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1 Lord Zedd

The best villain by far.

Ok not bad he's okay

It's over 9,000

2 Mesogog

He was always threatening, he was a great fighter, and the first villain to be motivated through racism. You may say that was ransik, but his was still about power. Also, this is the father of the white ranger. - q1q1q1q1q1

For some reason, I have always liked this villain because he reminded me of times when power rangers was not ruled by the horrible corporate company nick. He was a overall great and terrifying villain. Him and the legendary ranger Tommy Oliver's return is what made Dino thunder one of the best modern power ranger series ever

Mesogog was everything you could ask for in a Power Rangers villain. Menacing, cunning, cool, and he's one of the few Power Rangers villains who's motives went beyond simply wanting to take over the world because he's evil.

Mesogog^s biggest quality is his genetic intelligence and aggression.He is expert in kidnapping and torturing

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3 Ecliptor

He's a villain you can feel sorry for

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4 Lothor

Lothor is an idiot and stupid sometimes he is funny and some time he looks so scary but he lose against mesogog

He is awesome and cool even his monsters

5 Astronema

Not only the hottest villain but she had the best story.

She is the best hottest and lovely

She is a good guy!

Too bad I hate her she always fights

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6 Goldar
7 Darkonda

He is si evil, that he always look how to defeat rangers, and Astronema, Ecliptor and Dark Spector.

8 Trakeena

I like her and I have her as my background

I think shes number one

Trakeena is the most complex PR villain ever

She is one of the few Power Rangers characters to have in-depth development. I absolutely LOVE her training arc. I think the best villains are:
3.Master Org
4.The Fearcats

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9 Rita

She is the first villain

She created an evil green ranger and took his powers!

Green ranger was not my personal favorite but he helped the show make a comeback and she created him

She was most smart an scheming villan in all power ranger series and she created the green ranger and kat. She has sense of humor and she even outwitted zedd

No one beats the original villain

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10 Divatox

First and only villain to defeat and destroy the rangers power and still be good. Kind of sexy and such a diva. Great character.

She ended Turbo. Enough said.

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11 The Psycho Rangers

These were bad ass the hardest fight any ranger had to battle took them many episodes to be defeated - mufcbeast

Psycho rangers are the best. enough said

They are extremely powerful and one managed to kill a ranger


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12 Ransik

People seem to forget that Ransik was a pretty brutal villain. In his final fight against the Rangers, they don't defeat him, he beats them down pretty hard, they only achieve victory when he has a change of heart and gives himself up (lucky them).Ransik is the only villain who ever achieved the impossible feat: he KILLED THE RED RANGER. He's a time traveling terrorist who bases his extremist beliefs on racial superiority.While I wouldn't go so far as to say he's my favorite villain, he definitely deserves to be above 6th place.

One of the few undefeated power rangers villians ever

He is powerful and a bit of angry too

13 Camille
14 Evil Green Ranger
15 Ivan Ooze

I will touch my nose and put my knees on the ground sign the robot from Barney the Dinosaur

Power Rangers Time Force eats cat poop

He's funny unlike time force villains

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16 Tenaya 7
17 Rito Revolto
18 Archerina
19 Treacheron
20 King Mondo

He is the Zeo Ranger Villain

Unlike the Mighty Morphin rangers villains

He grew as a giant and he battle the rangers.

The Time Force Power Ranger Villains can eat Cat Poop.

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