Best Doll Brands


The Top Ten

1 American Girl

I have 3 American girl dolls and are very well made

2 Barbie
3 Our Generation

Knockoff of AG, big no-no.

4 Liv
5 Bratz
6 Journey Girls
7 Monster High

The old dolls are cool. But the new ones are creepy and ugly. Blah!

One of the best doll brands to have a best selling literature series by Lisi Harrison, creator of The Clique. - playstationfan66

8 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

Super creepy and ugly! Ten times worse than the new monster high dolls!

9 Baby Alive
10 Polly Pocket

The Contenders

11 Stefi
12 Cabbage Patch Dolls
13 Starpath Dolls

At Starpath Dolls - girls, parents or gift givers can choose from four exquisite dolls�"Shining Star, Wishing Star, Morning Star, and Wandering Star�"and then customize their personalized adventure story in a chapter book. The dolls were created by doll designer Linda Mason. A free personalized e-book is included in the purchase of each doll. - starpathdolls

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