Top Ten Power Tools Every Man Should Have

Every person should be able to do minor repairs and maintenance around the house. Sometimes you just need hand tools but other times the situation calls for something with a little more power. Enter power tools.

Some power tools you'll only use occasionally while others you'll find yourself reaching for more often than you'd imagined. This list aims to steer you toward outfitting your tool arsenal with the most commonly used and versatile power tools you should have. The list is titled for "men" but it holds equally true for women as well.

These tools should all require electricity or batteries to run.
The Top Ten
1 Cordless Drill

I'd recommend an 18-volt cordless drill that comes with a battery charger and a lifetime warranty. It's great for everything from drilling pilot holes to putting in screws to hang your pictures.

2 Circular Saw

Not everyone will be building a house by hand, and luckily, a circular saw isn't built for that. Whether it's cutting bookshelves to size or cutting scrap wood to fit in the trash, a circular saw is your tool. Look for one with an electric plug-in.

3 Wet/Dry ShopVac

While not traditionally a "tool" in the building sense of the word, I think it counts because any project you do will probably leave waste behind. You could spend your time brushing it away, or you could flip a switch and resolve the problem. Plus, you never know when you'll need to clean up something that spills and is wet.

4 Air Compressor

It may sound industrial, but it really isn't. If you get a pancake style with a no-oil motor, then they are super easy to operate. You'll find yourself using it to top off your car tires, re-inflate your bike tires, and possibly use it with other pneumatic tools.

5 Table Saw

For those of you who like building things, or want some custom shelves to organize your other tools or items, a table saw is the one for you. It cuts cleaner, straighter lines than a handheld circular saw and is much better for ripping timber.

6 Orbital Sander

Anytime you need a flat surface or a smooth edge, this tool will come to the rescue. Get an electric one, as the cordless types don't last very long.

7 Oscilating Saw

This is what the Fire Department uses to help cut you out of a car. Not that you'd be using it for that purpose, but you can cut through just about anything when you need to.

8 Drill Press

These aren't just for blue-collar machine shop workers anymore. These presses come in handy anytime you need a clean hole cut through just about any material.

9 Router

If you need to cut an interior space out of a material, this is the item for you. It's more versatile than using a jigsaw and more versatile than a drill press.

10 Stud Finder

I know it doesn't fit the typical "power tool" stereotype, but the fact is that it runs on batteries, which makes it a power tool. Find one that detects wood, metal, and electrical objects.

And if the stud finder can't find the owner, he's not a real man.

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11 Chainsaw
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