Top Ten Predicted Worldwide Earnings for Fantastic Beasts

Okay,so this is my personal opinions,as a matter of fact fantastic beasts already topped 505M with 13 days.Which is "Fantastic".
If you didn't like my list,well,i don't care.

This whole list is a joke.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 1+ Billion Dollars

"What? This is overrated! An spin off movie couldn't earn 1B you stupid! " That's what I expect from the comments,as I said in the description,it already earned 505M which is half a billion with 13 days worldwide! So it is a high possiblity.
And if you still don't understand,the animation movie called "Minions" which is also a spin off that topped 1.1B
So it is possible.

My Predictions:
324M domestic
682M foreign
1 Billion and 5 million dollars worldwide.

2 850M+

Okay,for people raging about the 1 billion earning.
But seriously,an movie closes with at least 4 months.
So it is possible for this one too.
My Predictions:
278M domestic
579M foreign
857M worldwide.

3 900M+

Well,since you can vote,i don't think this is an problem.
Okay,this was the easiest one.
My predictions:
344M domestic
621M foreign
965M worldwide

4 More than "Minions"

This..uh,i don't think that you need to understand why I put this here.
My predictions:
372M domestic
796M foreign
1 Billion and 168 million worldwide(Minions topped 1 billion and 159 million worldwide)

5 More than Iron Man 3 where haters are going to rage.
Iron Man 3 Earned 1 Billion and 214 million worldwide.
My predictions:
434M domestic
845M foreign
1 billion and 279 million worldwide

6 More than The dark knight rises

This is quite similar to the "1B+" thingy.
But a bit more.
My predictions:
366M domestic
742M foreign
1 billion and 108 million worldwide

7 More than Frozen

Hey,disney fans. Don't be immature at this thing,your not a raging machine,you're a human.
My predictions:
431M domestic
856M foreign
1 billion and 287 million worldwide.

8 More than HP And the Deathly Hallows

As a a matter of fact,this is possible,.
My predictions:
488M domestic
891M foreign
1 billion and 379 million worldwide(butthurt alert! )

9 More than HP and the sorcerer's stone

Okay,this has the most chance to win,or not.
My predictions:
387M domestic
604M foreign
991M worldwide

10 More than HP Goblet of fire

I think this won't make people immature at all.
My predictions:
332M domestic
571M foreign
903M worldwide