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1 Came Up
2 I Fall Apart

Headphone Music right here. Music for you and by a goat.

Sick flow and makes me fall apart down to my core every damn time.

3 Congratulations

GUYS! I found a good Post Malone song! After these I'm glad he made something fun. Even he sounds decent and Quavo brings the song up. 4/5 - AlphaQ

I like an actual Post Malone song whyy? 3/5 - ProPanda

Now they always say CONGRATULATIONS!

4 White Iverson

The fact that this list exists... - AlphaQ

5 Candy Paint
6 Go Flex

This is my favourite Post Malone song. Deja Vu is my second favourite one. Go Flex is a song that combines Trap Soul with Country music. It sounds so amazing. Post Malone is a very underrated artist who deserves more credit

I love the style he is rapping on this is my favorite song my posty and I love how deep his songs is

7 Too Young
8 Rockstar

Rockstar is the best of Post Malone

THE BEST EVER to be honest


SIck Beat!

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9 Feeling Whitney

Makes me reminisce on all my life decisions. Best song he's made and maybe all of 21st Century hip-hop.

10 Getcha Some

The Contenders

11 Holyfield
12 Tear$ V 1 Comment
13 On God
14 Leave
15 No Option

So good why isn’t it here?!?

This song so underrated for how good it is the lyrics and the beat and just about everything flow so good together it’s incredible how is voice sounds so nice while rapping and singing at the same time if you haven’t heard this song I definitely would recommend it I have legit replayed it about 50 times.

16 What's Up
17 Hit This Hard
18 Deja Vu
19 Feel
20 Broken Whiskey Glass

Such a chill song that your mind can just get lost in, Malone did it again

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1. White Iverson
2. Came Up
3. Getcha Some
1. I Fall Apart
2. Candy Paint
3. Came Up



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