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1 I Fall Apart

His best song, just pure emotion comes across

He really shows us his raw emotions in this one. Love it. - Neesa

Down to my core... - Dandeman7

Hell Dope

2 Sunflower

This song is just to good to be true. This song is the song you always want to sing to. - KRX

It's just that good...

Nice beat love it

Great song.

3 White Iverson

The Original Post Malone. Enough said. - Neesa

Post just can't make a bad song

If you are gonna think Post Malone. Think White Iverson, this song shows the true Post malone. Great lyrics smooth beat that gets cemented in your head. this song defined his career, not some wishy washy love song like Better Now that gets painfully annoying after the first 5 listens.

This is the greatest song on Earth. From the melody to the beat to the genius 200 IQ references, this song is everything.

4 Congratulations

Won't ever get tired of this song

I love this song just because Kyle David Hall uses it in his music video"penny boarding in cali" I LOVE IT! - BryVonMonroe

GUYS! I found a good Post Malone song! After these I'm glad he made something fun. Even he sounds decent and Quavo brings the song up. 4/5 - AlphaQ

I like an actual Post Malone song whyy? 3/5 - ProPanda

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5 Rockstar

It's the best song it gets stuck in your head

This is the wrong rockstar. - KRX

Nothing can beat this song. I remember when I heard this song for the first time, I literally jumped and shouted at my brother " Bro, this gonna make a record"

This should be number 5 - Dandeman7

6 Psycho

Needs no explanation. It's a fantastic song. - Neesa

Amazing song. its how I got into post malone

My ap going psycho

Damn Psycho

7 Better Now

It's an awesome song


His only song that doesn’t irritate me. 8/10

Listing to is right now! #Best Song Ever

8 Stay

By far my favorite song by Post. "Every time we make up the truth is faded..."
Boom. - Neesa

Its really deep. I love it

His best song in my opinion

My god! what a song. deep, melodic and amazing

9 Candy Paint


Gg boys best song

It is so good

Better than the rest. Only other song that could tie it would be Physco. - KingColeB

10 Go Flex

This song makes me sad for some reason... - oneshot

My favourite posty song xx

This is my favourite Post Malone song. Deja Vu is my second favourite one. Go Flex is a song that combines Trap Soul with Country music. It sounds so amazing. Post Malone is a very underrated artist who deserves more credit

I love the style he is rapping on this is my favorite song my posty and I love how deep his songs is

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? A Thousand Bad Times
? Hollywood's Bleeding

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11 Came Up

The Flosstradamus remix is fun, but the original version (that can still be found on YouTube) is such a vibe

12 Take What You Want

The song showcasing his versatility...and also for Ozzy Osbourne, 'enough said..


13 Jackie Chan
14 Rich & Sad

Underrated song, should be in the top ten

This should be in the top 5

Should be higher

Should be #2

15 Deja Vu
16 Feeling Whitney

You can feel the emotion in every word, this feels like the true Post Malone

Needs to make more like this, amazing song.

Makes me reminisce on all my life decisions. Best song he's made and maybe all of 21st Century hip-hop.

17 Too Young

I love this song it's sooo cool and amazing

18 92 Explorer
19 Jonestown (Interlude)
20 Over Now

So much emotion love it


21 Wow

The beat along with the lyrics... just a treat man!

Should Be On First Place I Really Like This Song

Such a vibe, why so low? come on now.

Why is this song so damn good?

22 Circles

Has a great groove and is so unique

Definitely not the best rap song, I just love the groove.

God song, melody is fireee

23 Leave

Such a powerful song, extremely underrated. This is Post at his creative best.

Underrated and beautiful,

So dark and honest, his voice sounds great in this one and it’s so different from the others

24 No Option

One of the best and underrated songs of Stoney. Can't believe it's sitting down at the bottom instead of top 3.

So good why isn’t it here?!?

This song so underrated for how good it is the lyrics and the beat and just about everything flow so good together it’s incredible how is voice sounds so nice while rapping and singing at the same time if you haven’t heard this song I definitely would recommend it I have legit replayed it about 50 times.

25 Tear$

I love this song!

26 Otherside

Best song yet

Greatest don't of all time, I don't know why this is so underrated.
Definitely deserves some recognition.

Amazing song.

Not only the best song on "beerbongs & bentleys" but also his best song to date.

27 Paranoid

How can this song not be in top 10, It's MY FAVOURITE!



28 Sugar Wraith
29 Goodbyes

Catchy beat, lyrics work with it, it's just a good son.

The Goat song of post malone

Really deep, best song from post m

So many feelings behind this. Malone’s voice is so powerful in this one

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30 Holyfield
31 On God
32 Hit This Hard

The beat is sooo good. Super chill.

33 Getcha Some
34 Enemies
35 Feel
36 Patient

I love this song! I heard it more than 100 times

37 Up There

Such a happy spacey kind of songs one of his bests

38 Ball For Me
39 Yours Truly, Austin Post
40 Takin' Shots

My favourite song from this album

41 Zack and Codeine

One of my favorite's..

42 What's Up
43 Broken Whiskey Glass

Such a chill song that your mind can just get lost in, Malone did it again

44 Money Made Me Do It

Very catchy stays in my head for days

45 Big Lie, Post Malone

This my favorite...hands down

46 Spoil My Night
47 Fade
48 Sofloantonio
49 40 Funk
50 Cold
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