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1 I Fall Apart

Headphone Music right here. Music for you and by a goat.

Shows a different side of him. One everyone can relate to and vibe with

Sick flow and makes me fall apart down to my core every damn time.

The only good song by Post Malone - AliciaMae

2 Came Up
3 White Iverson

The fact that this list exists... - AlphaQ

Best sone number 1


Post said he only had one good song...

4 Candy Paint

I am a Post Malone fan but I have never heard Came up

An amazing song. Love it

Better than the rest. Only other song that could tie it would be Physco. - KingColeB

Sickest beat ever. Can’t beat it.

5 Congratulations

I love this song just because Kyle David Hall uses it in his music video"penny boarding in cali" I LOVE IT! - BryVonMonroe

GUYS! I found a good Post Malone song! After these I'm glad he made something fun. Even he sounds decent and Quavo brings the song up. 4/5 - AlphaQ

I like an actual Post Malone song whyy? 3/5 - ProPanda

Now they always say CONGRATULATIONS!

6 Go Flex

This is my favourite Post Malone song. Deja Vu is my second favourite one. Go Flex is a song that combines Trap Soul with Country music. It sounds so amazing. Post Malone is a very underrated artist who deserves more credit

I love the style he is rapping on this is my favorite song my posty and I love how deep his songs is

NO - AlphaQ

7 Rockstar

It's a bit boring at first but it's great with full volume headphones congratulations was better but it's still nice and decent 3/5 - AlphaQ

This is the most popular. It reached number one, it is far behind any other song. Psycho is great as well though

Not this kind of rockstar, I guess - ZeroBlaster

I love this song

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8 Psycho

Best beat out of any Post Malone song, great lyrics, and has a nice rise, unlike songs such as Rockstar

This should be number 1. I like this song the first time I heard it.

Nyc song I love it

Psycho the best song

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9 Too Young
10 Feeling Whitney

Makes me reminisce on all my life decisions. Best song he's made and maybe all of 21st Century hip-hop.

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? Sofloantonio

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11 Stay

My god! what a song. deep, melodic and amazing

12 Tear$

I love this song!

13 Better Now

Best song from him so far

Pretty good

14 Getcha Some
15 Holyfield
16 Leave
17 On God
18 No Option

One of the best and underrated songs of Stoney. Can't believe it's sitting down at the bottom instead of top 3.

So good why isn’t it here?!?

This song so underrated for how good it is the lyrics and the beat and just about everything flow so good together it’s incredible how is voice sounds so nice while rapping and singing at the same time if you haven’t heard this song I definitely would recommend it I have legit replayed it about 50 times.

19 Hit This Hard

The beat is sooo good. Super chill.

20 Otherside

Amazing song.

Not only the best song on "beerbongs & bentleys" but also his best song to date.

21 Deja Vu
22 Paranoid


23 Rich & Sad

This song is flames. Needs to be way higher...

Really never gave his music a chance until I heard this song amd felt the lyrics... This song is in my opinion his best til date

26 isn't enough justice for this song, should be much higher.

24 Feel
25 Patient

I love this song! I heard it more than 100 times

26 What's Up
27 Broken Whiskey Glass

Such a chill song that your mind can just get lost in, Malone did it again

28 Money Made Me Do It

Very catchy stays in my head for days

29 Fade
30 Up There

Such a happy spacey kind of songs one of his bests

31 Takin' Shots
32 Ball For Me
33 40 Funk
34 Cold
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