Top Ten Most Useless Inventions

Here's some actual things people have invented. Why? Is the question to ask. These products have no good uses whatsoever.
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1 USB Pet Rock

Its funny because you just have have a pet rock on your computer sitting there while you laugh at it but it's so useless and for the fact that is so useless, that's what makes it more funny.

Plug it into your computer, Turn on your computer and watch in awe... as nothing happens. This is more of a scam than anything.

Never bring back the dumbest fads of the past and update them.

You mean that they actually tried to bring the pet rock back?!

2 UroClub

That part in the commercial where he's using it in the kitchen...ugh, gross! I would kind of feel sorry for someone who had to tell their spouse not to urinate in the kitchen, especially with kids running around. Besides, most houses have a bathroom, so that's just crude and lazy.

Oh my god why? A reservoir which you take to your golf game to wee into... Yeah. Anyone who has bought this abomination is an idiot. Did you ever think just to empty your bladder next to a tree?

I regret looking this up. I should've taken the comments more seriously...

3 Toilet Paper Hat

It sounds delicate. It probably wouldn't last 5 seconds outside.

4 Shoe Umbrella

It sounds good on paper but when you think about it, it truly is a fail of an invention. Wouldn't the rain just dribble down your leg and into your shoe anyway? Yup, it will.

One of those people who treat their shoes like gods will buy this.

5 Phone Fingers

Oh no I keep getting finger smudges on my phone! Try the Phone Fingers! An invention which makes you look even stupider whilst using your phone. And no, it doesn't help, rather it can cause scratches.

6 Diet Water
7 Noodle Fan

Useful if you have no lungs. Not useful if you were dead which you would be without lungs. So not useful at all.

8 A Parachute That Opens On Impact

What...the only thing it does is hide your corpse

9 Screen Privacy Hood
10 DVD Rewinder
The Contenders
11 Exhaust Vent Grill

Who want's a poisonous burger?

12 Handerpants

Underpants for your hands. For those who don't like their hands going commando. I don't get it.

Do they have hand diapers?

13 Glass Hammer
14 Air Conditioned Shoes

It sounds like a good idea, but you can't go out if the ground is wet and what about if it starts raining? Damn.

15 Inflatable Dart Board

Stupides invention ever. Darts are made sharp to stick to the board. Inflatable things are supported by concealed air, so it will pop as soon as you use it. Then you will have to keep buying more of these to play. Whoever made this was on drugs.

Comes with patch kit

16 TV Remote Headband

Headbands, the solution to everything. Well no. Another pointless invention to take money out of the pockets of the idiots that roam the world.

An invention which further complicated a simple remote.

17 Homework
18 Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are tools for narcissism. In other words, they're tools for tools! The only reason this isn't higher on my list is that someone recently died being stuck by lightning because it's essentially a lightning rod. Good!

People who do selfies are not narcissists, please do not bully on here.

19 Child Lock
20 Useless Box
21 Fidget Spinner
22 Pure Crystal TV
23 Bendy Straws
24 Rock Candy

First of all, it's not candy, it's rock sugar, and like all things I don't want to eat, it comes stringed like a candle and takes seven days to make! This is the people used to eat when panhandling for gold was still a career choice and every piece of music people listened to still had a banjo in it. Even when it comes on a stick, it's like a shish kebab made out of rose thorns. It's too hard to eat and feels like eating nothing. If you want to eat a spoonful of sugar, go ahead! I'm not stopping you, idiot! Just don't call it candy!

25 Automatic Dishwashers

If you think you save time with a dishwasher, you're a dumbass. When you scrape the food off the dishes to put them in the washer, guess what! You're already done! Just get some dish soap and finish the job! I don't wanna have to do the dishes, put them in the washer, wait forty minutes, and them load 'em out again! Here's the amount of times when I found a grain of rice using an automatic dishwasher. ZERO. On the other hand, I can't go a week without seeing lip smudges or food marks on dishes in restaurants or houses that use automatic dishwashers!

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