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1 American Girl

I have 3 American girl dolls and are very well made

2 Barbie
3 Bratz
4 Monster High

One of the best doll brands to have a best selling literature series by Lisi Harrison, creator of The Clique.

The old dolls are cool. But the new ones are creepy and ugly. Blah!

5 Liv
6 Dollfie Dream

Lovely vinyl anime dolls! You can customize them and there are so many face sculpts and eye types!

7 Journey Girls
8 Lammily
9 Our Generation

Knockoff of AG, big no-no.

10 Living Dead Dolls

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? Strawberry Shortcake
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11 Polly Pocket

They were able to fit in your pockets better back then.

12 Hearts for Hearts
13 Moxie Girlz
14 Ever After High
15 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

Super creepy and ugly! Ten times worse than the new monster high dolls!

16 Super Dollfie

They are ball-jointed dolls aka BJDs. They look like if you mix a porcelain doll with a Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts character with big eyes. Like Dollfie Dream, they are made by VOLKS.

17 Baby Alive
18 Stefi
19 Cabbage Patch Dolls

Ew no way. Those dolls ate people and didn't include an off-switch. Glad they're gone.

Move this higher.

20 Starpath Dolls

At Starpath Dolls - girls, parents or gift givers can choose from four exquisite dolls�"Shining Star, Wishing Star, Morning Star, and Wandering Star�"and then customize their personalized adventure story in a chapter book. The dolls were created by doll designer Linda Mason. A free personalized e-book is included in the purchase of each doll.

21 L.O.L Surprise!
22 Smart Doll

These anime dolls have a good variety of skin tones and lots of interesting new developments happen all the time.

23 Rainbow High
24 Adora
25 Sindy
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