Most Handsome Seventeen Members

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1 Vernon

Whenever I look at him, I can't help but wonder how he really looks like in real life? I mean in the pictures and videos, he's extremely handsome, I bet in real life he looks etheral. And one thing that I also like about him is he's so down to earth and very humble. Vernon is one of those really attractive guys who doesn't like to show off and choose to stay humble. That is why he is my bias!

I love him cause he is my bias and he have same faces with my favourite actor leonardo. (he is not my favourite actor but I love him)

I totally agree. He is perfect and the most handsome guy I've ever seen.

He's the reason I got into set in the first place. Very hot.

2 Mingyu

From the height, any face angle there is no downside, he knows how to express his looks, the supreme side view and above all super kind person and smart. Really a TOTAL package.. Indeed a Royalty Beauty

I think he is the most handsome member of seventeen. I like him most...

He is weird but still looking handsome at any angle.

He is handsome. And he is smart

3 Wonwoo

I don't know the other opinion but, Wonwoo is perfect if you ask me, You all may not believe me or think I'm lying because he is my bias. he's sexy, very hot in the song, good to me and fear And his deep voice is so deep, it's even deeper than the well in my grandmother's house. But he also looks cute, too cute that I got diabetes from excess blood sugar. And last but not least Is his smile, I fell for him because of his smile, his smile seemed to be precious in this world, I've never seen a smile like this before, a very pretty and heartwarming smile.

He looks pretty soft, but boy when he starts to rap, he's literally spits fire! And it's so soothing to hear him sing in the low tone!
He writes poetry, is great at gaming, reads a lot, remains pretty chill, speaks about deep things in life. I find that pretty relatable.

He's the sexiest man alive, his voice is deep, so deep that makes my heart drown every time I hear him sing. His tantalizing and hawk-eyed ripping down my soul and sending shivers down my spine when he looked at me through the screen.

This man is the sexiest and hottest man I have ever seen in my whole entire life. He was the first person who caught my attention because he was really attractive and couldn't help but ask 'Is this man in the visual line?'

4 Joshua

You are bound to love Jisoos. He's cat like eyes, curled up lips, soft voice when he sings and speaks English, shy smile and gentleman personality makes me want to love him even more. People show more love for this gentleman.

Joshua is the only one I see when I go anywhere probably because I love him so much! Every members in seventeen are good looking and are the best!

His the total package. He can dance, sing, his funny, his a gentleman, his baby face is to die for and his a family-man. What more could you ask for?

I love how he became gentlemen. I love how his visual attracts me. I love how is also being soft to his member.

5 Jun

His face is unreal, so beautiful, his body Is perfect, naturally well built, well proportionated...He is my bias since day one, not only because of his aesthetic, but because of his personality

Jun isn't even my ultimate bias but hey, this boy's features are insane. Definitely one of the top. This is the kind of visual everyone would definitely approved of.

Because of his cute smile and biceps and his personality is very cute clever he dance nice and beautifully I love his voice.

I love his face so much, he look so handsome and he is my bias, he is the Miracle Visual and lastly I love you JUN Oppa.

6 Jeonghan

Jeonghan's visual is very perfect . He has both cute and sexy . He's such an angel lives with human !

I have to say Jeonghan is very, but I think I'm gonna put him in second.

I think, he is an angel... I liked his long hair.

Why do you look more like a girl then I do?

7 DK

Oh my good ... I can't say anything about him, DK looks perfect in my eyes.

Very handsome, and in my opinion best vocalist.

He's hilarious and it was love at first sight.

Sunshine boy. He has the brightest smile!

8 S.Coups

Best thighs that saved my life,
His cute and natural Aegyo,
But he's the hottest member in seventeen in my opinion,
Best leader and a good dancer
His cute giggles,
And lastly, and most importantly his rapping skills as well as stable and beautiful vocals.

He is so charismatic

He is so handsome

A perfect leader

9 Dino

Dino, Lee Chan, the best maknae ever. Let's talk about a dance king, OMG! He is such a talented dancer, and he can sing too. He is an amazing person to be around (I mean, I've never been around him, but you can just tell based on the other members and those around him). Dino will never fail to make you smile. Ever, ever, ever. I listen to him a lot when I get Seventeen albums, and I ain't complaining. Dino is just amazing, and if you haven't heard his million-dollar laugh, what are you doing?

Caught my eye right away especially during left & right era. Best looking in my opinion. One of the most talented dancers in k pop right now. My bias

I can't believe you forgot Dino...why would no one vote for him. He's adorable!

He's everything. Diamond maknae. Future k-pop. His dance is awesome. His laugh is my happy pills.

10 Hoshi

They're all attractive but hoshi caught my attention in first glance. He is just sooo adorable the way he dance and his moves. Thank God for creating for such a Wonderful Creature. He is Perfect. No one and nothing can change my mind.

Hoshi is so cute and sexy. He is such an amazing dancer and singer. He is the most shippable. He is super funny and he seems like he gets along well with the others.

Amazing dance moves, cute smile, hamster like cuteness, beautiful voice that can stretch a lot. Funniest and most shippable member in my eyes.

I love how he loves tiger. his good at dancing and singing I love how he makes his members laugh.

The Contenders
11 The8

He is so handsome
He is the most handsome man in K-pop as far I'm concerned, he was the first to catch my attention and instantly become my bias. He body, his everything is just so perfect. I disagree for scoring him so low on this because he is said to be the most handsome man and also hottest in seventeen, he supposed to be the first
I wonder how he look real life cos his visual usually give me goosebumps whenever I look at him

Of course Minghao is physically beautiful. His features are soft and delicate and his stature is thin, smooth and gorgeously tan, but his beauty does not end there. He is a firm believer that clothes don't possess a gender and does not restrict himself when it comes to fashion. He is interested in many forms of art (dancing, singing, painting, fashion, etc) and excels at it all. He reads a lot and hones his knowledge to share with his fans. His voice is wispy and gentle and he looks elegant when dancing. He is extremely hardworking and tackles Korean despite it not being his mother tongue and he is loving to those around him, especially his family and fellow members. He is beautiful in all ways imaginable.

He was the first member that caught my eye. He definitely stood out the most when I got into svt. He's stunning, with such an pretty smile. It's not just his features that are beautiful, it's the way he walks, the way he talks, the way he acts and presents himself. He's just so elegant and soft. And the way he laughs and giggles.. it's so adorable. I love how he's one of the quieter ones out of the group, because when he does make comments he's so funny and witty. I love how he really does excel in everything he studies, whether it's language or art forms. He doesn't do things half assed. He truly dedicates himself.

I just love him more than anything and I think that he should not be on that low place. He was the first member that caught my eye.<3

12 Woozi

Has so much talent (Dancing, singing, composing etc. Don't even get my started) and is so adorable too!

Woozi is really cute omgg. I sometimes couldn't help but think that this man itself look like a fluff ball.

He is cute but hot... his beautiful smile brightens up my day! Love him!

He's the same height as me!

13 Seung Kwan

Seungkwan is not the most handsome one in this group, but he's definitely not in te 13th place. It's the visuals we're talking about after all. I mean, he literally is not lacking in visuals compared to other boy groups out there.

Boo the 2nd one who caught my eye. omg I thought he is like vernon who is a joker but he is really are but he really had that perfect cute face.

He might not be the standard weight of kpop idols but if look at it carefully he is no joke very attractive.

Please he is sooo adorable! and boy he's hilarious! And not to forget, he has the voice of an angel!

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