Top 10 Best Eeveelutions

The Top Ten
1 Umbreon Umbreon, known in Japan as Blacky, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I like Dark type pokemon, and this one is just amazing, an unlikely tank pokemon that can have a pretty good moveset. I think Umbreon, as well as the non-gen 1 eeveelutions, should have been in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee, a game ruined because of the plain gen 1 approach and no postgame at all. With all of the games I've played in the past I have always tried to get Umbreon on my team because of how it's my favorite pokemon. In other words, Umbreon is just plain awesome and is very good in battle despite it's bad attack and special attack. I just wish they didn't make its max CP so low on Pokemon Go as compared to other eeveelutions.

My favorite. My Umbreon beat my friends mega level 100 Ampharos. Just saying. Umbreon has the coolest design ever and is actually really great at battling. One time an Arceus used Judgement with a Fist Plate and guess what happened? My Umbreon withstanded it. Didn't even go below half health. I love all the other Eeveelutions of course but Umbreon has been, and always will be, my favorite eeveelution and pokemon. Also by the way I didn't specially breed my Umbreon to have good stats or anything. In fact it doesn't even have a good nature but it still destroys everything. Sorry people but Umbreon is the best

2 Espeon Espeon, known in Japan as Eifie, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Espeon is my favorite and in my opinion the best eeveelution. Here are my reasons why:

1. Umbreon is obviously too overrated. So is sylveon.

2. Sylveon has too much detail.

3. It has more speed (which is important) than the others. Sylveon, on the other hand, is AWKWARDLY slow

4. She is most elegant

5. She is most graceful

6. She is very intelligent

7. She is purple! My favorite color!

8. Her moves are INCREDIBLE

9. She can use dazzling gleam for dark cover

10. Espeon is incredibly loyal to its trainer!

Espeon and Umbreon are my favourite Eeveelutipns because of their design and character. They look amazing. But I will choose Espeon over Umbreon because she is an amazing Special Attacker., ready to crush any Pokemon. Well, except for those she stands no chance against. Espeon is elegant, beautiful and graceful in every way. Some people think Espeon is boastful and mean, but I think the opposite.

3 Sylveon Sylveon, known in Japan as Nymphia, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Sylveon is just adorable. I actually have a shiny Sylveon and it literally epic. Umbreon is way too overrated in my opinion and Sylveon is a great special attacker while also being a tanker on special defense. And it's shiny is blue! Blue and pink just go so well together! Besides if you ask me Sylveon shows off the blue on a shiny better then an umbreon. This little dragon killer is a sweeper as well. My shiny Sylveon could even withstand a Sludge Bomb! Besides spamming Calm Mind work for me to build up power for Draining Kiss.

Sylveon is a absolute angel. Its got a cute design, a good shiny, and good stats. Overall, it's a very well rounded Pokemon. I personally love Sylveon's design because I love cutesy Pokemon.
Sylveon may look girly to some, but you gotta admit, it's a beast as well. No one would expect a cute and delicate feline cat-fox to be able to one shot a dragon.
In my experience, using sylveon is a good choice. It's weak to types that appear rarely on teams. Fire types are usually seen in teams, so steel types sometimes can't do so well, and Sylveon can learn Psyshock which removes poison types from the battleground.
(Random fact: I wrote another sylveon review down here like 1-2 years ago and now I'm back with another one. It's the "sylveon is just adorable...up power for Draining Kiss."

4 Glaceon Glaceon, known in Japan as Glacia, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

My personal favorite of the eeveelutions, glaceon is good but very predictable. The moveset is good, but pretty obvious. Obviously teach it ice beam and toxic, as well as hail. Swords dance is also nice for this one.

In my opinion, Glaceon should number one. Glaceon is GORGEOUS, but people think she's mean. Why do they think that? I love her so much and I know that she's not mean at all.

Glaceon has the best design of all the eeveelutions. It is powerful and graceful, is kind and loyal. It evolves in a cool way too. Leafeon is another story though.

5 Vaporeon Vaporeon, known in Japan as Showers, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

The main big reason that I think Vaporeon is the best doesn't have to do with its move pool or stats or anything like that...
I love it because it would be awesome to be one. Don't write me off as some furry; I'd like to keep this likeness for the internet and wouldn't take it outside with me to spoil other parts of my life. Just think for a moment here...
It is amphibious, meaning that it can either use gills (more likely absorb oxygen from its skin) or lungs meaning that you would no longer be bound to land. You would be able to explore a whole new world unhindered by a silly need for air! How awesome would it be to be able to explore any lake, river, or even the entirety of the ocean as free as if you were to be on land?! This is true power, being able to explore 70% of the planet still covered with graceful yet powerful water... it would be amazing.

Ah, Vaporeon. In my opinion, the best eeveelution out of them all! It's design is simple, but creative. I love its color, tail, ears, neck gills, face, everything about its looks, basically!
Next, in battle. I found that Vaporeon with Choice Specs and Shadow Ball, or any strong special water move, is VERY strong and effective. With Vaporeon's variety of special moves, nice special attack, good abilities, and nice HP, it is a good Pokemon to get you through the game. Although its defense isn't the best, the Vaporeon I trained was so strong that Pokemon usually didn't get many hits on it before the opponent fainted!
Overall, I just love Vaporeon in all ways possible. It is such a nice Pokemon! I always choose it as my eeveelution whenever I train an Eevee!

6 Jolteon Jolteon, known in Japan as Thunders, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Jolteon is one of the fastest Pokemon out there, which already is a huge plus. In fact, it's the 6th Fastest Pokemon, according to Serebii!

Jolteon has always appealed to me. If I can't choose Umbreon, Jolteon will always be my next choice. (Unless I already have an electric type on the team... I have a habit of wanting a team of huge Variety.) With a base Special Attack of 110, and a Base Speed of 130, Jolteon is a Quick Special Cannon. I would suggest this Pokemon on your team if you're a fan of hitting quick and hard.

Jolteon is truly amazing. It was the second Eeveelution I've ever had (the first being a Vaporeon). Jolteon is an awesome Pokemon with an awesome design. I don't know how some people think it's ugly. It's shiny form rocks the green way better than espeon does, too. It's stats aren't too bad as well. Overall, jolteon is just WOW.

Jolteon's got Thunder, for which some reason has good accuracy and hits almost all of the time. Super speedy, which I love in a Pokemon, and looks epic. I mean, it's got spikes! Like static electricity stuck up it's fur! If you have to choose between the 3 original Eeveelutions, choose Jolteon.

7 Leafeon Leafeon, known in Japan as Leafia, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Leafeon is a Grass-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IV, and is one of the eight evolutionary forms of Eevee.

1. Leafeon will probably be the most beautiful and cool eeveelutuion there will ever be. If not then the most beautiful Pokemon that has ever existed. I think you can also tell a lot about leafeons personality just by looking at it.
2. Even though it looks like a sweet little thing it can wipe out a whole team with maybe a bit of hp left.
3. This may not explain why leafeon is the best but I think they are extremely underrated. I don't think once they've gotten the spot light in the anime and I hardly ever hear anyone talking about leafeon. I feel like now everyone should start paying a lot more attention to this amazing Pokemon and actually start to make an effort to use it in battling as once you start to battle with leafeon, it will stay on your team until the end!

Oh hey look my favourite eeveelution is last. Seriously though I love Leafeon. It kicks ass easily, or at least when I use it. You can't deny Leafeon's design is adorable, and beautiful. It's HA is great. Better than edgy eeveelution's inner focus. It's attack, defense and speed are all amazing, and it has cool moves like knock off and leaf blade. It's great, especially in doubles. Ninetales' drought activates, Leafeon's chlorophyll activates, Leafeon uses swords dance, and then proceeds to obliterate everything in its path. It pisses me off seeing so many people in love with Umbreon. It's meant to stall cool, but Leafeon is meant to hit hard, and does it well. Vaporeon can stall better than Umbreon too. Grass types are stereotypically frail. Leafeon's 130 defense breaks that stereotype. Special attack? Yeah, no. 110 ATK and lead blade, x-scissor, knock off, etc... Screw giga drain. Umbreon is overrated, and so is Espeon, sue me for not loving them as much. As much as I love Vaporeon and Jolteon, Leafeon is the best.

8 Flareon Flareon, known in Japan as Booster, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

The introduction of Flare Blitz really ramps up it's usability. Not only does it benefit with the aforementioned move, but it can also use Overheat as a free attack, since it can switch back to it's physical movepool afterwards. Quick Attack was surprisingly useful.

My competitive Flareon worked very well in X/Y Wi-Fi. It's a shame that the primal forms flood ORAS and have ruined this time. It's extremely underestimated. Not to mention, it's special defense is heavily impressive. Combine that with the Assault vest. It'll tank some heavy super effective hits from the special side of attackers.

Honestly, I love the design. It is the last on the list, tied with Jolteon. It doesn't deserve such a position. I received one from a Wonder Trade right in the beginning of my Ultra Sun play through, and it served me well, and I trained it from level 1. It's physical attacks destroyed, and it became the ace of my team, being more powerful and my Salamence. Should AT LEAST be in the top 5.