Top 10 Most Useless Inventions

Here's some actual things people have invented. Why? Is the question to ask. These products have no good uses whatsoever.
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1 USB Pet Rock The USB Pet Rock embodies the unlikely fusion of digital and geological realms. This peculiar invention comprises an ordinary rock equipped with a USB connector, which lacks any inherent functionality or purpose. An odd combination of nature and technology that does nothing more than occupy your USB port.

It's funny because you just have a pet rock on your computer sitting there while you laugh at it. But it's so useless, and for the fact that it's so useless, that's what makes it more funny.

Plug it into your computer, turn on your computer, and watch in awe as nothing happens. This is more of a scam than anything.

The entire point of the original Pet Rock was the instruction book, not the rock itself.

2 Diet Water Diet Water attempts to redefine the calorie-free nature of regular water. This unusual beverage product claims to be a healthier variant of ordinary water, despite water inherently containing zero calories. It raises eyebrows due to the incongruity of improving upon something already devoid of calories or unhealthy additives.

Regular water, which is already healthy, has zero calories.

It would make sense if they added vitamins, fiber, etc.

3 UroClub The UroClub is a bizarre contraption intended for golfers. It is designed as a hollow golf club with a concealed reservoir for storing urine, facilitating discreet restroom breaks on the golf course. Despite its creative intent, it seems to offer more embarrassment than practical utility.

That part in the commercial where he's using it in the kitchen... ugh, gross! I would kind of feel sorry for someone who had to tell their spouse not to urinate in the kitchen, especially with kids running around. Besides, most houses have a bathroom, so that's just crude and lazy.

Oh my God, why? A reservoir that you take to your golf game to wee into... Yeah. Anyone who has bought this abomination is an idiot. Did you ever think to just empty your bladder next to a tree?

I regret looking this up. I should've taken the comments more seriously.

4 Shoe Umbrella The Shoe Umbrella is a novel but questionable accessory for footwear. It's essentially a mini umbrella affixed to shoes, purporting to keep them dry during rain. While it seems inventive, the practicality of its use is dubious, as it fails to address water splashes from the ground or other angles.

Doesn't even provide good protection from the rain, unlike a regular umbrella that protects your whole attire (including your shoes).

It sounds good on paper, but when you think about it, it truly is a fail of an invention. Wouldn't the rain just dribble down your leg and into your shoe anyway? Yup, it will.

One of those people who treat their shoes like gods will buy this.

5 Toilet Paper Hat The Toilet Paper Hat is an eccentric headpiece designed to hold rolls of toilet paper. While it may serve as a conversation starter or gag gift, its practicality in everyday scenarios is decidedly lacking. This invention leaves many pondering the need for such constant and immediate access to toilet paper.

It sounds delicate. It probably wouldn't last five seconds outside.

6 Phone Fingers Phone Fingers are a peculiar accessory designed to be worn on the fingertips while using a touchscreen device. Despite their aim to prevent fingerprints and smudges, they add unnecessary complexity to a simple task, turning a seamless interaction into an odd finger puppet show.
7 Noodle Fan The Noodle Fan is an impractical tool designed to cool hot noodles. Attached directly to chopsticks, this device blows air onto your meal, a feature that seems redundant considering the natural cooling process. Its invention raises more questions about convenience and necessity than it answers.

Useful if you have no lungs. Not useful if you're dead, which you would be without lungs. So not useful at all.

8 Screen Privacy Hood The Screen Privacy Hood is an oversized and awkward solution to maintaining screen privacy. It's essentially a large hood that covers both the user's head and computer screen, supposedly keeping prying eyes away. However, its bulky design and impracticality in public settings raise concerns over its actual usefulness.
9 DVD Rewinder The DVD Rewinder is a misguided invention that seems to be stuck in a VHS-era mentality. DVDs, unlike videotapes, don't need rewinding. Thus, this device doesn't just miss the markā€”it shoots in the opposite direction, serving no purpose in the digital age.
10 Handerpants Handerpants, underpants designed for hands, bring a quirky twist to conventional gloves. Despite their amusing nature, their practicality is questionable as they don't provide the warmth of gloves or the full dexterity of bare hands, landing them firmly in the realm of novelty items.

Underpants for your hands. For those who don't like their hands going commando. I don't get it.

The Contenders
11 Glass Hammer The Glass Hammer is a paradoxical invention combining fragility with an object meant for strength and impact. Glass, being breakable, is unsuitable for a hammer's intended use, which makes this tool more of a conversation piece than a functional implement.

Must be bulletproof, but even then, the expensive price of manufacturing makes normal hammers better in the first place.

12 Exhaust Vent Grill An Exhaust Vent Grill is a curious invention that seemingly turns car exhaust into a cooking facility. While the idea might sound inventive, the practicalities of grilling food with vehicle emissions, not to mention the potential health implications, render this invention impractical and potentially dangerous.
13 Inflatable Dart Board The Inflatable Dart Board is an intriguing yet fundamentally flawed concept. The inflatable nature of the board is at odds with the sharp darts typically used in the game, making this invention more of a whimsical oddity than a practical recreational item.

Stupidest invention ever. Darts are made sharp to stick to the board. Inflatable things are supported by concealed air, so it will pop as soon as you use it. Then you will have to keep buying more of these to play. Whoever made this was on drugs.

14 Air Conditioned Shoes Air Conditioned Shoes, while sounding innovative, are arguably a step too far in footwear technology. Although they propose to keep feet cool, the need for such complex mechanisms in shoes is debatable, especially considering the potential issues with water exposure and added weight.

It sounds like a good idea, but you can't go out if the ground is wet. What about if it starts raining? Damn.

15 TV Remote Headband The TV Remote Headband takes the idea of convenience to an odd level. It's a headband designed to hold a television remote control, presumably to prevent it from getting lost. However, its practicality is debatable, given the awkwardness of reaching up to change channels.

Headbands, the solution to everything? Well, no. Another pointless invention to take money out of the pockets of the idiots that roam the world.

An invention that further complicates a simple remote.

16 Cigars Cigars, though enjoyed by many for their flavor and associated prestige, contribute to health problems such as cancer and heart disease. While they serve a purpose in terms of enjoyment for some, the health risks associated with their use can lead to a view of them being, overall, detrimental.
17 Selfie Stick The Selfie Stick, a device that allows users to take photos of themselves from a distance, has been criticized for fostering a culture of self-obsession. Despite its popularity, critics argue it's a tool that unnecessarily complicates a simple task, all in the name of achieving a slightly better angle for a photograph.

Selfie sticks are tools for narcissism. In other words, they're tools for tools! The only reason this isn't higher on my list is that someone recently died after being struck by lightning because it's essentially a lightning rod. Good!

18 Child Lock Child Locks, installed to keep children from accessing potentially harmful items, can sometimes be a source of inconvenience for adults too. Though they serve an important safety function, in situations where rapid access is needed, these mechanisms may prove more of a hindrance than a help.
19 Useless Box The Useless Box is an ironic invention that turns itself off as soon as you turn it on. Its sole function is to perform a redundant task, providing amusement but no practical utility, thus living up to its name as a perfectly useless object.
20 Fidget Spinner Fidget Spinners, once a global craze, are handheld spinning toys. While they were marketed as aids for anxiety and ADHD, there is little scientific evidence to back these claims. Outside of being a short-lived trend, their overall utility is considered limited.
21 Butter Stick The Butter Stick is essentially a glue stick filled with butter, designed for easier spread. While it attempts to offer convenience, it often results in less even spreading compared to traditional methods, and poses additional challenges for cleaning and refilling.
22 Wrapping Paper Wrapping Paper, while it makes gifts more visually appealing, is often viewed as unnecessary due to its short-lived use and environmental impact. Used once and then discarded, it contributes to waste, leading many to question its utility beyond aesthetics.

You're never going to use it again once you've unwrapped your presents.

23 GT200 The GT200 is a controversial device that claimed to detect various substances from drugs to explosives. However, it was found to be essentially useless, with tests showing it performed no better than random chance. This led to it being widely regarded as a fraudulent and ineffective invention.
24 Bendy Straws Bendy Straws, despite their fun and flexible design, have come under criticism for their environmental impact. Although they might provide minor convenience for sipping drinks, they're often singled out as symbols of unnecessary single-use plastic waste, with their utility outweighed by their environmental footprint.
25 Rock Candy Rock Candy, while a popular treat for many, doesn't offer nutritional value beyond its sugar content. Essentially crystallized sugar on a stick, it's a prime example of empty calories and excessive sweetness, making it a point of contention for health-conscious individuals.
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