Best Post Malone Songs


The Top Ten

1 Came Up
2 I Fall Apart

Headphone Music right here. Music for you and by a goat.

3 Congratulations

GUYS! I found a good Post Malone song! After these I'm glad he made something fun. Even he sounds decent and Quavo brings the song up. 4/5 - AlphaQ

I like an actual Post Malone song whyy? 3/5 - ProPanda

Now they always say CONGRATULATIONS!

4 White Iverson

The fact that this list exists... - AlphaQ

5 Go Flex

This is my favourite Post Malone song. Deja Vu is my second favourite one. Go Flex is a song that combines Trap Soul with Country music. It sounds so amazing. Post Malone is a very underrated artist who deserves more credit

I love the style he is rapping on this is my favorite song my posty and I love how deep his songs is

6 Candy Paint
7 Too Young
8 Getcha Some
9 Holyfield
10 On God

The Contenders

11 Tear$ V 1 Comment
12 Feeling Whitney
13 What's Up
14 Hit This Hard
15 Leave
16 Deja Vu
17 Rockstar

Disgusting beat. posty killing it as usual. not a fan of 21 savage but he destroyed this - Forhad_765

18 Fade
19 Feel
20 Patient
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