Top 10 Reasons Why Joe Biden is Better Than Donald Trump

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1 Biden serves as President because he cares about the country whereas Trump served as President for the power.

He was motivated by Charlottesville, because it was so sickening to see a President who inappropriately said that many in both sides were fine, but isn't joining with white supremacists an evil thing, and that everyone should condemn their fascist ideology?

I partially agree with you that he ran because of power, but I think it's more about his ego. He is so unfit for office, and often brags about his ratings, victory, and crowd size.

2 Biden accepts democracy no matter what whereas Trump would only accept democracy when he wins.

Trump did sign a bill supporting Hong Kong protesters, but he never called out against Putin, and encouraged interference in our elections and cyber hacks. He doesn't even bother to negotiate well, and he did cut a deal in those Hong Kong protests. Trump doesn't represent the world on supporting strongmen than supporting our allies, and delegitimizing our democratic elections and institutions.

Biden wasn't afraid to call out against Putin, and is pressuring authoritarian countries like Russia and Myanmar to do the very right thing on releasing their protesters. He would still accept the results of the election if he lost, as opposed to Donald Trump for weeks, and the orange blob gave us an unpeaceful transfer of power. There were so many guards on capitol hill when he became president.

Joe has done more in a week for democracy than Donald Trump has in four years.

3 Biden listens to the doctors and scientists whereas Trump blows them off and makes up things of his own.

It’s really sad at this point

4 Biden cares a lot about climate change.

Trump honestly doesn't care about the world or even his supporters, he just wants everything to go his way. Biden, on the other hand, really cares about climate change and saving the planet.

Good thing he shut down the keystone pipeline. Also, it was just nearly 1,000 jobs lost (11,000, 50,000+ jobs Trump supporters? You REALLY think that many people would work for a pipeline?), whereas most of them were temporary. You can easily find another job like this.

5 Biden supports LGBTQ+ in his very later years.

Trump does support gay marriage, but I don't get his Transgender military ban. Was he looking for a victory for Republicans or something? Biden supports LBGTQ+ rights, and he just lifted his Transgender military ban, which is a win.

Trump doesn't even support LGBTQ+. And just because he shows a flag on stage doesn't mean he supports it.

6 Biden takes responsibility for things he has done.
7 Biden has his own COVID-19 plans, and Trump didn't.

He unrivaled his own members in a Coronavirus task force when declared as President-elect, and his admin found out that Trump had zero Coronavirus distribution plan. Many governors were very angry with the distribution plan under Trump. Would this surprise anyone?

Joe is doing many executive orders to combat the virus, and he inherited some of the worst administrations ever. I wished that his goals on Covid distribution were faster in his first days, but I sympathize with his administration.

And yes, Biden did say "no way to change the trajectory of this pandemic for the next several months." That's not admitting he didn't have a plan. He's saying that there is no really good way of making or predicting a good path of this pandemic within these next few months. What he's doing is helping those in need, and trying to make more vaccines distributed.

Trump even blew off many of the Democrat governors during this time, Whitmer being one of them.

8 Biden apologizes for bad things he has don, whereas Trump just says "I didn't do this, I didn't do that."
9 Joe Biden has respect and manners, Donald Trump does not

Donald trump is really disgusting and racist.

10 Trump cut taxes for the rich whereas Biden is taxing the rich a lot more.

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? Biden respects military and those who sacrificed all; Trump asked "what's in it for them"
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11 Trump incited a riot whereas Biden would never do that.

Yes, Trump did say "fight peacefully and patriotically," but he also fed his supporters a bunch of lies (again), and told them to fight like h*ll and told them to march down to the capitol. His supporters definitely took it a different way. It was NOT Antifa or BLM that stormed the capitol, and Trump supporters know this. Before January 6, there was a bunch of Trump supporters saying they wanted to put threats there and break down democracy and go down to the capitol, and now they are playing innocent and saying that those were democrats in disguise as Trump supporters.

Trump did this for months before the election, and did everything to hold on to power. He said that he either wins or loses because the election was rigged.

12 Joe Biden is smarter
13 Joe Biden isn't racist
14 Joe Biden is kind, but Trump is rude
15 Joe Biden has better haircut
16 Joe Biden has a normal smile
17 Trump loves Kim Jong Un and Biden doesn't

This should be higher because this is disgusting. What about Otto Warmbier? I can't imagine how Otto Warmbier's parents felt when Trump said he fell in love with Kim. Yeah I appreciate his peace progress on the Korean peninsula but however he's dishonoring and disrespecting Otto Warmbier. His parents were probably very disgusted, devastated and felt betrayed.

18 Whether the state was red or blue, Biden would help out that state
19 Biden doesn't waste money building walls
20 Joe Biden doesn't look and act like annoying orange
21 Biden is pro-choice
22 Biden isn't a sociopath
23 Biden is more handsome
24 Biden has a heart
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