Why Ash Should Have Won the Kalos League

So I just made a list about the shows that are interesting to talk about, and in that list I talked about the seasons of gen 6 and gen 7 of the pokemon anime. One of the things I've said was that Ash should have won the Kalos league instead of the Alola league. Don't get me wrong. I do not dislike the fact that Ash won the Alola league. It's just that there was a lot of scenaristic elements that would have made Ash's victory more satisfying if he have won the league when he was at Kalos. Of course this is a community list so don't hesitate to join the discussion.
Alright let's get started.
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1 Ash was a source of inspiration

What is one of the things that makes a good pokemon master? Inspiring people to become better people. Telling them to never give up their dreams. It not just being a very strong trainer. In the gen 6 anime, Ash was a model for quite a lot of people. Serena and Sawyer being the best examples of that (and my two favorite characters in the anime). The way Ash acts fits so much with how a pokemon master should be. Meanwhile in the gen 7 anime, Ash almost did nothing as inspirationnal as what he did in gen 6. Can you name at least one moment where he inspired someone in Alola besides Kukui? Don't hesitate to tell me. I'll be happy even if I'm wrong.

2 Ash helped almost everyone he encountered at Kalos

A good pokemon master should also help the people in need in its region. After all, the strongest trainer in the region should also be the best person to help in critical situation. Ash and his friends helped so many people in Kalos, that it was almost a daily routine. For example: "Hey! This pokemon center has no electricity! Instead of contnuing our route to the next gym or something like that, let's do everything to help the pokemon center heal the pokemon in need!". Ash and his friends, did things like that, almost every episodes. Meanwhile, in Alola, when Ash helped someone it was mostly because it was one of the members of his group. Ok, there was that time where he helped officer Jenny with all the rattatas, but those moments are the minority.

3 Alan wasn't that much stronger than Ash

One of the main arguments to why it's okay that Ash didn't won the Kalos league is that Alan was much stronger and that Ash had no chance of beating him. However, I would argue that Alan and Ash were about the same strength. The only battles they did together before the league were two fights between Ash Greninja and Mega Charizard X, and one fight between Noivern and Metang. It was pretty much Noivern's first fight when he fought against Metang so, it's normal that he losed, and Mega Charizard X was the strongest pokemon of Alan so yeah! There are no sign that Ash was significantly weaker than Alan. Especially since the fight was such a close call.

4 Ash shouldn't have lost to Alan specifically
5 Alan didn't even want to participate in the league at first

Which makes it all the more frustrating that Ash loses the Kalos League, Alain literally decides to enter the Kalos League at the last second.

6 Serena could have been a good element for the finale of the series

You know what would be a perfect way to end the anime. With Ash having a girlfriend. Wait! Serena does like Ash quite a lot, so wouldn't it be great to have Ash winning the league while being in couple with Serena?

7 There are ways to make Ash win without ending the series

One of the reasons the manga is better than the anime in my opinion, is because they changed the protagonists regularly, and therefore they could make a complete character arc for each protagonist, instead of almost pretending like none of the previous seasons ever happened, by keeping the protagonist in a status quo. Therefore, I think the anime should change protagonist, so that Ash will finally gets the finale he deserves.

But do you really want the SAME formula for the next 20 something years? Heck all we know is when they end the series, it'll probably be Ash's children who do the same thing with new character's or some crap - Stakamakataka

8 The Elite Four could have been an excuse for Ash not becoming the champion or ending the series with beauty

You know that even if Ash would have won the league, he would still have to beat the elite four, and Diantha to beat? Well, not only that would have been the occasion to know more about the Kalos elite four in the anime, but also that would have opened up two possible scenario. Either Ash doesn't become the champion, but at least he does NOT lose against Alan so that's a good thing. Or, Ash brings it's older pokemon on top of his new ones to make the perfect finale for Ash Ketchum.

9 There are ways to make Ash win without replacing him

Here is an idea I have for the anime. Ash wins the league, but he realize that becoming a pokemon master isn't really what he wants, and that what he really wants is continuing to explore new regions, make new friends, and live new adventures, which is something that the title of pokemon master will not let him the free time to do. Like that we will continue to have Ash as a main protagonist without ruining its developpment like making him lose again for example.

10 Alan said after the league that Ash was stronger than him

So after the whole Team Flare incident, Alan made a speech about how Ash is stronger than him or something like that. Ok that's ridiculous. At this point, it looks like they made Ash win, but they changed the result of the fight against Alan at the last minute.

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11 Greninja had the type advantage

And? My zarude OHKOed some guy's whole team! And if it wasn't for the rest of my team, I would've never beaten his groudon! - Stakamakataka

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