Top Ten Laziest Inventions

I can't believe half of these even exist. If you don't want to do anything for the rest of your life, get out your credit card and buy the following:
The Top Ten
1 Self-Making Bed

Not lazy. When you go to bed, you are tired. Psychologically, when you go to bed, your brain says "sleep." It is torture to have to stay up a little longer to do a seemingly innocuous task.

Sleeping is just the laziest thing a person can do. But uh-oh! You need to eat. But now I have to make the bed! Not anymore! Now you can get a bed that makes itself. You lazy git!

2 Self-Lacing Shoes

Remember Back to the Future? Yup, Nike has invented a pair of self-lacing shoes.

3 Motorised Ice Cream Cone

Eating ice cream is hard work! I want it to be easier! Now there's the motorized ice cream cone, a device you put up to your mouth and go uh with your tongue out. It's for if you're too lazy to eat ice cream. Beautiful.

I prefer to bite and chew my ice cream. Also, how lazy can anyone be to use this?

4 Segway

The famous invention of laziness. Walking is boring! It's hard work! Well, now you can ride a Segway. You'll look like an idiot without moving a body part. It's worth it, lazy boy, isn't it?

At least we have something to laugh at.

The security guards at my school actually use Segways, and I think it's hilarious.

5 Twirling Spaghetti Fork

It twisted my tongue, and now I can't eat pasta anymore. Worse, I have to go around with a fork in my tongue. Good thing I didn't use Energizer batteries. Otherwise, it would still be twirling.

Hate twisting your fork to get noodles and spaghetti onto it? There's an alternative out there, you know! No more twisting for you. Let the fork do it for you!

6 Butter Stick

What do you get if you cross a Pritt Stick and a piece of butter? The butter stick, of course! And a few more lazy people who don't want to spread butter on their bread.

It could be useful when you want to eat something during class.

7 Baby Mop

Clothes for your newborn so you can leave them in the kitchen, cleaning the floor with their clothes. Yeah.

8 Robostir

A device that is supposed to stir food and ingredients for you. Why do these inventions exist?

9 Noodle Fan

This is particularly useful if you don't have lungs. Never mind, you'd be dead without lungs. This invention is for the laziest of the lazy.

10 Subway Chinrest

So all the seats are taken? Oh, darn! Don't worry. You don't have to hold up your head. Just let some stand do it for you!

The Contenders
11 USB pet rock

Want a pet but are too lazy to care for it? Get a USB pet rock. It needs no power, food, or water.

12 PooTrap

Hate picking up your dog's feces while on a walk? Here's the answer: a small plastic bag that you strap onto your dog's rear end.

This would work for pet birds when they fly around the house.

13 Self Stirring Mug

It is literally a mug with a spoon that stirs itself! I believe this is one of the laziest inventions yet.

14 Audio Book
15 Toothbrush
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