better. Moltres looks like a stork and Zapdos looks like a songbird with zig-zag wings. To end it all, Articuno is my favorite ice Pokemon.

Why is Articuno 3rd? It should 1ST! It is the most powerful of the legendary birds and the only Pokemon in the entire game that can legitimately learn Mind Reader + Sheer Cold! And Sheer Cold is the only OHKO move in the game that can't be resisted! It also has decent type resistances for an Ice-Type and can even take down Mewtwo with Signal Beam in Pokemon Showdown!

I'm sorry but when it comes to ice-type pokemon, nothing beats Articuno. Base stats aren't everything. You also need to consider other factors such as type, appearance, history, strengths, weaknesses etc. to consider the true value of pokemon. I say this because some consider Kyurem as the best ice-type pokemon due to higher base stats. Nothing beats the original kanto pokemon.

4 Froslass Froslass, known in Japan as Yukimenoko, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Why isn't Froslass number one?
Not only can it set up Spikes (egg move) it can also be a really good setup or suicide lead. It gets access to Destiny Bond, Will-O-Wisp, and Confuse Ray. If you have some HP left you could also teach it Substitute and troll away! It's incredibly fast and has 3 resistances and 2 immunities, pretty good for ice types. Really cool typing too. I have a Shiny Froslass and it WRECKS everything! Best Ice Type.

Amazing designs...and 2 types...what can we ask for more? Well move set is god tier. Draining kiss, Shadow ball, Destiny bond and any ice type move u wish. Draining kiss for hp steal, destiny bond against an unstoppable foe, Shadow ball for a strong ghost type move that can lower sp.definitely, and ice type move like blizzard for insane dmg...she freezes prey up for a damn display, what beats that?!?!?

Cursed Body+Focus Sash can disable enemies super effective moves, while you set up Spikes and then, next turn, you can just use Destiny Bond and take down one of your opponents Pokemon while getting spikes down. Probably the best Spikes user in UU.

Froslass is awesome! Great learn set, a BoltBeam (Thunderbolt and Ice Beam) user AND a ghost type! The type combination is awesome and Shadow Ball is great! It sweeps at least one member of every E4 it's in (based on their specialized type).

5 Weavile

Weavile has good Speed and Attack and a decent move-pool to compliment it, such as a STAB Icicle Crash, though the accuracy hurts a little, and Knock Off, as well as some coverage through Low Kick / Poison Jab or priority in Ice Shard. Slap on a Life Orb and it's an amazing revenge killer, that being said, with a 4x weakness to fighting as well as a weakness to Stealth Rock it doesn't do much more than that. Both these weaknesses are common among ice-types though.

Pisskaa! This guy is crazy fast, a powerful sweeper, and can easily outspend it's weaknesses. Suffers a bit from bulky rock types though.

I can't believe how under appreciated weavile is. With 125 attack and speed and an unexpecting move pool. Very few things can switch in on weavile and not be severely damaged or most likely ko'd. I keep one on nearly every competitive team I have. It always sweeps through the elite 4 as well. Weavile deserves to be in the top 5 at least. Speaking he is amount dark types.

Ya! He rocks in online battles too because nowadays everyone has been using some killer dragon type (Ex. Dragonite, Salamence, Hydreigon, Latios etc.) kill them with this guy (If dragonite suvives a hit him em with Ice Shard)

He also looks cool and also kills fast sweepers like Gengar, Alakazam
Also say good-bye to Garchomp

6 Kyurem Kyurem, known in Japan as the same name, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Kyurem didn't just break the record but also the ICE! It has the powers of BOTH Reshiram and Zekrom. Lapras has a stat total of 535, Glaceon: 525, Froslass: 480, Articuno: 580 and mamoswine: 530, nothing close to Kyurem's 660 stat total. In a battle with all five of them, Kyurem could turn white and freeze them (ALL of them) into an ice statue so Kyurem is the winner. In fact Kyurem is the ONLY one of the strongest legendary Pokemon on the list.

While I like Lapras more when it comes to design, Kyurem is clearly stronger. Specifically, its white form is the only ice type strong enough to be banned to the Ubers tier (aside from Arceus-Ice). Additionally, it's black form is the only consistently viable ice type in the OU tier. However, the fact that Kyurem-Black is the only box legendary to not be banned to Ubers should tell you that Ice type is a pretty terrible type to have.

Articuno easily loses if it so much touches a rock. Kyreum by comparison is much more bulky. While it's default form is fine, it's black form is a very solid pick, and it's white form is officially the most powerful ice type ever.

Kyurem is an Ice Dragon. Come on ice and dragon, it just makes that ice a normal attack on a dragon, that's cool and it's the only Dragon and Ice type which is cool and it's also very powerful I mean look at it's stats
And abilities and it has two mega evolutions which are just too awesome.

7 Mamoswine

The strongest non-legendary ice type (yes, better than I'measytoknockouteon, genwunhmslave, ididn'tgetamegasoi'msalty, and literalglasscannon), has great stats, typing, and move pool. Can overcome bad speed with ice shard. Truly, an amazing ice type

Imagine doing your own pokemon adventure traveling on the back of the mamoswine and carrying several heavy things on the way. You can even feel warm on the hottest day because of its ice type.

I like mamoswine's ability thick fat and strong defense and offense,it maybe slow but it sure durable that's why mamoswine is the strongest ice type in gen.4 or maybe in pokemon, and its also my favourite because its cute

Well Walrein may be a big blue walrus but this... This is a gigantic dirt, ice pig with even bigger and sharper tusks. Not to mention... (oh wait I already did) it's a gigantic dirt ice pig!

8 Regice Regice is a legendary Pokemon and part of the Regi trio. According to scientific research its body is made entirely of Antarctic ice during an ice age. It is said to always control frigid air of minus 328 degrees F. more.

It's so beast it has little ice cannons for hands
That shoot ice beams that could kill a man on contact
It doesn't have the greatest move pool but it's still great
But it has very useable stats.

Regice is the best ice type, my signature Pokemon, and the best ice type!
In fact, I own a team of ice-types. I am the official ice-type master of ALL of Pokémon. Read this and read it well. If you think you have a team of ice types that can beat mine, then your ballistic.

Even though it is a legenary... I think this is an awesome ice pokemon! This is my opinion so don't judge me... So yea! Regice is the best ice-pokemon for me

Explosion is the first move he learns so obviously, he is #1!

9 Aurorus Aurorus, known in Japan as Amaruruga, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

This graceful, majestic ice-rock type can KICK YOUR BUTT! EV train it in sp. attack, give it refrigerate and hyper beam, and you have the best special sweeper introduced in Kalos. It's both beautiful, and strong. Perfect for an ice type.

Yes I love aurorus because first of all she is a prehistoric pokemon her colors are very colorful are amazingly beautiful.

This is my favorite Pokemon of all time. I wipe out fighting type Pokemon with it.

This is a pretty good Pokemon and the best part is: It's from Kalos! That was where I was from when I went to Alola.

10 Glalie

I just obtained a Glalie in Pokemon Diamond and it is amazing! The incredible attack stats balance out my mostly Defense team. Glalie's design is amazing to and it is a pure Ice-type. That makes it incredibly rare. Vote for Glalie

One of my favorites! It's often regarded as pretty weak for its average stats and single typing, but it's one of the best Pokemon I've ever used!

Defiantly one of the best ice types. It was the first ice type that Ash managed to obtain and has always been on of my favourite Pokemon.

For the generation 3 I think it is the best, it helped me through countless battles and I would love to make it an 100 Beatstick again!

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11 Beartic

Two words Slush Rush beartic is one of only 2 evolution lines that gets slush rush! And sandslash has 2 4X weaknesses Beartic is too powerful the only let down is it cannot be used defensively becuase it's ice typing

He looks so menacing! Not to mention his attack stat is very high and it's about time Nintendo had a polar bear.

Beartic is a beast I took down the entire elite four and champion with 1 Lv 95 Beartic

TI looks powerful like a real polar bear WOW

12 Abomasnow

OK I know its weak against fire, but why will someone use it against fire type? with its snow warning it can sweep opponents with blizzard.Plus it has wood hammer attack so in my opinion it is amongst top 3 ice types after kyurem and weavile.

Abomasnow is one of the best sweepers I've ever seen! He diserves way more credit! I had one on my team in X&Y and it crushed everything. It may have a four times weakness to fire, but it makes up four that with a four times effectiveness to ground! And don't even get me started on it's mega! Abomasnow is amazing and will always be my fave ice type Pokemon(lapras and weavile are good to).

Ice and grass type! 4x weak to fire but starts a hail storm to make blizzard 100% accurate. Best ice type ever!

The weakest type combination. Fire is super effective against both Grass and Ice types(x4)

13 Cloyster

I love running shell smash focus sash set, with explosion or rock blast. He's a really fun Pokemon to use, and he is very unpredictable if he is physical or special. He also made it onto my competitive team, where he has perfect synergy with my rapid spinner. Cloyster only downsides are multi-hits hitting him, priority moves, and he can't take a special hit without using focus sash. The downsides are smaller then you may seem. He fills the role of a sweeper amazingly, so I recommend him.

Cloyster earns love! From what you Shellder is really weak with horrible attacks and stats and with a Water Stone shoes you Cloyster! Shelder to most people is a TRUBISH ( trubbish: Trash pokemon and very weak ) but rlly Shellder is a gyrados because of it's father! Cloyster actually saves Shellder from many Gyrados! Why? BECAUSE SHELLDER IS THE SON OR DAUGHTER OF CLOYSTER!


Attack is the only thing you need in a strong 6v6 battle and this is what Cloyster shows us just that with an Attack power of: 95 Shell smash will also make Attack a lot better gaining more spikes and the attacks acrtually don't come from what appears to be a Shellder mixed with Ghastly and it wont come out of the mouth! The attacks come from the spikes instead! Not only that but why have a Shellder mixed with a Ghastly with it? Well so that the attack does not just go into you the trainer! The Spike in the middle is called the Shell Eye and this spike is for Front ...more

With skill link, cloyster is beast. Icicle spear is guaranteed to hit 5 times! Plus, shell smash! This thing sweeper my team because of skill link,

Skill Link, max speed and attack, Ice spear and Rock blast? With shell smash! Your opponent wont see it coming. They're going' down

14 Walrein

Kyrurem is great as a legendary and whatever, but walrein is the best wall I ever know of. It's even in the name. Just give it stockpile, ice beam, rest and snore and it is basically invincible, even to strong fighting types like lucario. It is so underrated, and few people know of it.

Walrien is blue walrus that is SUPER DESTRUCTIVE and is better than some Pokemon on this list like mamoswine. I have him in omega ruby and really helps me out because he is a good sweeper against fire and dragon

My favourite Pokemon ever. Enough said. Cool design with an adorable pre-evolution and is good at being a stall and at dealing damadge competitively. Also, does it not kinda have a mullet

I don't know if this is a legendary, or if they count, but the legendary ice Pokemon should be the first ones because they are undoubtedly the best.

15 Alolan Ninetales

By far one of the best ice types in the game. Whenever I am making a team for a battle and I end up needing an ice type, it seems like I can never go wrong with choosing Alolan ninetales for that spot. Being able to set up hail and then use perfect accuracy blizzard along with aurora veil is just amazing!

This pokemon is amazing - it is good in double battles with water types and is effective against dragon with both fairy and ice. Not to mention it is beautiful and elegant

It's beautiful! Plus, it has fairy type, which is one of my fairy types. This TOOTALLY needs more votes. It's pre evolution, Alolan Vulpix is ADORABLE! And Ninetales is also great. It helps my team a lot.

Ice fairy... Great against doubke battles beacause of dazzling gleam. Most people use dark and dragon, and fairy is very effective against that. Ice is super effective against grass (which is vey good if you chose a water starter) and ground.

16 Dewgong Dewgong, known in Japan as Jugon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Dewgong is SO GOOD! It's so cute, it's my favorite color of blue, it's an ice-water type, which combines two of my favorite types, it has sick moves, and when I'm reading the comments below, Dewgong could probably beat the Elite Four. It has Ice Beam, Aurora Beam, Hail, and a bunch of other moves that are really cool, too! And just imagine if it got a mega evolution! That would look so sick! And a vmax would be really cool too! This is by far my favorite pokemon ever and I don't even need it in a pokemon game to convince me about that. (I've never played a pokemon game, actually... But I have seen that it's pretty good. Thanks, Youtube.)

Dewgong should be number one! I mean, actually, Glaceon AND Dewgong should be number one. Dewgong is the second cutest Pokémon in the world, besides Eevee and growlithe, it was just a white fur ball which defeated Mewtwo in Mewtwo strikes back! Whoo hoo! I mean, actually, any Pokémon could defeat Mewtwo in one shot. When I was playing Pokémon with my sister, my magikarp just killed my sister's Mega Mewtwo in one shot! I was like, "Yay Yay look how bad it is" and she's like "Man, this is awful." And a Dewgong, however, even killed a Mewtwo in the anime and in cards! How cool! It's aurora beam could kill everybody (except for Arcanine and Reshiram or Chansey or Blissey) so Dewgong is just an unbeatable Pokémon!

I just absolutely love Dewgong! So cute and powerful with the right move set.

I am undefeated with my dewgong! Sadly underrated, esp. For generations 2/3.

17 Vanillish

Vanillish is my favorite Pokemon, and I'm not joking. The losers who make fun of the design can resort to their Charizard, and their missing out. Vanillish is catchable from early in the game, is tied with Lapras for the best non legendary ice type stat-wise. He SHOULD have gotten a Mega Evolution...

Best Unova Ice Type. Now, I understand people hate it because of the design, but it is better than the living pile of goo that Muk is or the extremely generic Pidgey, Rattata, Lillipup, Sentret, Seel, and others.

Best in Unova. The design is cute (opinion of course) nice speed, well rounded, Nice movepool. You gotta kill those killer Dragon types right?


18 Black Kyurem

What is black kyurem this low, with 700 base stats, which the only ice type matched in stat total is white kyurem, but black looks way cooler so it should be higher. Speaking of the order, the top 3 should be black kyurem, white kyurem, the normal kyurem.

Dude, are you joking? Even if he is the only demoted Uber tier Pokemon, he can still kick butt in OU with his great stats and mixed attacking capabilities.

Just amazing! An all rounder takes your breath away

Choice banded... Jolly Nature... OP... It's so good...

19 Vanilluxe Vanilluxe is an Ice-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It evolves from Vanillish. It is the final form of Vanillite. It is known as the Snowstorm Pokémon.

Probably one of the most over looked ice types out there. Despite what people may say about it's design, Vanilluxe is one cool customer. Sporting a very respectable base 110 special attack Vanilluxe can be deceptively powerful. Access to speed boosts in the forms of automize and weak armor can raise Vanilluxe's speed to amazing levels. Ice beam hits any Pokemon foolish enough to stay in very hard. Flash cannon provides some nice coverage against fairies and opposing ice types. Don't underestimate Vanilluxe. When left unchecked Vanilluxe can run away with a match and punch large holes in the opponent's defense.

A boss ice type. It has awesome attack plus it learns blizzard and sheer cold by level up. It also has hail and ice body for a great alternative to leftovers. It's got an adorable design that does not suck. Behind those cute faces is a frozen nightmare for dragon trainers. #icebeam!

So, I know people are hating on Vanilluxe because of design, but there are worse designs out there, like geodude. I know it has a limited move pool, but with acid armor, leftovers, and ice body, this ice cream cone can kick some dragon type butt!

Why do people hate it so much? Because its ice cream? Statistically its tied with LAPRAS for strongest non legendary ice type and it looks so cute and happy:) Also its suggested that in the pokemon world ice cream is based off Vanilluxe not the other way around.

20 Sneasel

Badass looking! First ice pokemon I ever caught, and helped me beat gym leader.

I agree awesome looking pokemon great candidate for any team

I love this pokemon, it's so cool and mysterious.

Ice and dark like sneasel is so powerful

21 Snorunt

Look at snorunt and love him. It's impossible to do otherwise. My favorite Pokemon ever.

Snorunt is my favourite ice type Pokemon

Snorunt is a G. You can't not like snorunt

You just can't love Snorunt, a little adorable strong Pokemon, WHICH CAN EVOLVE INTO A GLALIE OR A FROSLASS I MEAN WHO doesn't LOVE FROSLASS RIGHT? Well it's understandable that people like Articuno and Regice but they are legendaries so hush Glalie, Froslass, and Snorunt must be on top

22 Spheal

Do I really need to explain? Fine. He. Is. The. CUTEST! One of my friends actually used his Master Ball to catch one of these because he was having a bad time (wink wink).

It's a cute, blue, seal! I love seals! All you need for a powerful team is cute Pokemon, because the other Pokemon will be knocked out by their pure cuteness!

Spheal is really cute and awesome too. I've got one on my ice type team and its boss!

Sure, powerwise it's a bit of a downer, but in cuteness?

23 Delibird

It has a fairly decent move set with TMs, and I love the descriptions of it and how it will save people lost on mountains with food in its tail. Overall I just really like Delibird.

Dude, I use to have this Pokemon on my team and he is pretty good

Shadypeguinn please vote for him

How is Delibird on this list!? It can’t learn any attack moves, whoever thinks pokemon is good, is stupid.

24 Alolan Sandslash

it looks so badass with its claws and spikes and I'm a big fan of sandslash so I'm definitely gonna like alolan sandslah

An amazing pokemon against fairy and dragon type pokemon

I personally like Alolan Sandslash not only for it's design but also for how well it can fight

Such a sharp design. Coolest one of them all

25 Cryogonal

Why is this so low on the list? It looks awesome with its "cool" eyes and stuff!
I used it in XY and it was so good! It helped me beat the Elite Four!

This is such a cool Pokemon!
It's a real fridging cool Pokemon!
It's seriously in the cool zone!
It's a n-ICE one all right!

Its just like vanilluxe people hate it because of its sprite

Best Pokemon EVER!

This Pokémon single handed lay swept the champion in my Pokémon y game

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